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Case Study - Factors affect the choice of Taoism practices associated sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/28/2001>
I am in love with a man who is a Taoist but is practicing celibacy. He loves me but is in his 40s and has never had an intimate relationship. He assures me he is heterosexual but celibate for spiritual reasons. Can you help me understand this from a religious perspective?

Dr. Lin: 10/29/2001> 

Yes! There are two Taoism theories of sexuality. 
The 1st group considers that male semen ejaculation will damage the brain and shorten the life span, so that men should not ejaculate at all or ejaculate as less as possible. It is true that excessive seminal ejaculation without frequent replenishment with neurochemicals will accelerate aging and promote brain's/nervous dysfunctions, resulting in psychological disorders.
The 2nd group considers that lovemaking can help yin-yang balance to achieve long life and well being.  This is true if you supply your body with sufficient neuronutrients and regulate orgasm or ejaculation frequency, so that lovemaking and ejaculation can stimulate hormone releases and neurotransmitter syntheses. 
The 1st group was grown in the age of pre-civilization and has become dominant when the society in the state of starvation or poverty. These Taoists lived in the rural and mountain areas with a simple life and without sufficient nutrients. Poor nutrition by choice has very effectively castrated men and women in this group. Since they don't not have enough sexual nutrients to power up the body function, they have to re-cycle their existing sexual energy from within to prevent their brains from dysfunction. They have to eliminate seminal ejaculation and practice "returning semen to the brain."
In fact, Buddhism monks and nuns are typical examples of how nutrition can affect sexual functions. 

The 2nd group were dominated by nobles and those who know how to replenish their bodies with Chinese medicine formula - herbs and nutrients. The modern Taoists of this group in the last generation generally have 2 or 3 more mistress other than a registered wife and they have lived longer that 90 years. We belong to the 2nd group. Our sexual experiences have proved that the nutrition is the main factor affecting our decision of Taoism practices.
We grew up in the poor 1950-60's Taiwanese society where Taoism taught us how to restrain sex for health, but we luckily enough came to the US in middle of 1970's, where we got more protein intake than that in our puberty.  Since then, we have changed our Taoism sexual practices in preferring the Tao of Love - Harmonizing the Yin-Yang forces through intercourse.
We have discovered that we can enjoy lovemaking everyday, with 5 or 6 ejaculation a week in our age 25-35 in comparison with what the old Taoists suggested once every 2 or 3 days or 2 or 3 times a week.
Even, in our 50's now, we enjoy lovemaking every morning with a hard erection for 30 minutes and have my orgasm with ejaculating 2 or 3 times a week in the night or weekend morning. Aging don't constrain the spontaneous penile erection. When my body and mind are at rest, my penis erects spontaneously like what I got in my 20's. The optimal ejaculation frequency makes penis erect much harder in the following morning.  It is like a penile enlargement effect. On the other hand, my menopause wife is ready for enjoying lovemaking anytime without worrying about vaginal lubrication, vaginal looseness, and penetration pains which are very common for women after 35.  Her vagina is much tighter than it was in her 20's. This is a real benefit of practicing Sexual ChiKong Intercourse everyday. More information on this topics is given in http://www.actionlove.com/love/chi-sex.htm and http://www.actionlove.com/love/screw.htm , where she uses my penis to exercise her vaginal muscles and I uses her vagina as my penile pump for my penile ballooning exercises at the same time. We enjoy the Tao-of-Love fun every morning.
We have found that Nutrition and the body stress level are the factors for the choice of the Taoism practices.  Thank the U.S.A. for us to re-discover the Tao-of-Love practice in this land of Freedom.
If he takes my ViaPal-hGH products, his brain will change toward the Tao of Love and enjoy more orgasm and ejaculation. Daily lovemaking and optimal seminal ejaculation stimulates our brain and spine to effectively utilize the nutritional supplements for production of hormones and neurotransmitters, and make our bodies becomes healthier and more well-being. 

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