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Case Study -  Penile Enlargement, DHT, Nitric Oxide and cGMP

Reader 1: 9/14/2001>
My name is Alexander Lind. I am beginning to help with a suggestion board 
for penile information. I wanted your "Ballooning Method" as a front runner 
to discourage over-masturbation and "jelq'ing" I wanted your permission 
before I posted it, and I was wondering if there is a straight list of 
advisories and and instructions. I need to be as clear as possible. I didn't 
want to rewrite it as I might mis-use your words or something similar. If 
you have already answered this question I wouldn't mind a forwarding but I 
looked through your site and the instructions for it are alittle scratchy 
for my audience. As well I have tried but couldn't get the FULL grasp of 
your words. If you would. Please help me out. Millions could easily benefit 
from this information.

Dr. Lin: 9/15/2001>

Ok! you can post my articles.
Here is the outline of the basic principles associated with the ballooning method. The tricks of the ballooning method are given in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9499.htm  and http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm 

DHT, derivative of testosterone, is the supper hormone response for stimulation of penile "tissue growth" as described in many textbook for endocrine physiology. The DHT level is suddenly increased during boy puberty. As a result, the body penis grow. A young adult female can grow the tiny clitoral shaft into a penis by testosterone injection in order to prepare for transexual operation. Over-accumulation of DHT in the prostate hormone receptors result in prostate enlargement. However, the enlarged prostate can be returned to the normal one when the DHT level in the prostate hormone receptors is freed and removed. The actual picture for the penile enlargement is that you want the penile tissues to grow, but not the prostate tissues. That is, you want the penile tissues frequently bathing in the DHT-enriched blood. In this regard, frequently and spontaneously hard erection is essential to provide a DHT bath for the penile tissues to growth. This is how frequent harder erection 24 hours a day and 7 days a week helps boys during the puberty grow a big penis. So, DHT and frequent harder erection are the keys for the penis to grow for all the men of any ages. Any drugs or practices blocking or reducing the DHT synthesis or/and killing the erectile mechanisms will result in penile shrinking as expected. Reducing DHT production may not help shrink a enlarged prostate if it won't help free the bounded DHT from the prostate hormone receptors. The prostate enlargement generally happens in the middle or senior life when the bloodstream's DHT level is very low and results in penile shrinkage, but the DHT level in the prostate receptors is too high.  Freeing the DHT from the prostate and hair rooting cells (for the bald head prevention) into the bloodstream to bath the penile tissues can help penile enlargement! This will shrink the prostate, help keep more hair on your head,  and enlarge the penis at the same times. This is what MoodMax can do! 
In addition to the presence of DHT in the penile tissues, you must erect the penis harder by fully ballooning your penile spongy tissues. This part of action requires the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions to increases a release of the 2nd neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide which becomes a arterial dilation chemical called cGMP. To enlarge your penis, your liver must provide the enzymes to produce the neurotransmitters and cGMP for dilating the penile arteries, so that your heart can pump out a lot of blood into the penis. 
Any penile exercises that cause over-masturbation, damage the penile nerves, or break down the delicate penile spongy tissues will result in penile shrinkage and crocking in the erection state.
A penis with spongy tissues broken down usually hangs longer in the flaccid state and points to the ground, but won't help the penile size in the erectile state if the penis can still erect,  because of the damage of the penile parasympathetic nervous endings and the formation of scar tissues, both of which block the erectile mechanism.  

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