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Case Study -  Prostaglandins and practice of masturbation without ejaculation and sexual orgasm..
Reader: 10/12/2001>
I just received your CD (book) yesterday and think it's great. I have a question about masturbation however. IS there a correct way for a single man to do this? I'm aware that you're not supposed to ejaculate more than a certain number of times per week depending on your age. However, my question is, can a man use your chi-kung techniques for masturbating with good effect? In other words to mastburbate WITHOUT ejaculating to improve health and well-being? The problem I've been having is that I'm following the advice of another well-known chi-kung instructor who advises bringing yourself near orgasm, but stopping just before going over the edge. You're supposed to squeeze the perenium and clench the buttocks, fists, and jaw, just before orgasm. The problem is that this has NEVER worked for me. I try to follow his advice but can never seem to stop in time, and usually end up ejaculating. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to learn your method.

Dr. Lin: 10/13/2001>

Yes! At the age of 42, you can massage your testicles and penis without ejaculation.
The main differences between "massage" and Masturbate" are
1. Mind setting - you don't intend to ejaculation when you Massage your penis, testicles, pubis and groins. 
2. Physical stimulation - "Massage" with my penile ballooning method avoids stimulation on your urethral nerve, while "masturbate" focuses on the entire penis, particularly the urethral nerves and the glans neck for pleasure.
"Massage" will help stimulate the endocrine function foe well-beings and health. Excessive ejaculation can empty the seminal vesicles. Semen contains prostaglandins responsible for modulation of brain's and spinal nervous functions including libido, erection and sexual orgasm, in addition to well-beings and health. You can not fully empty your seminal vesicles, but when your seminal vesicles are full, you will experience pelvic congestion and sexual urgency for ejaculation (a type of premature ejaculation). 
Once your prostate responds to the sexual stimulation, itself and bulbourethral glands release more prostaglandin E1 and E2 in the precum to sensitize the urethral nerves and expand themselves for orgasmic contraction and ejaculation. Prostaglandin E1 helps the nervous endings release Nitric Oxide for dilation of the penile arteries and capillaries while Prostaglandin E2 for the expansion of the local tissues, extending to the entire pelvic cavity when there is an excessive production of prostaglandin E2. Prostaglandin E2 can help women expand the cervix and its opening, resulting in labor (or miscarriage). Prostaglandin E1 help relax the pelvic muscles for orgasmic contraction for both men and women. Hormones DHEA and androstenedione (thus testosterone, DHT, and estrogen) facilitate the production of prostglandins E1 and E2. A high testosterone level tends to promote premature ejaculation or orgasm, that is, it helps produce more prostaglandin E2 than Prostaglandin E1.
Prostaglandin E2 induces more tissues expansion in triggering the brain's/sympathetic nervous functions for orgasm to release the expansion pressure.
If you reach the point that your penis starts to discharge a lot of precum, you must stop your masturbation and practice my sexual chikong to calm the brain and sympathetic nervous functions.
Once your urethral nerves are sensitized by prostaglandin E2, the sexual pleasure in your penis will trigger the brain's/sympathetic nervous functions for orgasm contraction and ejaculation.  At that point, No Mater what you practice, you can stop ejaculation. The volume of precum discharge is a sign for activation of your sympathetic orgasmic nervous circuits.
I have practiced my penile ballooning method every morning. I have never experienced the out-of-control situation.

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