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Case Study - Causes and solutions for PMS, Intercourse, penetration  or orgasm pains/cramps, tilted or prolapsed uterus, and sexual orgasm; Love Positions and vaginal air trapping/pumping/escaping.
Reader: 11/14/2001>
Why do I sometimes feel pain upon arousal? Also, why during intercourse, even though I am well lubricated, and I am certainly no virgin, does thrusting hurt and not feel good?

Dr. Lin: 11/15/2001>
When you are aroused, your uterus is supposed to move upward (tent up).
When your uterine-support ligaments lose its strength, you get tension pain instead your uterine tenting.
Generally, women with a titled or prolapsed uterus will experience this problem during sex.
This is caused by deficiency of DHEA, androstenedione (for testosterone and optimal estrogen) and neurochemicals in the ligaments and muscles where prostaglandins for tissue/nervous relaxation, elasticity, stretching and expansion are synthesized locally. ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) can help.

Reader: 11/16/2001>
Dr. Lin,
I was looking at this a bit more. I looked up both tilted and prolapsed
uterus. First, I do know that my uterus is tilted because I've been told
that by doctors before. I wonder, at 40 y.o., if it is prolapsed also
because in the past couple of years I've periodically experienced "farting"
from my vagina--air escaping. I didn't know what caused that and it is
embarrassing. Also, I've had odd back and abdominal pain that I didn't know
what it was. Anyway, I know that your exercises for prolapsed uterus and
taking the medicine (to improve my hormone levels) will help--however, I am
in my 7th month of pregnancy! Should I wait until after I have the baby to
start exercising and/or taking the medicine? I don't want to wait and let
the pregnancy and delivery perhaps make the problem worse, if I can work on
it now safely.

Also, since being in my second trimester of pregnancy, I have been very
interested in sex! What is that all about; I guess it is hormones?
Thank you,

Dr. Lin: 11/17/2001>
1. The prolapsed or titled uterus results from the weakening of the uterine-support ligaments as shown in
The uterus dynamically positions itself in response to the change of the elastic strength of the 3 basic ligaments- Ovarian, Round and Uterosacral ligaments, associated with the testosterone/DHEA variation in the menstrual cycle. The ligaments act as the elastic rubber bands that suspends the uterus. When their strength degrades unevenly, the uterus is tilted; When their strength degrades uniformly, the uterus is prolapsed.
Testosterone/androstenedione and DHEA are responsible for the strength of the ligaments, but the relaxant Prostagladin E-1 (PGE-1), produced by the local tissues from the androstenedione (for testosterone and estrogen), DHEA and neurochemicals, is the hormone to relax the nervous fibers for the ligaments to be stretched or re-positioned without pain or cramp. 
Generally, women after 35 may start to experience the pelvic pain or cramp during sexual encounter. It usually happens in the Luteal Phase between the ovulation and the beginning of menstruation, which is marked as the high-temperature period in http://actionlove.com/image/cycle.jpg 
During the Luteal Phase, the testosterone drops to a minimum and both progesterone and estrogen levels reach their peaks in the menstrual cycle. The higher progesterone and estrogen levels in the bloodstream stimulate the liver to produce more SHBG (Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin) protein that freeze more testosterone, and damp more glucose into the bloodstream, and reduce the enzyme releases for the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. Therefore, the thyroid function is also affected; women's emotion changes rapidly for PMS; women experience vaginal dryness (due to the high progesterone level), penetration, intercourse or orgasm/post-orgasmic pains/cramps. 
The situation becomes worsen after women enter peri-menopause. The pains or cramps in the Luteal Phase can occur during the middle night sleeping and spread from the low abdomen to the tail bone and low back via the pelvic floor (PC) muscles. When the pains or cramps occurs, women should sit on the toilet and do the labor breathing exercise for the pelvic cavity or emulate the bowel movement around the anus to trigger the parasympathetic nervous functions to release nitric oxide in the neuro-muscular or neuro-arterial endings in assisting the production of relaxant hormones PGE-1 in the entire pelvic muscles. In fact, my male Sexual Chikong exercises for the pelvic and tailbone muscles can help stimulate the PGE-1 production in the local tissues if the bloodstream contains sufficient androstenedione, DHEA and neuronutrients.
You should do some anal/tailbone exercises by periodically contracting your butts against your tailbone when you have time.
Our product ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) can help women out in this regard.
But, I don't recommend our products for pregnant women. 
You can add isolated Whey Protein to your breakfast.  
When the testosterone-estrogen and -progesterone ratios increases, women becomes more sexual and very responsive in sex, but the new hormone balance after 40 is not in favor of pregnancy, but for sex.
Estrogen is the cooling water for the sex engine - the brain, and the lubricator for the engine and love tool; Testosterone is the fuel; Progesterone is the sex suppressor and pregnant security guard; the neurotransmitter dopamine is the fire.
Regarding vaginal air trapping and escaping, we call this phenomenon the vaginal air pumping - http://www.actionlove.com/extra/pumping.htm
  The back-entry love positions which allow the uterus to move toward your stomach by gravity are the most likely one in producing this problem. The reason: the uterine movement stretches the vagina and suck air into the vaginal or uterine cavity and then the penis like a piston compress the air into the deep vagina packet and uterus. This problem becomes very common when the vaginal is not filled with lubricant and the penis thrusts with a long stroke out of the vagina to allow air to be trapped by the penis in each stroke like the bike air pump. If the air is trapped inside, you will feel there is a film (the air gap) between your vagina and his the penis.
The Sitting Love Position or other Love Positions which can shorten the vaginal depth by uterine gravitation or compression of the abdomen can squeeze air out and avoid air pumping.

