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Case Study - He said ' Thanks for your help, a better life, and quality products'; a discovery of natural numbing ingredients for your penis for better sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/19/2001>
Just wanted to let you know, if you weren't aware, that if i try to click on products on your order form, in order to find out more about them, that the server can't access the info. Probably because of the changes you are making, but i thought i'ld let you know.
Also, I wanted to suggest that if you don't have room on a label for listing the amounts of each ingredient, that perhaps you could include that info on the website. I am taking Viagrowth IV and wondered about the amounts of the herbal extracts used. I know that you say, for example, that we shouldn't take more than 500 mg of tribulus terrestris, but I have no idea how much is in each pill. I would also like to experiment with various herbs, and singular ingredients to find out why i feel so damn good since taking this 
product, and knowing the amounts of what i've been taking would be helpful. 
Vitamin supplements have never had any noticeable effect on my fatigue, but my fatigue has disappeared, and so the vitality has to come from another source...herbs, dhea etc. Thanks for your help, a better life, and quality products.

PS..in case your interested, i discovered something about kava kava by accident. I've never been able to swallow pills, and so I have to chew everything. Chewing kava kava numbed my mouth, and paralyzed my throat for a little bit. Thus, i reasoned that it may also numb the penis for ejaculation control if a person were to apply it as a lotion. It works. You have to rub it in good with a little water, and wait maybe 3-5 minutes for the effect to kick in.

Dr. Lin: 10/20/2001> Due to moving and installation of some software for the new server, the server had downed for about 2 hours yesterday evening. I forgot to upload the subdirectories 'health' and 'herbs' containing the information you searched for.  Thank you very much for your information about the missing links in the order form.

Yes! There is no room to detail the amount of each herb and amino acid on the label.
The content of tribulus terrestris in ViaGrowth-IV is 150 mg per pill, that is 300 mg per dose (2 pills).  A high dose of tribulus will over-excite the pituitary LH and thus testicular functions for premature ejaculation.  
The harmonic, synergetic effects of vitamins, herbs and amino acids in this product produce an excellent result for health and well-being without side effects. This product is almost perfect (we have gotten about 99.8% successful rate; diabetic patients require DeToxiA to work with Viagrowth-IV) .
We have optimized  the contents of amino acids and herbs, which become a trade secret. But, we can disclose the dosage of the ingredients for your personal experiment.

Yes! Kava Kava is a natural numbing ingredient which can calm nerves internally and externally.
This is why our LoveLonger and ViaPal-hGH-E Packages contains Kava Plus which includes GingKo Biloba for improving blood circulation. If you want to use it externally to numb your penis, you have to cleanse your penis before vaginal penetration. This is because the residual of Kava Kava on the penile skin may numb the G-spot nerves too. We know Kava Kava, like garlic, produces heating numbness. When I was an elementary school student, I used garlic to numb my palms for receiving a beating punishment from my teachers. When my teachers beat my palms up, I won't feel pain at all. So, you can use each of them for reduction of penile sensitivity, but you have to wash it away after their effectiveness kicks in.

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