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Case Study -  Nervous destruction by a penile surgery in an attempt to correct the penile curvature.

Reader 1: 9/3/2001>
Dear Dr Lin,

I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice or information about a serious problem that I am having as a result from a previous surgical operation that I had on my penis seven years ago.
Firstly, I would like to inform you that by the age of twenty I had a circumcision because the glans wouldnít come out of the foreskin in full erection.
But unfortunately that was the small problem that I had because there was also a serious bend to my penis (almost 90į in full erection). The bending was starting from the half distance of the penis and the direction was downwards.
So, in 1994 I had an operation to correct that problem but instead I had serious complications and injuries. The bending problem wasnít corrected and also there were and another two serious problems.
The bending was only slightly corrected but right after the operation and until today I have almost total loose of sensation of the glans penis and also the rest of the penis. I only feel the outer skin, which covers the main body of the penis, but I feel nothing on the glans and more I donít feel well the rest of the penis under the skin. Also I donít have sexual drive feelings. Especially when it comes to the glans penis I can even touch it with the edge of a needle or throw hot water directly on it and still feel nothing.
Although I can ejaculate by masturbation, the orgasm is not very enjoyable and I reach it only after persisting and a long period of very quick masturbation movements of the penis. And some times I donít finish at all.
Secondly, I have an erectile dysfunction because my erection comes after I try a lot and itís not so strong. Only with continuous masturbation stimulation it reaches a good degree of erection. But especially the glans penis (head) is failing to erect and it remains small and soft. I can say that I have a rather good erection only in the two-paired cylinders (the corpora cavernosa). In general, erection doesnít come easy any more and itís not so strong as it used to be before the operation. About this particular problem, the doctors here in Greece said that maybe the destruction of the erogenous sensory tissues on the glans caused also an erectile dysfunction of the glans.
Another complication is the existence of urethra stenosis that was seen after special x-rays. But I really donít care so much about it.
The doctors here in Greece say that probably a lot of peripheral nerves were damaged and also maybe the dorsal nerve was one among them and that is the main reason of loosing sensation on the head of the penis. They also said that there is nothing to be done and no chance of any kind of rehabilitation of the nerve system or correction of the bend of my penis.
That is why I wrote to you to ask if there is a possibility of bringing back at least part of my sensation.
I never tried an intercourse with a woman yet, because Iím afraid that without sensation and with the bending problem or the problematic erection of the glans penis that I now have, I wonít be able to have a successful and enjoyable intercourse. So, I still donít have any relation. But I would like very much to be in good health and have one, or even get married one day, as everybody can do, and furthermore have a successful and happy family.
I would very much appreciate it if you could help me by any means (like having a modern method of correcting my bend penis and nerves dysfunctions). Rehabilitation of damaged nerves and erogenous sensory tissues is my largest concern (if possible). 

It would be of great help if you could help me in any possible way and I look forward to receiving your advice or having news from you.

Dr. Lin: 9/5/2001> The surgery has destroyed your penile nervous endings. It will take a long time for the nerves to regenerate.
It requires a lot of DHEA, androstenedione (for testosterone and estrogen) and acetylcholine to help nervous regeneration. You must realize that nervous regeneration is very slow. It may take 3-12 months for healing of the the nerves damage by mechanical vibration and abrasion. It will take much longer for healing the nerves damaged by cutting or surgery.
You have to inflate your penis to allow the hormone-enriched and neuro-nutrition blood to feed the damaged nerves at least twice a day. If necessary, you have to penile pumping to gently erect your penis twice a day. Taking 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax daily can help you heal your nervous endings. To directly feed the penile nerves, you should massage the erected penis with VIP Cream
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