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Case Study -  Causes and solution of visual nervous and sensing disorder and eye floaters
Reader 1: 8/7/2001>respected dr lin,

greetings and respects,
I am forty four years old. From the age of 19 to the age of 28, i 
masturbated daily once. I got married at 28 years of age. since then I have 
masturbated or ejaculated twice or thrice per week. I suffered from iritis 
two years back. I also had lower back pain then. My diet was not good then. 
I had to take steroid eye drops for six months during which the iritis kept 
on recurring. the iritis went away in six months. I also started swimming 
then and my lower back pain also disappeared. But when the iritis 
inflammation subsided, I had floaters. They are all transparent floaters in 
cobweb and rope shapes. I also have entopic phenomena, called visual snow 
since then. I cannot watch television since it strains my eyes, even pains. 
I have not watched TV for the last twenty years. I can now remember that i 
certainly had transparent floaters, only a large number of circkes, even 
twenty years back but never bothered about them. I also can remember that I 
had some entopic phenomena or visual snow twenty years back. My eyes have 
become sensitive to light, more so after iritis and floaters. the number of 
my glasses is minus 1.5 in both eyes and I still do not require reading 
glasses. I am overweight, 200 lbs but I swim daily for at least half an 
hour. i have very mild blood pressure. sexually, I am fine, though, during 
my young days i could masturbate daily. I have read then whenever there is 
an eye inflammation like iritis or an eye surgery performed, eye floaters 
are introduced. I have tried a number of chinese and ayurvedic medicines and 
these have reduced sensitivity of eyes somewhat. I find looking at car 
headlights at night difficult. also, the traffic red lights. kindly advise 
ifthe floaters can be removed and if my eyes can become less sensitive to 
light. i do eye focussing exercises, and take some chromium supplement to 
help my ciliary muscles of eyes. also, i take eyebright, lutein, chinese 
herbs, etc. I have no glaucoma.


Dr. Lin: 8/7/2001>
You have been facing three problems in your current life:
1. DHEA/androstenedione deficiency.
This causes low back pains and weakens the entire body functions, particularly the neuro-endocrine, liver and cardiovascular functions.

2. Deficiency of acetylcholine and dopamine
The Acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions in the eye are responsible for visual sensing and detection and shrink the eye pupils to prevent the eye sensors from over-exposing in the strong light in protecting the visual sensory nerves.
The dopamine nerves in the eyes are to amplify and filtrate the visual signals picked up by the sensory circuits. 
You have both visual nervous problems - sensing and signal processing. 

3. Excessive epinephrine (stress hormone for flight and fight)
The Sympathetic/Epinephrine nerves dilate the eye pupils during orgasm (little death), exhaustion, dying, or "Fight and Flight." Pupil dilation under the epinephrine action will make your eyes become blurs if your acetylcholine and dopamine levels are too low, or become very shape otherwise for dealing with emergency during "Fight and Flight." 
You have been chronically exhausted with a deficiency of DHEA/androstenedione, acetylcholine and dopamine, resulting in chronic "Flight and Fight.". 
ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and MoodMax (1-014) can help you out,
MoodMax contains significant amount of 5-HTP. 5-HTP, the serotonin precursor, is to block the excessive conversion of dopamine => Norepinephrine => Epinephrine, and bring you to a deep sleep for the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nerves to recharge your body during the dark or night, under which serotonin will be converted to melatonin by the pineal gland.
MoodMax also promote your liver for fully supporting the biosyntheses of acetylcholine and dopamine. 
ViaGrowth-IV gives your body a jump start with DHEA, androstenedione, L-Dopa (Dopamine) herb, and acetylcholine precursors and re-uptake inhibitor. 
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