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Case Study -  Correct practices of the Tao of Love for health and sexual orgasm -- an Australian young practitioner's experiences. 
Reader: 8/3/2001>
Hi Doctor Lin,

Just writing as a follow up to recieving an order of some of
your supplements.
You sure have the right prescription Dr. Lin.
I experienced immediate and profound results with mood max,
my libido has been okay for a while now, but I really noticed
a huge increase in energy and a feeling of well being and happiness,
more enthusiasm and need less sleep.
My ejaculation volume has also increased substantially.

I also ordered raw pitiutarty gland bot this got siezed by customs.
(im writing from Australia)Guess your gonna have to make up some
labels for that one too.

I feel so good with moodmax and the v.i.p creams doing its thing too.
Thanks doctor Lin, this is some good medicine!

I'd also like to share some of my previous experiences with cultivating
sexual energy.
First and foremost I have found it critical to open up the microcosmic
orbit by mentally circulating energy (not orgasmic energy) first.
Important to avoid energy blockages and side effects.

I have also learnt the hard way that long term semen retention is
definatley not a good idea.I didnt ejaculate for about ten months.
All sexual desire stops, the testicles shrink and stop production.
When I finally ejaculated there was only half a teaspoon full of thick
yellowish stuff.Not healthy.
This combined with a vegetarian diet was disasterous. I was extremely
weak and emaciated.

I knew a change of plan was in order and after visiting your site
I had a plan of action.

I now have established my bio rythm following sleep pattern, ejaculating
every third day.
Eating meat, mainly fish, was essential to my health.
(also lots of fresh veggies and beans. Bone marrow from organic meat)

I have also benefited from daily testicle massage, massaging, lightly squeezing
and tugging.
I also massage around my anus which is extremely invigorating and tonyfying
for the body.
Doing anal contractions (not prostate area) squeezing with maximum force has
greatly helped with the sexual chi kung.

Thankyou for all the techniques you have shared...anal breathing, 3 point,
finger plier etc.You are more than a love doctor, your a master professor
of sexual science,... grand master lovebug.

thanks ,

Dr. Lin: 8/4/2001>
Gee! I have never realized that the Australian Custom seizes Raw Pituitary because it is "raw."
But, fair enough, the Australian Custom has released all the other items to you.
We have known the Australian Custom bans importation of any products containing DHEA, Kava Kava and Yohimbe so we have to re-label our products or erase the ingredients.
We re-label ViaGrowth products and erase some ingredients in VIP Cream, PeniSOS, MoodMax, DopaFibra and Fibra labels. Thus, we have no problem of shipping the ViaGrowth, ViaPal-hGH, MoodMax, PeniSOS and herbal teas to your country.

Glad to know you get some benefits from my websites where the eastern Taoism and Western brain-neurophysiology are blended into oneness. The psychic energy is driven by the 3 major brain's bioelectric circuits -acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin in conjunction with the brain/neuro-endocrine function and the hypothalamus's hormone receptors and negative feedback controller.
Semen retention will lock up the brain's negative feedback controller due to excessive testosterone in the receptors and excessive semen/sperm absorption that triggers the neuro- immune system to fight the semen/sperm invasion in the blood flow, and pull the pituitary's LH and FSH production low to disable the testicular function. A low LH will trigger hypothyroidism which dampens your mood.  Sperm accumulation in the testicles and ductus deferens will cause testicular pain and disable testicular function.  Wet dreams are the natural harmonic forces driven by the brain's dopamine-sympathetic nervous function to trigger the release of sperm and semen, resulting in natural cycling of neuro-endocrine functions.  Semen retention will force the minerals in the semen to form seminal stones in the seminal vesicles and clog the prostate ejaculation duct and valve, leading to the deterioration of the prostate health. The seminal stones are fire-proof. Buddhism uses the numbers of seminal stones after cremating a monk to symbolize his achievement in resisting temptation. Vegetarian diets help kill the testicular function to achieve semen retention.
Over-ejaculation which over-drains the brain's/spinal neurotransmitter-production fluids through seminal ejaculation, and semen retention are two extremely sexual practices which destroy the prostate and brain/neuro-endocrine functions in opposite ways. You should follow your neuro-endocrine cycle to release yourself. Note that masturbation and lovemaking produce different neuro-endocrine cycles. Lovemaking which stimulates the production of oxytocin, prostaglandins and beta-endorphines and promotes sexual energy exchange between two bodies, will shorten the neuro-endocrine cycles for more sexual activities without sexual exhaustion than masturbation does. Generally, regular sexual activities will increase the blood flow to sexual organs which benefit from the frequent hormone replenishment in retaining their tissue integrity
and their sizes. We use hourly sexual intercourse to increase/maintain the penile and clitoral/G-spot sizes. 
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