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Case Study - Brain stability, libido, vasectomy and sexual orgasm.

Reader 1: 9/6/2001>
Our problem is husband's erratic libido responses, which have in past
ten years been a mystery--although he did develop duabetes type II
he has no nerve damage and now has normal blood sugars so I don't
suspect it--he did have vasectomy in 69 when he was 30 years old--
but his fall in libido began at age 50, which manifested as erectile
dysfunction and lowering of desire--however, this pattern was strange--
one month he is very responsive and has good function, the next month
average response and function, the next month no response and no function--
then the pattern repeats-- very good month, average month, low month--
at first I thought this is just male menopause but the very good
months couldn't be classified as that of an aging male--yet I worried
greatly in the low months--his testosterone was measured at high, 780--
anyway I began herbal therapy in 97 which has helped but the pattern is still
there and is worrisome for the emotional up and down for me and him--
I saw your cases today on vasectomy patients and said this is what's
wrong with him, it all made sense- I was relieved to know even if it wasn't
a happy knowledge--should he have the surgery reversed? or can herbs really
allay this condition?Thanks Mary in Chattanooga

Dr. Lin: 9/7/2001>Glad to hear he has solved his diabetes type-II. I encourage you and him to write a book about his experience of getting rid of diabetes. The book will benefit a lot of people.
Glad to know that his testosterone level is 780, like a young man's. I suspect the dietary supplements containing testosterone precursors, boost his testosterone level to this high.
The problem is the stability of the brain's acetylcholine and serotonin functions although his tsetosterone level indicates that his brain's dopamine function is in high gear.
The serotonin nervous system is responsible for mood and emotional stability. A man with a high testosterone level and a high-geared dopamine functions without a high level of serotonin is considered very dangerous since his temper and mood will change abruptly. The Serotonin nervous system is also a modulator the sympathetic nervous "Fight/Flight" associated with erection and ejaculation control. That is why 5-HTP (serotonin precursor) and Yohimbe (the sympathetic alpha-2 blocker) can help erection and ejaculation control.
Blocking the sympathetic nervous function will allow the brain to turn the parasympathetic nervous function for energy restoration, healing power generation, and sexual organ's erection/engorgement
The brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems are responsible for the energy restoration and healing power generation. When all the organs are fully recharged, the bioenergy will charge the sex organs, resulting in spontaneous erection or engorgement as the parasympathetic nervous endings releases the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide to the penile arteries. Nitric Oxide is essential for penile or G-pot/clitoral (urethral spongy tissues) erection. 
A sufficient level of the adrenal hormone DHEA in the brain is essential for keeping the brain's/nervous function in the parasympathetic mode against the sympathetic nervous function and for reducing the production of the stress hormone adrenalin. Men after 40 have experienced the mood swing associated with the drop of DHEA due to natural aging of the adrenal glands. I believe this is a part of his problem, in addition to the deficiency of serotonin and acetylcholine.
Vasectomy causes premature aging of his testicles. Testicular functions are also responsible for producing a part of DHEA in addition to testosterone. 
It is very difficult to restore the testicular functions at this age by reversal of vasectomy unless he boost his acetylcholine, human Growth Hormone and DHEA levels for generation of healing power.
In any cases, Our product Viapal-hGH-E (3-011) can help him out,
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