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Case Study - Causes and Solutions for Vaginal dryness, penetration and intercourse pains, and dysfunction of sex and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/4/2001>
I've been with my wife for 4 years and she has never had an orgasm in her life since her first sex at age 16.She's been with several guys and no luck with any of them. I tried every thing I could think of.She finally visited a doctor about her problem and even a specialist.They say she looks and feels normal. She says sex feels good to her sometimes and sometimes it don't. She gets a burning sensation,or gets dry and we have to use lubrication.A lot of the times she stpos me short and says she can't go any longer.She likes oral sex ok but has never orgasmed from that either.She lets me use my tongue for so long but then stops me and says it gets to sensitive and she can't take anymore.So, I don't know if she really has a medical problem we haven't discovered yet or she is lacking something important in her body.I wish she could experience that climaxing
feeling so much.I think it would change her life dearly,for the good I hope,
and mine.
thanks much

Dr. Lin: 12/5/2001>
It seems she has been on birth-control pills or injection for a long time.
Over-loading the liver with estrogen or progesterone will cause deficiency of DHEA, testosterone and neurochemicals in the brain and bloodstream.
As a result, her urethral spongy tissues (including her clitoris and G-spot) produce insufficient protaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) to support the local sensory and parasympathetic nervous functions and relaxation of the local tissues and nerves. 
Vaginal dryness results from a low estrogen-progesterone ratio in the bloodstream.
Touching, penetration, intercourse, or orgasmic (by forced orgasm) pains or cramp is caused by deficiency of local PGE-1 synthesis due to a lack of DHEA, androstenedione (for testosterone and estrogen), or neurochemicals in the local tissues. A low testosterone-estrogen ratio or a low testosterone-progesterone ratio will cause the pains or cramps. The menstrual cycle affects the relative ratios of testosterone to estrogen and progesterone. The worst situation occurs in the middle of the luteal phase between the ovulation and the beginning of menstruation, as shown in the high temperature period of http://www.actionlove.com/image/cycle.jpg 
where the testosterone level is in the trough and the estrogen and progesterone levels are at the peaks.
PMS, sexual pains and cramps often occur during this period. 
Birth control pills or injection, which stimulate the liver to produce excessive SHBG (Sexual-Hormone Binding Globulin) proteins freezing testosterone in the bloodstream and less enzymes for the cholesterol-DHEA/testosterone conversion and the biosyntheses of the neurotansmitters acetylcholine and dopamine for powering libido, sexual engorgement and orgasmic functions, which stimulate the pituitary to produce excessive prolactin (orgasm inhibitor) and less oxytocin (orgasm and emotional hormones) for orgasmic dysfunction, and which cools down the brain's dopamine nervous function for thyroidism and depression, are ones of the factors that causes the problems.
Like teenage boys, girls' over-masturbation during or prior to puberty will overdrain (overburn) the neurochemicals (neurotransmitters), resulting in frigidity, and produce scar tissues and damage nervous endings in the clitoris and G-spot, resulting the de-sensitivity of the clitoris and the death (non-existence) of the G-spot.
We can not rule out the genetic factors that helps the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis produce a high level of progesterone.
Without a proper erection of the urethral spongy tissues (clitoris and G-spot) by the parasympathetic nervous function and PGE-1 acting on the nervous endings in the arterial walls,  sexual stimulation will over-stimulate the clitoral and urethral nerves, resulting in sensational pains. Without a proper lubrication, sexual stimulation will cause frictional (abrasive) pains,  abrade the skin-surface sensory nervous endings, and produce scar tissues. 
The solutions for her problems are: 1) powering her brain's/neuro-endocrine and liver functions; 2) elevating her DHEA and androstenedione levels; 3) reactivating her acetylcholine/parasympathetic nerves toward her vaginal/urethral spongy tissues and cervix/uterus for release of the 2nd neurotransmitter nitric oxide and arterial dilator cGMP for more PGE-1 production.
Heat Tea (3-001), ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) or ViaPal-hGH packages (items 3-010 - 3-013) can help her out.

Note that: a tilted or prolapsed uterus will cause intercourse pains or uncomfortable. This problem is associated with the synthesis of PGE-1 in the uterine-support ligaments and their adjacent muscles, as well as in the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues.  A direct striking of the penis onto the Cervix or Posterior Fronix as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-24.jpg will cause intercourse pains. Stimulation of the Epicenter can produce a higher orgasm response if the vagina is tenting and the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues are fully erecting as shown in http://www,actionlove.com/image/engorge.jpg ; otherwise, the "forced" stimulation on the Epicenter will cause pains or cramps, although it can force women to orgasm with pains or cramps.   

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