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Case Study - An 1-year customer said "thank you for your wonderful products." for health and sexual orgasm - on the benefits and side effects of Yohimbe; the tricks of our formulas .
Reader: 11/28/2001>
Dr. Lin,

First of all I want to thank you for your wonderful products. I have been a customer of yours for 1yr now! I've taken MoodMax, ViaGrowth IV, and early on ViaGrowth III - all excellent products! I just turned 30yrs old in October and wanted to check with you if it's still OK to take MoodMax? 
I have spoken and recommended your products to my close friends and have told them of the awesome benefits I've experienced. One of my friends then told me that yohimbe is not for everyone and that it may cause some sympathetic system (sp?) problems and high blood pressure. I am not entirely educated in this field, so that is why I'm turning to you- the expert. I responded to my friend by telling him that I'm sure too much of a good thing is not good, but maybe you can help me understand how yohimbe works, benefits, etc and then I can explain this to my friend. You have always been there for me and I want to thank you in advance for your time and for improving my sex life! Thanks again.


Dr. Lin: 11/29/2001>
Yes! you can still take MoodMax which is for all ages.
Young people (men and women) can take MoodMax + ViaGrowth-III (or -II) to get the most benefits for health and sex, while middle agers and seniors should have MoodMax + ViaGrowth-IV (or the ViaPal-hGH packages).
Yohimbe is classified as an adrenergic (sympathetic) alpha-2 blocker (antagonist), with some blocking effects on alpha-1 receptors too.  It can block the release of norepinephrine (NE) and epinephrine (adrenalin -the stress hormone) of the sympathetic nerves into the alpha receptors in the smooth muscles of the arteries, gastrointestinal tract, urinogenital system, airways, and heart. The alpha receptors are responsible for contractile effects of NE and adrenalin on the smoothing muscles during the sympathetic Fight or Flight action. By blocking the alpha receptors to allow the arteries to expand,  Yohimbe,  in turn, also promote the action of NE and adrenalin on the adrenergic beta-2 receptors to produce relaxant effects on these smooth muscles.  Thus, Yohimbe can expand the arteries in sex organs, increase the blood flow into the spongy tissues in the urinogenital area, and thus promote erection spontaneously.  That is why Yohimbine has been an erectile drug for treatment of impotency, as approved by the FDA.  
At a low dose (below 300 mg), the relaxant effects induced by Yohimbe are positive for health and sex; at a high dose (over 600 mg at 1% Yohimbine), it can cause over-expansion of the smooth muscles, which produce panic attack in the brain, heart and digestive tracts, and promote the stimulatory effects of NE and circulating adrenalin on the heart via beta-1 receptors. The most obvious side effects are dizziness, sweating, chest pains,  elevation of blood pressure, racing of heart rate, and diarrhea. Its side effects are temporary. When you stop overdosing your body, the symptoms will goes away. If the side effects occur, you get no erection - your sympathetic nervous function (the Fight or Flight action) overpowers your parasympathetic nervous function which bioelectrically recharges your heart, liver, kidney, adrenal glands, testicles (ovaries), prostate (uterus/cervix) and penis (vaginal spongy tissues). So, the benefit from Yohimbe depends on dosage. That is why our products have to blend a lot of vitamins, herbs and amino acids for restoring the entire body functions, feeding tissues and nerves with hormones and neurochemicals,  promoting the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions to overpower the sympathetic nervous functions, and reducing the conversion of the dopamine to NE and adrenalin (that is, reduce the NE and adrenalin levels in the bloodstream), rather than using a heavy dose of Yohimbe alone. This is the only way to eliminate the overdriving of the sympathetic nervous function by Yohimbe.  We have studied the impact of yohimbe on the cardiovascular output and functions in detail.
You can get full benefit from our products without experiencing panic attack.  
MoodMax and PeniSOS contain 150 mg Yohimbe per tablet; Fibra Tea contains 300 mg per dropper; DopaFibra contains 300 mg per tablets. With a content of 150 mg Yohimbe (about 1.5 mg Yohimbine) per tablet, MoodMax and PeniSOS give high-blood pressure and heart patients full health benefits without any side effects. This is why our product packages ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011), -X (3-009) and -S (3-013) are so successful in helping the heart and blood-pressure patients to eliminate the side effects of medication drugs (some with beta blockers) on health and sexual functions. The tricks of our products are: (1) partially blocking alpha receptors; (2) partially reducing the conversion of dopamine to NE and adrenalin with 5-HTP and/or Kava Kava (
extremely important for people with high-blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes!), where excessive NE and adrenalin sets the autonomous nervous function in "Fight or Flight" and thus produces disorder of cardiovascular outputs and functions; (3) promoting the acetylcholine/parasympathetic and serotonin nervous systems to take control of  the body functions when the brain's dopamine nervous system becomes more active.
Note that diabetic patients generally suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems, as well as the degeneration (damage) of the nerves and arteries. ViaPal-hGH-S is extremely successful in dealing with these problems.
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