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Case Study - Why her G-spot is dead - no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/6/2001>
My girlfriend cannot have an orgasm, she sayis she really doesnt have much feeling at all down there, she says the only thing the feels good is when we have sex, but if i finger her, she can barley feel that, and i dontknow what the problem is, she has had an orgasm before, she said it was from fingering, but she is unable to have them now, and she has barely any feeling down there, what is wrong and how can she fix it?

Dr. Lin: 11/7/2001> 

There are two possible problems - one is yours and another is hers.
Your problem: Your erection is too weak to provide enough pressures for stimulation of her urethral nerves. 
Over-masturbation or/and over-ejaculation (too frequent sex and ejaculation) kill your erection. 
She can still feel good from your deep penetration to her Epicenter (her orgasmic pacemaker is still alive!), but insufficient to make her achieve orgasm. If your erection is hard enough, she will feel going to pee after her urethral nerves is stimulated for a while (with a high-speed stimulation in 3-5 minutes), even her G-spot is dead or sleeping. 
Also, you must last longer enough to peak her up and make her come.
If you face these two problems at this age (18), you will experience more sexual problems down to road.
You should regulate your ejaculate frequency to no more than 3 or 4 times a week, so that you can erect hard and last longer.  Too frequent sex won't help your erection and her orgasm.  You should read this article 

Her problem: Her G-spot has been abraded, resulting in a thick layer of scar tissues to cover its nerves and in abrasion of the G-spot nervous endings. That is why she feel nothing when she gets fingering stimulation in the outer region of her vagina. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9685.htm  for the symptoms of the G-spot abrasion.  
Due to your age, I assume she is under 18. It seems she started vaginal stimulation when she was very young and her vaginal lining is too tender at that time. Young girls should avoid vaginal stimulation in preventing the vaginal lining from abrasion. The general mistake for young girls is, after they discover the clitoral stimulation pleasure by accident, they tend to explore deep inside their vaginas. Teenage girls' bodies are full of estrogen for the development of their 2nd sexual characteristics, such as round breasts and hips. A high level of estrogen in their bodies makes their vaginal linings grow too thick to expose their G-spot for penile stimulation during lovemaking. Thus, their G-spot nerves are sleeping, which will gradually wake up once the testosterone-estrogen ratio starts to increase and their vaginal lining becomes thinner after they pass their 20's! Women reaches their sexual peaks during age 30-45 (just before peri-menopause) and at the same time, their vaginas become short and the Epicenter is more accessible by the penis as a result of the downward movement of the uterus (prolapsing more or less) due to aging (decreasing of DHEA and testosterone in the uterine-support ligaments) and pregnancies.  The thinner vaginal lining (but not thin enough to cause frictional pains when the vagina is wet), higher testosterone-estrogen ratio (but still having sufficient estrogen to maintain the vaginal wetness), and shallower vagina (allowing the Epicenter to be easily stimulated) makes 30-45's women become real tigresses.  For same reasons, the 30-45's women are more likely looking for deep-vaginal/uterine orgasms. This is because the deep-vaginal/ Epicenter/cervical nerves are the slowest ones to age, following by the G-spot nerves,  while their clitoral surface nerves are the fastest ones to age (go dead if there is a lack of acetylcholine in the clitoral neurons and the clitoris has been abraded by over-masturbation with vibrating devices or rotating brushes).
For young girls, their testosterone-estrogen ratio in their brain and bloodstream is too low to stimulate their pituitary for sufficient orgasmic hormone Oxytocin to initiate the vaginal/uterine contraction for their vaginal orgasm. Clitoral orgasm is less affected by the testosterone level. Teenage girls tend to have clitoral or shallow-vaginal orgasm rather deep-vaginal orgasm. As a result, Teenage girls want a hard-core stimulation on their G-spot. A chronic hard-core stimulation on the young-and-tender G-spot produces a thick layer of scar tissues down there and abrades the sensory nervous endings. That is,  the G-spot is dead.
She should take a few month sexual break to help rejuvenate her tender G-spot tissues.
She is too young to take MoodMax for rejuvenation of the damaged G-spot nerves, but VIP Cream can help. This article can help you out,
Our products are able to rejuvenate damaged sexual nervous endings as described in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9617.htm 
By the way, we can not sell our products to teenagers under 18.

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