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In GOD we trust; all others provide evidences - data and cases! Yes, we got them all!  Since 1997,  we have collected human and animal sexual and drug experiences and experiments, classical, empirical and academic,  from 5000 years ago to today,  to share with you! Here, we deal with Sexual Exhaustion Symptoms, resulting from the evolution (or neuroplasticity)  of both the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and the neuro-immune system induced by excessive sex, drug abuse, and traumatic stress.
Therefore, we have collected historical lessons and cases to support our claims as :
Suffering is Believing, Seeing is Believing, Hearing is Believing, Forgetting is Believing, Shaking is Believing; Dizzying is Believing; Head-aching is Believing; Peeing is Believing; Vibrating is BelievingTiring is Believing; Depressing is Believing; Feeling is Believing; Stressing is Believing; ReTooling is Believeing; Pleasing is Believing;
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Dr. Lin uncovered the mystery of sexual orgasm!

Case Study -  Problems produced by Vaginal fisting; Techniques and conditions of Vaginal Sexual orgasm.
Reader 1: 8/3/2001>Lovemaking the way my boy friend wants to!!!
He got me into fisting and its not bad at all the only problem is he will double fist my butt and there is no pain except my bowls, I can't control for about three days afterwards, what I want to know is, is this dangerous to my butt hole expanding it to get both hands inside. I sure do love the feeling but I can't go out without the worry of going in my panties this has happened a few time and was I red in the face.
Thank you for your time

Reader 2: 8/4/2001> 
I have been with my boyfriend for the past two years. We have never used any type of vibrator or anything like that. However, he does finger me a lot and my vaginal area seems to expand to have his entire fist fit inside of me. Are my inner organs damaged from that? I can't seem to get an orgasm. Sometimes a little bit of thin liquid (i'm not sure what it is) comes out, but that's about it. That's not the orgasm right? Because it doesn't seem like a climax to me. What can we do?

Dr. Lin: 8/6/2001>
To Reader 1: 
Your rectal nerves were irritated. If they are damaged, you will lose control of your bowel movement forever. Why cannot he use his penis?

To Reader 2: 
Yes! Fisting will damage the parasympathetic nerves of S1-S5 in the bladder, G-spot, urethral sphincter, cervix and anus/rectum due to abrasion and over-stretching of the local nerves and tissues. Our female readers has reported that they have experienced urinary and bowel incontinency for a few days after they were fisted. Some got urethral or bladder infection too.
When the parasympathetic nerves are disturbed, they have to take ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax to recharge the nerves and to restore their controllability of their urinary flow and bowel movement.

It seems that he has lost his confidence with his penis, so that  he decided to fist your vagina. There are at least four major factors affecting your orgasm:
1. His erection - Please check his penis with our statistics as shown in 
Over-masturbation and over-ejaculation will result in impotency.
2. Erection of your G-spot and urethral spongy tissues (your inner penis) - you must be able to erect your inner penis to interact his hard penis - Sexual orgasm is a result of interaction between the male and female hard penile erections - the accumulation of sexual energy via the parasympathetic nervous function from S2-S5 circuits and then the sexual energy release as a sequence of contraction waves from the uterine/cervical/vaginal and prostate contractile fibers driven by the sympathetic nervous electric pulses from the brain-Spinal Cord L10-T2 circuits. 
You must be able to erect your inner penis like male penile erection. 
You may have some problems associated with the vaginal/urethral nervous abrasion due to frequent over-masturbation or over-stimulation of your tender vaginal/urethral tissues during your adolescence. Most of young girls can not have vaginal orgasm due to a high level of estrogen which helps them build up their second sexual characteristics such as breasts and hips. It also thickens their vaginal linings and grows fatty cells in the vaginal/urethral tissues. Their G-spot is fully protected by a thick layer of fatty tissues which allow them to deliver their babies without damaging the urethral and G-spot nerves. When the testosterone-estrogen ratio is low, particularly during the teenage years,  the G-spot sensitivity is to low to feel its existence.  After women pass their 30, the estrogen starts to ebb, but not testosterone, testosterone biologically becomes more active than estrogen in exerting the biological effects on the urethral/G-spot nerves and the vaginal lining becomes thinner.  Testosterone is the heating fire for nerves while estrogen is the cooling water.  As women's testosterone-estrogen ratio increases, their urethral and G-spot nerves become more responsive to vaginal sexual stimulation. Female orgasm gradually evolves from clitoral orgasm to full-body orgasm - a mixture of clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter orgasms,  with pro-vaginal orgasm as they age. Teenage girls with a high level of estrogen are likely to experience clitoral orgasm only, although few of them with a high testosterone level can have full-body orgasms with vaginal female ejaculation. After women pass 40, their vaginal lining becomes much thinner and they can easily have powerful full-body orgasms as long as their testosterone level is still high enough to fuel their sexual engine. The full-body orgasm, that is Level-7 orgasm, is a result of the orgasmic pleasures waves driven by the uterine contraction are radiated to the head/brain, legs and hands, which let you feel you are powerless and weightless, floating in the sky. My wife told me that she can grip my glans penis very tightly with her vagina/cervix and bladder before she breaks her orgasmic barrier (
Note: If the penis is too short,  female orgasm will squeeze out the penis - due to the ballooning  effect of the female penis as shown in ).  As she start to orgasm, she feel powerless and her brain can no longer control her vaginal/uterine muscles which automatically contract at a rate of 0.8 second to send out a sequence of powerful wavesthat blacken her out for a while like a little death. After her powerful orgasms, she wants me to tighten her body up. 

3. Orgasm Tricks - Start with a rhythmic pressure stimulation of the urethral nerves from the inside (the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues) and the outside (the clitoral shaft); alternate stimulation of both sides of the urethral nerves at a low stimulation rate of 0.8 second per stroke to erect your inner penis; once your inner penis is erected and your vagina is tented up, where the middle section of the vagina is fully expanded, the G-spot section of the vagina becomes narrower and the Epicenter gap between the bladder and cervix produces a powerful suction force on the glans penis or the finger (if using the Finger Pliers stimulation), then you will feel there is a itchy spot developed in the left-handed side of your urethra . Up to this stage, the vaginal stimulation should be focused on this itchy point with a long stroke to reach the Epicenter and shifted to the highest gear at a stimulation rate of 0.4 second per stroke or 2.5 strokes per second at the same time. You will experience a full body orgasm in less than one minute. The similar principles are also extended to lovemaking, resulting in my invention of the 3-point Excitation method, 

4. His Lasting power - The entire lovemaking process,  from the beginning of vaginal penetration, the vaginal tenting and the erection of G-spot/urethral spongy tissues, and to the final orgasm, requires 30-60 minutes. Generally, the wetted vagina will start to dry up and the erecting penis start to become soft after a 45 minute non-stop lovemaking. The best time for women to orgasm is about 30-45 minutes after intensive lovemaking when the penis and G-spot are powered to their maxima. That is, your man must be able to last longer enough to peak up your sexual energy and erect your G-spot. Of course, you must be able to produce a burst of testosterone and nitric oxide (in your urethral spongy tissues and nerves) to support your G-spot erection for orgasm. If he can hold up his hard erection for longer than 30 minutes or  you can not erect your inner penis (including your clitoris and G-spot),  our dietary supplements can help him or/and you out.


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