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Case Study -  The Tao of Love - Sexual orgasm vs. Excessive Yang Chi- Dopamine
Reader 1: 8/8/2001>Dr. Lin,

I am hoping to find some solutions to my present condition. Let me give you a brief overview of my sexual history and explain why I am concerned and wish to undertake a more informed approach to my sexuality.

I began Masturbating at the age of 16 and continued masturbating regularly until I was 22 (Oddly enough I began dating for the first time in my life as well and was sexually active with women at this time as well). I stopped masturbating because through my research and personal experience I noticed it was the primary cause for many problems that I was experiencing at the time. I delved into reading materials on the Taoist Bedroom Arts and discovered some manuals on Sexual Kung Fu methods. For about 4 or 5 years I noticed that by forcing myself not to ejaculate and to engage in sex with women without ejaculation my energy level rose, so did my mental capacity and zest for life, my penis had an erection very much like the ideal erection you show on your site and I had good ejaculation control, etc... I would use a technique of activating the pumps near the lower back and the back of the neck near the head to raise the sexual energy to my brain. Ok now there was a period where I had severe tension type headaches for close to a year when I first started doing this. I would go for very long walks and do certain things to relax etc...and over a period of time they went away. Ok now after a period of time I noticed that something was wrong with my practice. I read somewhere that to practice celibacy without technique was insane. I also read Wilhelm Reich's books about orgasm and certain mental illnesses. OK to make a very long story short I will state that currently I am concerned with certain practices that I undertook. I currently do not practice any special kind of technique and still find that my body automatically activates the sacral and pelvis pumps when I am abstaining (which leads to too much tension in those areas). I masturbate to ejaculation about once or twice a week and find that I hardly experience any pleasure when I ejaculate. One thing that greatily concerns me is that I have erections all night long until I awake and I wake up feeling very drained, weak, tried, during the day I am depressed and have anxiety, my mind is dull, my body is slack, I can hardly concentrate and feel I am dillusional, etc.. and so on. There is something about these all night erections. What I am looking for a practice that I can do while I am single and celibate. Also ways of unlearning the habits that I learned through my previous practice. There must be a happy medium between oversexing onself and forced abstinence. Is ejaculation healthy? It states in so many ancient chinese texts on sexuality that men ideally should not ejaculate. I will say there is a key that I understood where when I retained my semen when I made love then was able to not obsess about sex afterwards that lead to building a very vital state of being...the only thing I could not approach was being relaxed and at peace as I was when I masturbated regularly before I began dating women and then adopting a totally diametric approach to my own sexuality. Well I hope you can understand most of what I put down here. Any and all suggestions, information, assistance, etc...will be greatily apprectiated.

Dr. Lin: 8/10/2001>
The only way you can fully eliminate ejaculation is on a strictly, selective vegetarian diet which completely limit the intake of Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine and L-Dopa form the food sources. You must be aware that a lot of nuts, seeds and beans contains the sexual stimulants which power your brain's dopamine nervous system - the Yang Chi. Excessive Yang (dopamine) will cause headaches and restless. Optimal Ejaculation burns excessive dopamine and some serotonin to reset the brain's nervous functions and the body bioelectric re-charge via the acetylcholine nervous functions. Excessive Ejaculation burns down the dopamine and serotonin nervous systems, resulting sexual exhaustion, fatigue and depression.
If you want to suppress ejaculation for a long time, you must limit your intake of foods containing the dopamine precursors. Otherwise, you will experience the phenomena associated excessive Yang.
I prefer optimal sexual orgasm and ejaculation in harmonizing my Yin and Yang forces to the extreme practices you have.
What I believe is more than sexual pleasure since Sexual Orgasm will increase your E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) and happiness (feeling good and confident for your life) via the increment of Oxytocin and Beta-Endophins in your bloodstream. Don't let the oxytocin and beta-endophins levels drop too low. Happiness is what the life is all about.  When you apply this simple principle to marriage, it is called the Tao of Love. 
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