Reader: 11/17/2001>
Dr. Lin,
I just want to be sure I have the right understanding of the problem with
air escaping from my vagina--it occurs not during sex, but when I'm simply
lying in bed, usually on my back. It hasn't happened since I've been
pregnant. Does this change your assessment? Thank you,

Dr. Lin: 11/18/2001>
OK! This problem is associated with the movement of the uterus when you change your body position.
When you sit or stand, the gravity pulls your uterus down; when you lie down, the the pulling gravitational force acts on the other way toward your low back and the uterus returns to its neutral position,  where the inverted-body or hip-up positions will move the uterus toward the stomach.
Now, consider the vagina as an elastic tube when one end is open to air and the other end with a heavy, diaphragma - the cervix/uterus. If the vagina allows air to get in, the diaghragma will do it job - sucking/expelling air in/out of the vagina, which produces pop sounds. When you change your body position from a lying to an inclining or sitting, you may hear the sounds.
When you get pregnant, your vaginal lining becomes much thicker and more watery and your vagina becomes extremely wet all the time due to the elevation of estrogen released by placenta (about 75-250 times of that in the Luteal phase). Thus, the vaginal air pathway is fully sealed off or air-tightened. That is why you won't have the air escaping problem during your pregnancy.
The vaginal air pathway is widely open when the vaginal lining becomes too thin, the urethral spongy tissues won't erect or is in the flaccid state, and the vagina is dry. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I will start my Thanksgiving vacation in the afternoon of 11/19/2001 and resume my work on 11/26/2001.

Reader: 11/18/2001>
Wow-- So, what's causing the air problem is "vaginal lining becomes too thin, the urethral spongy tissues won't erect or is in the flaccid state," and the vagina is dry. In other words, I normally (when not pregnant) have a vaginal lining that is too thin, or urethral spongy tissues that won't erect. What will solve one or the other, or both of these problems? Thank you for your time, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Dr. Lin: 11/18/2001>
Before your pregnancy, your estrogen level is low. Well, you are about to enter peri-menopause. It is very natural for women to experience vaginal dryness after age 35. A thinner vagina lining and a high testosterone-estrogen ratio make women become very sexual and orgasmic, but a low estrogen level will cause vaginal dryness and frictional pain during intercourse. Our ViaGrowth-IV can solve these problems.
The erection of the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues (the female inner penis) is associated with the DHEA level and the nitric oxide production in the neuro-arterial endings of the parasympathetic nerves. The erection of the female inner penis will be protruded into the vagina and narrow down the vaginal size. http://www.actionlove.com/extra/lovetool.jpg 
The "female penis" embeds the urethral tract. When it erects, there is a "solid" ridge protruding into the vagina. The erectile G-spot is a part of the female penile ridge. When the "female penis" is fully erecting, the first 1-3 inch vagina becomes very narrow, the middle section is hollow and big,  and the deep end of the vagina near the cervix is very tight. If a fully-erecting penis penetrates into the Epicenter - the gap between the cervix and bladder, the penis will be tightly sucked by the vagina. http://actionlove.com/image/3-point.jpg 
The man can feel the vaginal suction force.

Reader: 11/19/2001>
Dr. Lin, Your advice and analysis is excellent. I have never had the opportunity to converse with someone who is as knowledgeable in the specifics of sexual function as yourself. Everyone should get to know your work; this information is so valuable. I will be keeping all of your advice in mind for how my sexual health can be vastly improved, particularly after I finish my pregnancy and can begin taking the medicine. If it's okay I will keep in touch with you periodically. I think you have answered all my questions for now. I wish you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons! Thank you very much.
Dr. Lin: 11/29/2001>
We spent a week in the Interstates and Ithaca, NY, for our thanksgiving with our two daughters studying there.
After the holidays were over, I have been buried by 300-400 e-mails.
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