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Case Study - Vasectomy, physical and psychological instability, menopause, and erectile dysfunction for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/11/2001>
I had a vasectomy 2-1-01 and have had tremendous physical and phsycological changes occur since. 

Originally from the outset orgasm was very disapointing. My erections seemed to be soft and ejaculation was a dribble with no feelings. AS with others I have read about on your site; changes occurred. My beard has quit growing as fast, my sexual drive is non existant, my orgasms are unfulfilling, and my moods are up and down. I get extreemly tired at the end of each day. My desire to work out and exercise has gone away.

I visited the urologist and disucssed your articles. He said that my body is still producing testosterone but at much lower levels and wanted me to take a blood test; which I haven't done yet. He said that your theory is wrong and that there is no changes in sexual function after a vasectomy. He asssured me as he did before the operation that "no Changes Occur"! He then said that I should take the blood test and if testosterone was low he would probably prescribe a rub on cream which should help. The urologist did not believe in male menopause as your articles suggest and said to me that my condition was unique. That timing was the problem; my vasectomy occurred at the same time my testosterone levels were falling off. Prior to the operation I had a very gratifying sex function and could hold an erection for two to three orgasms. Now I have no desire and pain when I do ejaculate or shortly after. I also experience a servere burning sensation in my scrotal area and a!
round my testicles. I have to pinch and squeeze the area to alleviate the sensation.

I have noticed a series of rashes over my body recently; appearing like a hive of some sort. No doubt I am mentally psyched out over this whole ordeal. Could there be any relationship with the rashes and the oepration as well? I want to get a reversal as soon as possible but really don't know where to turn to find the right kind of urologist. I really don't trust them now. Will the body return to normal funcitoning after a reversal? CAn anybody comment on that to me? Is there any type of reversal that has a higher success rate than others? I just ordered a testoterone supplement; will that help? A product called Achieve ES available at 800-367-4034. Please help!

Dr. Lin: 11/14/2001>
Urologists work on the plumbing problems of sex organs; we deal with the bioelectric circuits of the sex controller and engine - the brain. Testosterone and DHEA are the fuels of the brain and estrogen is the "cool water".
Male menopause is caused by deficiency of testosterone and DHEA; female menopause is caused by deficiency of estrogen (or progesterone for some women).
When testosterone (for men) or estrogen (for women) becomes too low in the hypothalamus's hormone receptors, the hypothalamus-pituitary glands will elevate FSH and LH in an attempt to stimulate testicular/ovarian functions for testosterone/estrogen production. As a result, the brain/hypothalamus is overheated, until the hormone receptors are fooled or partially dead (aged or burned out!).  This is how we age!
When the sperm or testosterone is overloaded, the brain will shut down the testicular functions - that is, cut the sperm and testosterone production at the same time; when estrogen or progesterone is overloaded, the brain will shut down the ovarian functions, that is, stop laying eggs and cut estrogen/progesterone production at the same time. 
Your problem results from the sperm-overloaded testicles. 
The brain/nervous functions requires the fuels, optimal cooling water, and neurotransmitters. 
Without fuels, the syntheses of neurotransmitters will drop and cause the emotional problems.
It will also sink your immunity.
You need not only testosterone and DHEA, but also the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin to stabilize your brain/nervous functions for love, sex and health. 

This article will help you out,

As for reversal of vasectomy, you have to talk to couple urologists to make sure that they know what they are doing.
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