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Case Study - Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Over-masturbation cause health and sexual dysfunctions for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/19/2001>
Dr. Lin,

I would have thought your site was a scam porno site, but as I read further I could see that you have some solid science behind your advice. I now trust you enough to ask you a question(s):

I hate my job, and am currently in the start up phase of opening my own company. However, since i have been at my job, I have gotten so stressed out (stiflied creativity, my boss never lets me do my job)and I have had three shoulder surgeries (I am former bodybuilder) and I was almost in an adulterous affair (fortunately we were able to see the disaster before anything happened)..Well all of the sudden one day, after my last surgery, after 6 years of working for a place that is so bad for me emotionally, and after the excitement of the potential affrair and then the guilt of it (even though we did not have sex)..one day my entire system just shut down. I fell into SEVERE depression unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was suicidal and didn't even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror.. it was horrible. Well, it has been two years since and my thyroid was messed up (got that fixed by doing the Wilson's Syndrome T3 protocol) and my gonads seem to be supressed Free!
Testosterone was 6.6 pg/mll Total Testosterone 148 pg/ml; Estradiol 30pg/ml; DHEA 4.2ng/ml; IGF-1 143; Homocysteine 6.1umol/l... 

So, I began testosterone replacement therapy and the first time I took a shot I felt like a million bucks..all my depression (what was left after the T3 therapy) was immediately gone... Then after about 7 weeks on therapy, my nipples got sore so they gave me Arim?dex I took 1mg tablet every other day, my nipple soreness went away and my mood popped up again, like I took a new shot... 

Well, now I am depressed again and I read somewhere that serotonin is mediated in the brain by estradiol (my new level is lower than 10pg/ml). Not only that I get hot flashed and anxiety ...

SO my question is this. I read in one of your letters to someone else that masturbating early can cause this type of thing latter in life... I must admit that I began masturbating at 14 years old (before puberty..it was an accident and it felt so good I never stopped, even up to three times a day for years) I now am down to about once a week or maybe twice...but I want to know how masturbating has caused this and what to do to fix it. Also, I have been looking at porn (free) on the interent about once a month and I hate myself for it.. I read that it increases dopamine in the brain... 

HELP..what do I do, why is this happening...???


Dr. Lin: 10/21/2001> 

Ar?midex is an anti-Estrogen drug that dropped your estrogen level down too low to cool down your hypothalamus - the temperature regulator. My suggested, "optimal" level of estradiol is around 20-40 pg/ml for men.
When your testosterone level drops blow 15 pg/ml, you will experience menopause hot flash and anxiety, in particularly when your serotonin level in the brain is low.
The reason your doctor gave you the anti-estrogen drug is because your testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has triggered your liver to produce excessive enzyme aromatase to convert testosterone into estradiol (the most powerful estrogen). Excessive estradiol caused your nipple soreness, depression, hypothyroidism and deficiency of dopamine. 
When you continue your TRT with 1-mg anti-estrogen drug, your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis will be shut down by the brain's Testosterone Negative Feedback Controller, your penis will shrink if you don't have a frequent erection due to a lack of Nitric Oxide production by the parasymapthetic nervous endings in the penile arteries, you will get prostate problems (enlargement or cancer) due to excessive testosterone and DHT, your temper will become very short and anxoius right after you get testosterone shot, and you will be emotionally unstable in the TRT cycle. It is very dangerous to get testosterone shot. This is because it produces a testosterone peak in the brain right, but the testosterone level is too low prior to the shot. If you want to continue your TRT and take anti-estrogen, you should reduce the dosage to 0.5 mg or less to make sure that your brain have enough estrogen to function without overheating. Testosterone is Fire while estrogen is water. Your brain need both of them to function. Taking a low dose of DHEA and androstenedione daily can do a better job than TRT.
To enhance your testicular function for more testosterone and androstenedione production, you have to power up your dopamine nervous functions.
To enhance your adrenal functions for more DHEA and androstenedione production, you have to power up your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions and liver functions.
A powerful liver function can help enhance the testicular and adrenal functions, normalize the testosterone-estrogen ratio, and increase the production of the brain's neurotransmitters, acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin.
Powerful brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin functions will normalize thyroid functions and give you a happier life and endurance to beaten up your stress and anxiety.  Serotonin can help you overcome a lot of psychological problems and sleeping disorder. 
In these regards, ViaPal-hGH-E can help you out.

A regulated masturbation can give men an optimal release of pelvic congestion resulting from excessive prostagladins in the pelvic tissues.  Pelvic congestion will destabilize the brain functions.  That is, a regulated masturbation is healthy. However, over-masturbation excessively causes heath problems and brain's dysfunctions due to the fact that semen contains prostaglandins which are produced locally with the hormones and neurotransmitters mentioned above. Frequently emptying semen from the seminal vesicles will draw excessive hormones, neurochemicals and neurotransmitters' precursors from the brain and spine for prostaglandins reproduction. That is why excessive seminal loss will result in sexual exhaustion symptoms which are listed in the articles in
Over-ejaculators will experience fatigue, dizziness, tiredness, migraines, spine and tailbone ache or chill, or/and low-back/groins/testicular pains right after ejaculating.
Men who are taking MoodMax or/and ViaGrowth-IV won't experience these symptoms. 
The reason is that ViaGrowth_IV and MoodMax supply the neurochemicals to the brain and spine.
In addition, the brain and spine need the hormones provided by ViaGrowth-IV.
MoodMax (for young men) and ViaGrowth-IV have been formulated based up the theory given in this website.

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