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News updated:

Case Study -  Penile broken sounds for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/4/2001>
This has happend on and off for the past couple years,
but I'll tell you of my most recent experience first.

Last night during intercourse, my girl was on top of
me as I was sitting up to roll her on her back. When
she moved too far down there came an audibly loud
'pop' from the base of my penis(where it connects to
the pelvis), being that this had happened maybe four
other times, it didn't hurt and i figured it was ok.
After that, I had an orgasm when i ejaculated, whereas
I didnt the other times. The thing that is is
bothering me is that now my penis feels asthough
cooler blood is running through it. It also feels like
there is something wrong with my penis at the base.

The last times it's happened I was usually close to
orgasm, but it popped, being shocked we both said
"what the hell," and I came without orgasm. It's never
hurt, just been shocking - until this time. I'm kinda
worried, I'm also afraid it might be altering my
ability to hold a hard erection - down to a minute or

If I have done damage please let me know!!!

Another e-mail: After reading your site I believe that I may have broken my penis two days ago. There seems to be no bruising, and there was little pain other than a "pop" sensation as other of your readers have said. My penis seems now flexible in the middle where before it was a solid shaft. However since then it takes me a great deal of concentration to achieve an erection and much physical stimulation, when before it would just take just the sight of a beautiful woman to achieve a hard erection. I can physically stimulate myself to full size for a few seconds right before I achieve orgasm, but my penis quickly deflates as the blood quickly seems to flow out of it. I'm really scared about this as I am young and in my sexual prime. What should I do to fix this situation, I'm otherwise in good health and need some reassurance as to what to do. I also seem to have some leakage when trying to "will" an erection without physical stimulation, its a clear fluid, a couple drops. I am hoping that I will not require surgery as I hear that has a very little chance of success. It may be just my depression over my newfound condition, but I have a noticeable decrease in sexual appetite. What are my options? And what are my chances of complete healing from the previous cases you have seen? Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Please withhold my name.

Dr. Lin: 10/11/2001>

Yes! the " POP" is the penile broken sound.
This happens when your erection is not hard enough to align her vagina, when her wild ride bended and compressed your 
You will feel your penis is cool even when you can erect it.
Improving the blood circulation and rejuvenating the damage nervous endings on the arteries are the key for your problem.
I think you will get recovered naturally.

Penile surgery will produce scar tissues to restrict your erection locally.

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