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Case Study - Why Kegel or PC muscle exercises produce prostate or crotch pain and premature ejaculation for men? No sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/11/2001>
Hello, I recently read one of your advises to a man about whether to do the kegel exercises or not. You responded no (the first no I actually know of!), therefore I'll tell you my story, (sorry for the lenght):

4 months ago I started doing the kegel exercises to strengthen my sexual health basically. However the pc-muscle (or the area around my prostate I'm not sure) started to get sore and it was hard to relax it. I stopped the kegel work after a few days because the area in my groin was getting painful. I went to the doctor and a specialist who examined my prostate: no bacteria. I was given antibiotics (doxycycline) and the severe pain got away, but an irritation was still there and still are present to this date. It seems to get even more sore after bike riding and long periods of sitting down. Since no bacteria is involved, what is this??? If it's chronic pelvic pain, levator ani syndrome or whatver it's called, is it really possible that a few days of kegel work ("tighten-relax") could trigger that? I thought the kegel work would be positive for strengthening the levator ani and not DESTROYING it. I'm very aware of NOT tensing the muscles, however it seems really impossible to!
do so from time to time. I'm quite sure it's something related to the pc muscle since the irritation started after I started paying attention to "work" on the damn kegel. No problems prior to these exercises. There's no discomfort during urination or maturbation, only this constant pain/irritation in my groin, somewhat located to the pc-muscle. My own guess.(external sphincter, perhaps?)The pain is actually very mild in the morning and seems to get worse during the day. The unawareness of this REALLY bothers me and the doctor don't know what this is and what to do with it. 
I can still use my pc-muscle (contract and relax) with no problems, but when it's in the "relaxed position" it irritates and thats why I (perhaps unknowingly) contract it too many times during the day which increase the irritation, I have NO clue what this is. Please, any comments welcomed.thanks.

Dr. Lin: 11/11/2001>
It is a result of both blood congestion and excessive testosterone and DHT in the PC muscles due to poor blood circulation.
When you exercise your PC muscles, you stimulate the tissues to develop more testosterone and DHT receptors down there, like bodybuilders developing the testosterone and DHT receptors in their targeted muscles. Excessive testosterone and DHT on the prostate and its adjacent (PC) muscles over-stimulate the tissues over-produce the hormones Prostaglandins that causes in lamentation of the prostate and its surrounding tissues. As a result, the prostate experiences an inflammatory pressure to cause pain and produce sexual urgency and premature ejaculation. The situation becomes worsen when you have a poor blood circulation down there. There will be too much DHT trapped in the prostate muscles. Biking with a narrow seat or sitting too long can cause the blood circulation down there. 
Now, You know understand why I discourage men to do Kegel Exercises.
Kegel Exercises can accelerate orgasmic responses for the same reason.
It is very good for women, but not for men.
I am the only one sending out this warning to men since it causes hyper-tension for the prostate and results in premature ejaculation. When middle aged and senior men experience weak erection, they usually use PC muscular exercises for assistance of erection, but ejaculate in few love strokes as usual too.

You have to Vacuum Cupping Massage to remove excessive DHT and testosterone in the muscles in order to kill the crotch pain.
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