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Case Study -  Penile stretching and fitness result in erectile dysfunction for no sexual orgasm.
Reader 1: 10/6/2001>
sorry to email you again i know you must get a lot and be really buisy.
i just wanted to expalin my problem a bit more so you can tell me what i need to buy and do to help heal it. i didnt explain what i did before very well because im really worried about what i have done and i cant sleep or anthying.

a few months a go i got into the site penilefitness for free,by some link and i thought i would give the exercises a go to see if they worked. i thought if they dont there is no harm trying but i was so wrong.i did these exercises for about 3 months and i stoped about a weak ago because my penis felt knackered and was geting bent i decided i was damaging my self.i came across your site and then i realised what i had done is it possible i could get healed as im just 19 and i didnt masturbate very much which i think is why my penis grew larger than average.
the exercises i did were streching and jelq.

my penis isnt bent anymore it has gone back straight since stopped but my problem is my erections arnt very hard anymore and they point a bit downwards.also my penis feels disjointed at the base from the pulling.
i used to always wake up with a rock hard erection now this doesnt happen i only get hard by massaging it.
please tell me what to do to help heal this and get good erections again that happen naturally by themselves.ill do whatever you think as your telling the truth about these exercises and how dangerouse they are.
thank god i found your site its given me hope maybe i can get my life back.
i think your the only person on the net thats telling it how it is .
please reply to me soon so i can know what to do im desperate.

Dr. Lin: 10/7/2001>

You have been misleded by the concept that the penis is made of muscles.
In fact, there is no muscles in the penis which is made of interchained spongy-tissue balloons. The spongy tissues are inflatable and expandable. Once you damage the nervous endings of the arteries or spongy tissues, you will run into erectile dysfunction. Damage of spongy tissues will produce unnatural penile curvatures. 
The natural penile erection points upward with a slightly smoothing curve due to the fact that the cylinder enbedding the urethra (the corpus spongiosum) is more flexible than the other two (the corpora cavernosa) on the top. The natural erection shape is as shown in 
or the left picture of http://www.actiontao.com/image/penclass.jpg 
If you do penile exercises or so-called fitness, you will end up with the right picture of penclass.jpg which points to the ground. This is one of erectile dysfunctions.
You need MoodMax (1-014) to help you out.

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