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Case Study - On Penile Enlargement and  Reader's experience on Dr. Lin's Male Multiple Orgasms without ejaculation.

Reader 1: 9/6/2001>
Dr. Lin,
I have found your technique of quick-stop inhalation at 0.8 seconds interval seems to facilitate a total body orgasm without ejaculation quite well. I am able to have orgasms all over my body. I experience the release of oxytocin to my chest, shoulders, arms, diaphram, back and tailbone, legs, and penis. I no longer have to experience DHT burning and oxytocin release in my prostate alone but can choose to experience it anywhere. I feel the benefits are amazing since I don't have to release the ching (semen). I usually experience ejaculation about four times a month, which keeps me full most of the time but not for too long. My body feels no fatigue after ejaculation. I can also induce orgasm in my body without touching myself, through breathing and microcosmic orbiting. When I experience an orgasm in my penis, I focus all the chi into it, keeping my prostate relaxed, and soon it balloons to a massive size and hardness, at which point , with your quick-stop breaths, I can literally feel it contracting and releasing lightly which I maintain until oxytocin takes over and it becomes involuntary and orgasmic. Is the act of orgasm in my penis (and anywhere else in my body) burning Testosterone into DHT, and what effect/benefits does this have on my body/penis growth? Thank you

Dr. Lin: 9/7/2001>Yes! You have caught my tricks for multiple orgasms without ejaculation.
The lungs do the trick for you.
In my CD-ROM's lovemaking video clips, I demonstrate my breaking with the 0.8 second quick-stop method to synchronize the stimulation on my penis to eliminate the ejaculation urgency when my wife approaches to volcano-eruptive orgasm under which her vagina tightly sucks up my penis. And at that moment, my penis reaches 140% of the natural erection size. Her vagina is a powerful penile pump (bio-electro-magnetic pump) that induce the penile ballooning. This is the natural way to enlarge the penis. If your body can supply sufficient testosterone into the penile chamber where testosterone will be turned into DHT, your penile tissues will bath in the DHT-enriched blood. Penile tissues will grow again under the DHT stimulation in addition to help penil ballooning. However, the penile tissues must be soaked in the DHT bath for a long time. If you can have sex for 1-2 hours every day with multiple orgasms without ejaculation, your penis will grow very fast. 
A young reader who are preparing for transexual operation from female to male has grown her clitoral shaft into a 2-inch penis after she got a continuous testosterone injection for 1 year. When excessive testosterone in the clitoral shaft is converted into DHT, DHT stimulates the spongy tissues to grow. The problem for men is that the prostate has more testosterone and DHT receptors than any parts of the body. Excessive testosterone may go to over-stimulate the prostate, resulting in premature ejaculation; Excessive DHT in the prostate will result in the prostate enlargement. While you are considering the penile enlargement by introducing a lot of testosterone and DHT into the penile chamber, you have to protect your prostate first. In this regard, plant hormones such as Soy Isoflavones can fool the prostate hormone receptors and keep DHT from binding into the receptor. 
Exercising your tailbone muscles to grow the testosterone and DHT receptors there can eliminate the excessive testosterone and DHT acting on the prostate. Avoid the PC/prostate muscular exercise which help the prostate and its adjacent mucles to grow the testosterone and DHT receptors, resulting in premature ejaculation.

The quick-stop inhale turns the brain's response to the lungs via the vagus nervous sympathetic circuits, instead of the penis and prostate via the T10-L2 sympathetic nervous circuits for ejaculation. The Vagus nerves spread from the head, neck, chest down to the low abdomen and pubis. Women's clitoral orgasm is triggered by the vagus and T12-L2 nerves in the pubis and clitoral shaft. Men can have orgasm with the nerves in the pubis and the upper side of the penis without going through the urethral/prostate nervous circuits responsible for ejaculation triggering.  As long as you can avoid stimulation on the prostate nerves,  you will eliminate ejaculation. For the same reason, my penile ballooning method, which focuses the stimulation on the pubis and upper side of the penis as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm , can help prolong sex and achieve orgasm without ejaculation. 
Periodical contracting the tailbone muscles at the same quick-stop inhaling rate of 0.8 second will trigger orgasmic contraction in the tailbone muscles via the sympathetic nervous circuits. 
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