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Case Study -  Solution for eye floaters, erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/16/2001>
I am 21yrs old. I have masturbated alot all my life. In the last couple years I have found that I could orgasm when masturbating but had alot of trouble reaching orgasm when stimulated by another through masturbation or oral sex, etc. About 2 months ago, I all of sudden noticed floaters in my eyes. Also around the same time or shortly after I noticed that my sex drive became almost inexistant. I can still get an erection if in the right situation such as looking at pornography or am with my partner but I don't seem to ever have sudden erections anymore. What can I do to fix this problem?

Dr. Lin: 10/17/2001>Yes! When you start to experience eye floaters, your acetylcholine and dopamine levels in your vision nerves become insufficient for your eyes to sense and to filtrate and amplify the sensing signals. 
If you also experience anxiety, stress or sleeping disorder, the serotonin level in your brain/visual nerves has dropped too low. When the serotonin level becomes too low in the brain, there will be more dopamine/norepinephrine to be converted to the stress hormone adrenalin (epinephrine) which triggers the sympathetic nervous function for "flight and fight" - that is "Erectile Withdrawal or Premature Ejaculation." 
In addition, your testosterone and DHEA hormones have been burned out by the sympathetic nervous function and then the parasympathetic nervous function, responsible for healing, restoration and erection, has become less active due to the deficiency of hormones and acetylcholine/dopamine/serotonin in your brain. Dopamine, Testosterone and DHEA are responsible for libido and up-modulation of erection and sexual performance, while the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions trigger and help the erection and the serotonin nervous system down-modulates the sympathetic nervous function  for reduction of stress/anxiety (that is, the sympathetic nervous functions) and prolonging sex .
When your serotonin level in the pineal glands and visual nerves becomes too low, you will experience melatonin deficiency in the brain and eyes during the night. Melatonin is responsible for a deep sleep that triggers hGH (human Growth Hormone) production and parasympathetic nervous functions.  Studies have linked deficiency of melatonin to the increasing of estrogen and breast cancers (please read this month issue of Journal of the National Cancer Institute).  If you experience sleeping disorder, MoodMax, 5-HTP (serotonin precursor) and/or Kava Plus can help you out.  The hormonal pathway for melatonin production is: 5-HTP => Serotonin => Melatonin, where B-6 is involved. 
I think you have experienced most of the symptoms described above.
Please read
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