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Case Study - Chemistry and mechanism of Sexual Orgasm - how to make her come first.
Reader: 10/27/2001>
Hi this is the first time I have ever send something like this. I the reason I am contacting you is because everytime me and my wife have sex I "ALWAYS" come with her or before her but never after her if we have penetrating sex. I get this overvhelming feeling when she climaxes that makes me lose it. She cant reach orgasm unless there is direct stimulation to her clitoris she has never been able to. So I question is, is there any kind of a chemical release that makes me lose it
Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Dr. Lin: 10/27/2001> 

Yes! Her cervix also releases prostaglandins (mainly PGE-1 and PGE-2 when she gets excited.  PGE-1 enhances the power of the penile, clitoral and G-spot erection; PGE-2 increases the uterine opening for women during lovemaking for sperms to get into the uterus and during labor for parturition,  and, for men,  loosen the prostate emission control valve for semen to emit (leak)  through the prostate from the seminal vesicles - resulting in premature ejaculation.   A man who secrets more PGE-2 than PGE-1 can experience premature ejaculation without a sufficient erection. This usually happens to young men who have chronically over-masturbated themselves.
Also, the Prostaglandins in her vagina will increase the neuroconduction between your urethra nerves and her Epicenter/cervical nerves. Bioelectrically, Prostaglandins can stimulate the urethral nerves and then prostate nerves to ejaculate. Male and female precums and semen contains a lot of prostaglandins which can promote orgasm or ejaculation for each other. Men secreting a lot of precum before penetration generally experience premature ejaculation due to the stimulation of PGE-2 on the prostate via the urethral tract.  When both of you produce a lot of precums,  her and your PGE-2 will trigger your ejaculation.  On the other hand, when the penis is very hot and hard to stimulate her Epicenter (detail in  http://www.actionlove.com/image/lovetool.jpg  ) for more production of orgasm hormone Oxytocin from her pituitary, male ejaculation can trigger his partner to achieve orgasm - for simultaneous orgasms for both.
This is the effects of the hot prostaglandins on the sexual responses of the lovemaking couple. 
On the other hand, the gap between her bladder and cervix becomes very narrow. If your penis is locked into the cervix-bladder gap (Epicenter), your glans penis will be sucked up. You will feel a tight suction force acting on your glans penis. Again, the tight stimulation of the glans penis on her cervix will make her secret more fluids with concentrated prostaglandins and her pituitary will release more oxytocin into her bloodstream to trigger her orgasm. A high level of oxytocin will trigger her uterus to contract for orgasm.   
With a tight fitting of your glans penis in her Epicenter, the suction force, prostaglandins and her nervous bioelectric potential in her Epicneter will make you come very quickly.
We have found out that men will come more quickly when women are very horny and sexual excited.
The only way to hold your ejaculation back before she achieve her orgasm is to block the urethral neurotransmission between the glans penis and the prostate. This can be achieved by a combination of the Penile Ballooning and Sexual ChiKong Breathing. First, balloon the penis to an extreme size so that you feel your penis numbing, and then lock your penis into her Epicenter, the gap between her bladder and cervix. Thus, you can make her come before you do. 
Sexual Sexual ChiKong Breathing is to destructively interfere the sexual responses when the penis is being ballooned by the vaginal suction during lovemaking, where the vagina is a natural penile enlargement (enhancement pump) pump.
This is the best effective method to enlarge the penis naturally. It is the benefit of the hard work.  

The other way to make her come first is to alternate my Finger Pliers stimulation with the penile stimulation so that she is excited to the edge of orgasm, and then stimulate her Epicenter with your penis. http://www.actionlove.com/method.htm 
Or, letting her watch a 10-20 minute movie and massaging her g-spot and clitoris with my Finger Pliers Method will make her ready to come in a short time. Then, use your penis to trigger her orgasm without your ejaculation.  The orgasmic triggering mechanism is described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/trigger.htm 

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