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Case Study -  C-section, long-hour sex, vaginal abrasion, and sexual orgasm
Reader 1: 8/26/2001>
Hello Dr. Lin,
I have been dating a wonderful man for two and a half years . He does it all to me, I hate to be this open , but I have to so that you can help me because I neeeed it baddddly! I have not been able to have an orgasm since 1999 even during oral sex . He has no problems sexually .I Know how an orgasm feels because I feel it in the lower part of my back then I release.I have one child she was deleivered c-section in 1991. I have not been with a lot of men I am VERY selective who I share my body with . I work-out three or four times a week stairmaster, treadmill, crunches, verylight weight lifting five to eight lbs.I love to work-uot it relaxes me . I just want to be able to enjoy makinglove to future husband . I feel presure like I have to urinate and I do have too. For example I can have sex all day and still no orgasm!!!!!!I have talked to my doctor about it and she said it's a sexual dysfunction, she tells me it is all in the mind I don't think so . I am relaxed during sex . I just need some help doc. . Is this unheared of ? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dr. Lin: 8/28/2001>
I have two comments about your situations:
1. C-section has cut a branch of the CX Vagus nerves running across your low abdomen to your clitoral shaft (the upper left corner). During lovemaking, stimulation of this area is very critical for breaking the orgasmic barrier. The simulation plays an important role in my 3-point excitation and Finger Pliers methods although we can solely stimulate the entire urethral nerves vaginally for orgasm. Our mapping of sexual energy path for female orgasm is very consistent with the Vagus nervous branches even up to the eye pupils.
Thus, C-section creates a blockage in the female orgasmic energy pathway by cutting the vagus branching nerves. Instead of the orgasmic waves running up to the heart/lungs and forehead head, the sexual energy waves will be trapped and then released to the T10-L2 nerves branching into the inner legs and the accupuncture energy channels such as the Liver, Kidney and Stomach Vessels running down to inner legs, or redirected into the tailbone, spine and accupuncture energy channel Governing Vessel up to the rear head.
This is a diffusive type orgasm, not a power surge type which strikes the heart/lungs and brain's conscious control center.
The diffusive type orgasm requires more sexual energy to be peaked up at the orgasmic pacemaker - the Epicenter
That is, you have to engorge your G-spot and entire urethral tissues much harder for you to feel the orgasm contraction. With the assistance from the clitoral branch of the vagus nerves, orgasm will be much weak for you to feel releasing, since the vagus nervous branch is a short cut to deliver the sensory signal from the sex organ to the brain. The alternate stimulation of the vagus nerves can be achieved with porn movies or pictures via visual and auditory branches or breast suctions or massages during sex.
The acetylcholine level in the nerves plays the key role to transfer the mechanical, visual and audiotory stimulation into sexual energy. In this regard, ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) can help you out. 

2. You said "For example I can have sex all day and still no orgasm!!!!!!" A long-hour sex will abrade the the delicate G-spot and urethral tisuses and nerves and cause the over-discharge of the bioelectricity in the neuromascular ending, resulting in temporary numbing. You have to give your sexual nerves a long break for recharging. Of course, you can recharge it much faster with ViaGrowth-IV. Please also read
To have a sensible orgasm, you have to peak up your sexual energy via the brain's acetylcholine/parasymapthetic nervous functions.

Note: You should dissolve the C_section scars and improve its adjacent blood circulation by massaging the scar tissues with VIP cream. 

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