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Case Study - Prostaglandins production, massage, temperature, and pains in low abdomen/back, groins, testicles (vagina/clitoris)  and tail bone - no sexual orgasm - how to downsize of the holes  for men and women.
Reader: 12/3/2001>
Hi there.
I am a 45 year old male with a serious problem. Up until July of 2000 my wife and I had a wounderful sexual relationship which included all types of orgasms and positions. We felt like we were special in that she could acheive many different types of orgasms and I was capable of love making without physical limits to speak of. In July of 2000 I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia and have not been able to make love to my wife since that operation. The problem is that I suffer extreme pain in the inguinal region as soon as I insert my penis into her, regardless of what position I am in and I lose my erection at that time. I have been to many doctors since that hernia repair and orginally I had testicular pain following that operation as well. I had my left testicle removed in hope that I would be able to tollerate the remaining inguinal pain. I am now going to have the inguinal nerves removed this month but I don't know what to expect after that procedure. I have been to!
ld that I will have difficulty attaining an erection due to the lack of feeling and I have also been told that I may suffer with incontenence as well. I am at the end of my rope and need some honest suggestions. The problem was the result of nerves that were damaged during the first surgery according to specialists I have been seen by over the past 1 1/2 years. The first surgon explored nerves in the left testicle and in my penis and inguinal region as well after repairing the hernia. Now I am on strong pain medications to help me deal with the excessive amount of pain. Please advise me as to whether this procedure of removing the nerves will destroy any possibility of regaining my sexual activities or is it my only option of gaining back a life again with my wife as well as all other normal activities. I am unable at this point to do almost anything including just walking without assistence do to the pain. I am desperate for help and I need to find answers. Is this upcoming!
operation my only option? I have tried to tollerate physical rehab and have tried using a tens unit, but both only made things worse for days after. I have also tried lid?cain patches and injections of steroids and ma?cain in the region only again to have negative results lasting for days. It seems I am ruined for life as all procedures have failed at this point. The doctor that performed the first surgery insists that he didn't do anything to cause my problem, but I was fine until that operation other then a small inguinal hernia that was painfully bothering me from time to time. I was still able to make love to my wife before this operation and only after a long period of love making did I experience any pain, but still able to make love. I believe I may have written to you regarding this nearly a year ago.

Dr. Lin: 12/4/2001>
Your "inguinal hernia" and its pain may result from a blood congestion and inflexibility and constriction (a lack of prostagladin E-1) of the inguinal tissues and neurons around the hernial opening (cavity). A lack of prostaglandin PGE-1 or/and excessive prostaglandin PGE-2 will increase the size of the hernial opening and generate pain signals in the local nerves.  When you was young, you won't have the inguinal hernia problem.  Why?   Obviously, your hernial opening  was not so big and the adjacent nerves used to be able to stand the pressure from the intestines when you was young. Getting old, the cavity (hole) has been enlarged (
due to what? Aha! similar to the vaginal looseness  - a big hole inside the vagina to allow the cervix/uterus to drop down more! the hernial effect in the aged vagina! ) and the local nerves could no longer stand the pressure from your abdomen (intestines). This is a fake inguinal hernia!
Middle agers, seniors, and young men and boys who have a history of over-masturbation or/and over-ejaculation are likely to encounter this problem (the pain in the inguinal/groin/area and testicles) due to the depletion of neurochemicals and DHEA/androstenedione in the local tissues and neurons.  You don't need a surgery for that!  Feeding the tissues with DHEA/androstenedione/neurochemicals for more production of PGE-1, in conjunction with vacuum-cupping massage to increase the local blood circulation. PGE-1 can downsize the hernial and vaginal holes and help get rid of pain when the local nerves are under a protrusion, penetration or jamming pressure!    (
We can downsize the vaginal hole by our Viapal-hGH products; Of course, we can shrink the male hernial cavity too!)
The pain is generated by the congestion due to a lack of the prostaglandin E-1 for the relaxation of the local nerves and tissues. Production of prostaglandin E-1 requires DHEA/androstenedione and neurochemicals with a warm temperature in the local tissues. 
(Note that cold temperature reduces production of prostaglandin E-1, resulting in penile shrinkage.  People use ice to treat wounds in reducing inflammatory and pain for the same reason.  On the other hand, back pain patients use the InferRed lamp to warm up the spine to stimulate production of prostaglandin E-1 for low-back pain and tension release. ) Massage can stimulate production of prostaglandins by nervous reflexion from the brain, in conjunction with improvement of blood circulation and warming up the local tissues. When over-masturbation or over-ejaculation deplete neurochemicals and DHEA/androstenedione in the brain/spinal fluids and local tissues, the production of prostaglandin E-1 and semen drops. Ejaculation volume and watery semen are the signs of the over-ejaculation or deficiency of neurochemicals and DHEA/androstenedione. As a result, patients with experience pain in the joints, neck, shoulders, low back, tail bone, low abdomen, groins and testicles. Medical doctors can mistake the pain in the low abdomen/groins/testicles as the inguinal hernia (feeding the tissues with DHEA/androstenedione/neurochemicals to solve the problem!).  The same situation happens to the low back and tail bone. Medical doctors will wonder there are spinal disk problems. Yes, in fact, the spinal fluid for neurotransmission is depleted (dried up!) so that the spinal nervous fibers become rigid and painful! You can see a lot of weight lifting or holding workers who wear a wide waist belt in an attempt to protect the weakening low back. But, they forget to check their ejaculation volume and seminal quantity. 
The solutions for the pain in the groins (testicles), low abdomen, back and tail bone are: 1) apply Vacuum-cupping massage to the local tissues (no testicles please!) to improve the blood circulation and increase the production of the prostaglandin E-1 to enhance the flexibility of the tissues and neurons; 2) take ViaPal-hGH-E or -P to feed the tissues with hormones and neurochemicals for more production of prostaglandin E-1 that releases the muscular and nervous pulling stress.
Surgery adds scar tissues to compress the local nerves and destroys the local parasympathetic nerves. You have to dissolve the scar tissues with massage and to feed the local tissues and nerves with the ViaPal-hGH products.

The Inguinal ligament is under the influence of the parasympathetic nerves from S1-S4.
The pain signals in the sensory circuits of S1-S4 will interfere the erectile function and bladder control.
Note:  I wonder your muscle around the hernial cavity is out of tune due to deficiency of DHEA, androstenedione and neurochemicals. The hernial cavity become too large. The size of the hernial cavity varies with the prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) which can stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide from the parasympathetic nerves for expansion of the local tissues that downsize a cavity or hole (such as the vagina and hernial cavity), and with PGE-2 which causes the expansion of a cavity or hole (such as the vagina, cervix and hernial cavity). We have found that the pain in the ligament, muscles or joints is due to a lack of the relaxant PGE-1 (thus DHEA, androstenedione and neurochemicals).  A lack of PGE-1 in the nerves cause pulling, touching or compressing pain. When the clitoris and vagina lack of PGE-1, the woman will suffer from touching or compressing pains during intimacy.   Excessive PGE-2 causes the prostate pain and premature ejaculation.  The effects of PGE-1 and E-2 on your groins' nerves and tissues will continue bothering you.

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