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Case Study - Cause and solution for Penetration pain and VAGINISMUS; no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/6/2001>
My girlfriend was a virgin until we had intercourse a month ago. We are both very fit and healthy. I am 37. She is 23. I have had a sexual relationship with her for 2 months. When we started I was extremely sexually stimulated and I constantly had "hard" erections daily, even though we did not engage in intercourse. I had to masturbate for relief. She finds intercourse very painful. Her vagina is very small and tight and we use lubricant every time. She takes over 30 minutes to achieve vaginal wetness. And even then it is not adequate for intercourse. The first time I was able to enter her about 4". I have a 7" penis. Now she will not allow me to penetrate her beyond 1"-2". The muscles in her vagina are incredibly strong and she is unable to relax when I attempt intercourse. We have had successful intercourse 2 times out of 5 attempts in the last 4 weeks. Each occurrence lasting less and less time - about 1 minute last time. During sex I have to hold my erection for 15-30 minutes prior to attempting intercourse to stimulate her and then another 15-30 minutes attempting to enter her. Usually she performs oral sex afterwards. I do not ejaculate from oral sex, therefore I masturbate much later. Sometimes at night I wake up several times with an erection. I usually masturbate to completion the following morning. Now I feel a discomfort behind my testicles. After ejaculation I feel slightly better. In the past 3 weeks the size of my penis during erections is decreasing and my penis cannot achieve the same hardness as before. This is getting gradually worse. Now I find it difficult to be aroused. I think my penis is exhausted. Now, I am taking a break from sex for a while. However, what can be done to make intercourse possible (normal)?

Dr. Lin: 11/7/2001> 

The vaginal penetration pain results from insufficient production of prostaglandins in the vaginal and cervical tissues. The major prostaglandins (PG) are PG-E1 and PG-E2. PG-E1 is a muscular or tissue relaxant - relaxing the muscles and ligaments and increasing their elasticity; PG-E2 is a ripening and inflammation agent. During labor, PG-E1 relaxes the cervical and vaginal (pelvic) tissues and muscles and PE-E2 stimulates and cervical ripening and vaginal expansion (the hole expander!). During lovemaking, PG-E1 modulates the local parasympathetic nervous functions to induce erection of the penis and the female urethral/vaginal spongy tissues to narrow down the vagina while PG-E2 expands the vagina (yes, it is a big hole inside if there is too much PG-E2 secreted by the vaginal/cervical tissues) and opens the prostate ejaculation control valve (for seminal emission or leakage).
Any tissues with a lack of PG-E1 are likely to experience cramps or muscular pulling pain. If the urethral/vaginal tissues can not produce PG-E1, the women will experience penetration pain or cramp. During the Luteal Phase of the menstrual cycle (please the high temperature period as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/cycle.jpg  ), women whose uterine-support ligaments and adjacent muscles can not produce sufficient PG-E1 for relaxation and elasticity of the tissues to cop with the uterine dynamic repositioning (prolapsing or rotating) due to the hormone changes, are likely to experience PMS and intercourse/orgasm-induced pains or cramp in the pelvic cavity. Obviously, the lower testosterone (or DHEA)-progesterone ratio during the Luteal phase cause the problem since the progesterone-based birth control pills can causes the same problems in addition to vaginal dryness. Men who have ejaculated excessively or sexually exhausted will experience pains, cramps or rigidity in the groins, low abdomen, tailbone, low-back and penis or testicles due to deficiency of PG-E1. We have found that DHEA, androstenedione (for testosterone and estrogen) and the neuronutrients for the synthesis of neurotransmitter acetylcholine can help the local tissues to secret PG-E1 for powering penile and G-spot/clitoral erection, killing the pain in the the vagina, penis, grions, testicles, low back, low abdomen and tailbone, and making lovemaking more enjoyable and pain-free. 
Our producets ViaGrowth-IV or (MoodMax + ViaGrowth-III) can help her out, but ViaGrowth-IV may be too powerful for young women. Therefore, MoodMax (1-014) and ViaGrowth-III (1-004) is more suitable for her. VIP Cream (1-015) can also help the vaginal tissues to produce PG-E1 in few minutes once it penetrates into the tissues. 

You should change your sexual practice. If you don't ejaculate before going to bed, don't masturbate or have sex; otherwise, your Epididymis and ductus deferens will be over-inflated (over-filled), resulting in your testicular pains. If you want vaginal penetration but don't want to ejaculate, you must perform a gentle screwing sex - screwing her gently, so that lovemaking won't over-stimulate your brain's hypothalamus and pituitary glands which release the LH and FSH to stimulate your testicular functions for testosterone and sperm productions.
To rejuvenate your sexual function, ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) can help you out.

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