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Case Study -  Premature ejaculation - causes and solutions.

Reader 1: 8/28/2001>
Dr Lin,
i've been chronicly masterbating since i was 12 years old and my problem is pre-mature ejaculation. i havn't had sex with my girlfriend yet for fear of this. how can i correct this.

Dr. Lin: 8/30/2001>
There are at least Eight (8) mechanisms that can cause premature ejaculation and  weak erection associated with over-masturbating or over-ejaculation:
1. Depletion of the serotonin level in the brain and spine interneurons which modulate the switching of the brain autonomous function from the parasympathetic bioelectrical recharging to the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" that is "Premature Ejaculation or Erection Withdrawal" in sexual functions. Deficiency of serotonin triggers over-conversion of dopamine/norepinephrine to adrenalin (epinephrine) for sympathetic "Fight and Flight" including mood swings, anxiety, stress, hypertension, and fatigue. It also produces ADD and ADHD.

2. Depletion of the brain's and synaptic acetylcholine level essential for nervous communication, sensing and parasympathetic energy recharging to the associated organs including the sex organs in the erection state. 
Deficiency of acetylcholine results in impotency and weak erection that triggers premature ejaculation when you have to "exercise" your PC/prostate muscles in assisting your erection. It also deactivates the liver, adrenal and testicular functions resulting in deficiency of Nitric Oxide(the erection neurotransmitter), DHEA, androstenedione and testosterone. This will cause the deficiency of hormones in the brains, resulting in male menopause symptoms. 

3. Depletion of Dopamine in the brain will kills the brain/pituitary-testicular and -thyroid functions. As a result, you will experience testosterone deficiency, lose your manhood, shrink your penis, and lose your confidence.

4. Abrasion of the prostate ejaculation ducts and neuromuscular endings results in instant ejaculation urgency upon erection, and immediate ejaculation upon stimulation via vision, hearing, touching or vaginal penetration when the serotonin is extremely low. It also inflates the prostate size and weaken the prostate's seminal emission and urinary control.  Generally, it may take 3-12 months to repair the damaged nervous endings while shrinking an enlarged prostate can be done in one month.

5. Over-Masturbation helps your prostate over-develop excessive testosterone and DHT receptors that trap too much testosterone and DHT to heat up your prostate for sexual urgency.

6. Frequent over-ejaculation has trained the prostate for intuitive ejaculation reflexion, like the intuitive responsive training of martial arts, that promotes the brain's sympathetic responses to the input of the vagus nerves. 

7. Over-secretion of Precum by the bulborethral glands - Precum contains Prostaglandin E-2 that stimulate ripening or opening of the ejaculation duct/valve as it does for the pregnant women's cervix during labor.  My Personal Experience is: eliminating or reducing precum can prolong lovemaking to 2 or 3 hours or have multiple orgasm without ejaculation.  To prolong an erection for 2 or 3 hours, it requires a lot of hormones (DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and estrogen)  and neurochemicals to burn; otherwise, the penis will go numbed and limp after one hour. 
Note: Practicing the PC muscular exercises will stimulate the bulborethral glands to produce more precum and thus, trigger the prostate's ejaculation duct/valve to ripen (open) for ejaculation of semen. This exercise is good for women, but bad for men.  

8. Under-production of prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) due to depletion of neurochemicals and hormones - PGE-1 relaxes the penile spongy tissues and enhances the parasympathetic nervous action for a hard erection that blocks the urethral/prostate sensory nerves and seals off the ejaculation duct/valve. PGE-1 can cause a long, hard erection that blocks the penile/prostate nervous transmission and numbs the entire penis for several hours without ejaculation if there is a deficiency of PGE-2 or precum, or an insufficient seminal pressure (less or no semen) exerted by the seminal vesicles.  My Personal Experience is: It is very easy to  numb the penis for hours by PGE-1 when the bulborethral glands won't discharge precum in to the urethra.  Thus, the urethral and glans sensory nerves are blacken out by the hard erection!

LastLonger (3-005) and LoveLonger (3-008) in http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm can help Item 1-5, but Lastlonger emphasizes on erection. LoveLonger focuses on calming sympathetic nervous function, which is more suitable for young men without partner.
Then, you should learn sexual chikong breathing techniques that help you switch the nervous function from the sympathetic mode to parasympathetic one and develop the testosterone and DHT hormone receptors in your tailbone muscles to share DHT and testosterone with the prostate and, therefore, reduce the biological effects of testosterone and DHT on the prostate's sympathetic nerves. For sexual chikong practices, please read
where the Anal Breathing Method is easier to practice during lovemaking.  My Sexual ChiKong Breathing is to fix Item 6.
For more information, please read

Note: Premature Ejaculation for middle-age and seniors men are caused by weak erection associated with Items 1-3 and hormone (testosterone and DHEA)  and Nitric-Oxide production deficiency due to natural aging, medication drugs or diabetes,  ViaPal-hGH products from List 3-009 - 3-013 in http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm  can help prolong erection and lovemaking and increase ejaculation volume and orgasm intensity. Young men who have used street drugs and experienced male menopause symptoms should take Viapal-hGH products too. 

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