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Case Study -  Total Hysterectomy causes emotional ruin, premature menopause and no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/8/2001>
Dr. Lin,
My wife had a total hysterectomey some years ago. the results were nothing short of debilitating. my wife was a very strong willed independent thinking women. This was part of my attraction to her. After this "procedure" she has been a totaly different person. It has left her unable to work due to the emotional damage done. We tried any and all treatments untill shock therapy was suggested.After that suggestion, I knew the Drs had no clue. The reason for surgery was given as fibrious tumors,non malignent.
She was 39 yrs old at surgery.
My question is, obviously, her sex drive is zero. She feels bad but says there is no feeling at all. Not good or bad, just no feeling. She says sex with me "feels like you have your finger stuck in a bottle". I can manage to make her well lubricated naturaly, just no feeling. I saw your site and thought I would try just one more time.
Thanks for your help.

Dr. Lin: 10/9/2001>

Yes! A total hysterectomy has cleansed her sexual functioning organs and nerves responsible for hormone production and storage and sexual sensing and responses. 
Left inside her vagina is nothing but scar tissues. Thus, this is why she feel nothing. There is no wires from the scars to her brain. Only the external part of her vaginal nerves (between the G-spot and vaginal orifice) and the clitoral nerves are still alive. You should focus your stimulation in the external part of her vagina and clitoris. Deep stimulation inside her vagina is useless. please read
associated with shallow and deep orgasmic stimulation. 
The worst part is the mental and emotional instability associated with deficiency of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone in her brain's hormone receptors. This made her experience menopause post-menopause immediately. The deficiency of hormones in the brain (the breaking of the brain's Negative Hormone Feedback Loop) will trigger the over-production of LH/FSH by the pituitary gland in in 4/12-folds, leading to overheating of the brain's hypothalamus (body temperature regulator and master neuro-endocrine modulator) and menopause symptoms described in
To increase the sensitivity and sexual responses of her existing sexual nerves and the stability of her brain's functions, ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and VIP Cream (1-015) can help her out. VIP Cream can help her soften the vaginal scar tissues and increase the production of Prostaglandins in the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues which help the urethral nervous functions. Increasing the Prostaglandins level can help her clitoral and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues to perform orgasmic contraction. ViaGrowth-IV can increase the blood flow to her clitoris and vaginal/urethral spongy tissues, in addition to improve her brain functions.

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