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Case Study -  Penile Enlargement, DHT, Prostaglandins, Nitric Oxide and cGMP - Why Jelqing can damage your penis for no erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader 1: 10/3/2001>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I had been trying penis enlargement through jelqing. After reading
this site, i stopped. It had only been a week, and i noticed a lower
hang, but i have obviously done some damage. The day I stopped, my head
was blueish in spots, and later i developed a burning sensation from
within the penis. I had no trouble getting an erection the following
couple of days, but now i do. Let me tell you about my state of health,
and ask for your recommendations.

I have been a depressed, fearful, conflicted person for most of my
life. Things have been changing for the better, however, but for most
of my life, i have been very fatigued, and spacy, having a hard time
focusing. Orgasm has generally wiped me out totally. Hot baths wipe me
out. Orgasm sometimes makes my heart irregular too, and my heart reacts
irregularly to many foods....alcohol, caffeine, dark chocolate, aspirin,
certain preservatives, toothpaste at one point (i started brushing with
just a dab) , even pepsi with no caffeine, and desserts in general
sometimes. I suspect i have low blood sugar, and sometimes feel much
better after eating...curing the uncomfortable shakyness of my heart. 
Doctors have never said anything when i have had blood tests, though. 
Anyhow, i can focus much better presently, but i still have bouts of
tiredness, even when i get enough sleep. Oh, and my heart has a normal
irregular beat, even when it feels fine. 

I don't believe that i masturbated at a very young age (normal teenage
years). I was kind of obsessed with it for a period in my early
twenties, however, and i had a brief period in my thirties, but i soon
realized that doing it too often depleted me too much, and sometimes
made my heart scary. I haven't had a sexual relationship for about 15
years, and then i always ejaculated within a minute. Oh, and i've never
thought that i've had a very much semen when i cum. 

So, that's about it. I'm feeling stronger of late, because of much less
stress, but i still have times during the day sometimes where i lose my
energy. So, considering my history, what would you suggest to pick my
energy up, and help heal my penis? I know that warm soaks help bring
more color back to the head...i've been doing that. I guess that i
included my history, because i wanted to know if you thought that any of
your recipes would upset my heart. Thanks for any advice, and the
helpful site.

Dr. Lin: 10/4/2001>

You can not enlarge your penis without a powerful brain's and
parasympathetic nervous function for nitric oxide and cGMP production in the penile arteries and a sufficient testosterone/androstenedione (Kidney Yang Chi) for DHT (and the relaxation and elastic hormones Prostaglandins)  production in your penile tissues.  They facilitate frequently spontaneous erection during the body puberty to stimulate the penile spongy tissues to grow and to expand by allowing the penile tissues to be frequently bathed in the DHT- and Prostaglandins-encriched blood for a longer time. If you can offer this opportunity for your penis, your penis can erect harder and bigger again despite of your age. DHEA and androstenedione will be converted to testosterone and an optimal ratio of estrogen when the liver functions properly.  Testosterone can be then converted to DHT locally; and DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and estrogen will increase the syntheses of Prostaglandins in the local tissues ( all over the body,  but the highest production of Prostaglandins happens in  the genital organs,  such as  the  penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, bulbourathral glands, labia, clitoris, vaginal/urethral spongy tissues, uterus..).   The cervical tissues produce Prostaglandins to increase the elasticity of the cervix for the passage of the baby during labor and for orgasmic contraction without pain during lovemaking.  Men and women need Prostaglandins to prevent ejaculation or/and orgasm pain or/and cramp in the pelvic or genital tissues.  Your muscles, ligaments and joints produce Prostaglandins to allow you to stretch, move and lift without pain or/and cramp.  Prostaglandins not only increases the flexibility and elasticity of local tissues, but also facilitates  the nitric oxide synthesis in the parasympathetic neuro-arterial endings, leading to a spontaneous penile erection. An penile erectile drug (injection) is made from Prostaglandin E-1.  The hormones DHEA,  androstenedione, testosterone, estrogen and hGH  can help modulate the synthesis of local tissues for better live and love.   Well, as for penile enlargement, this article can help you out,
It seems you are short of Kidney Yin Chi (DHEA) and master Yin Chi (Acetylcholine) in your brain's and parasympathetic nervous systems. These Yin Chi's are responsible for stabilization and regulation of your cardiovascular, liver and digestive functions and your energy restoration. Spontaneous erection is considered as a measure of the energy restoration to the penis after other organs are fully recharged. 
Your nervous function is very sympathetic - in the "Flight or Fight"
state. Hot- or cold-water bath or shower will promote the sympathetic nervous
function. Don't have sex right after taking a hot- or cold-water bath or shower, particularly for middle-aged or senior couples.  When you feel your brain is hot, don't have sex.
Orgasm is an extreme sympathetic nervous function too. A good lovemaking
session should start with a parasympathetic nervous function to harmonize your body and mind.
Taking 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) twice a day will help you out.

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