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Case Study -  Testicular removal, penile shrinkage and how to promote her sexual orgasm.
Reader: 7/23/2001>
I am 38 years old and struggling with impotence. It started at around 16 years of age when I was tested and confirmed to have a chromosonal makeup of 47XXY. I was also diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome at that time. When I was 24 years old, I was involved in an auto accident that destroyed one of my testicles (it was taken out), and about one month after the removal of the testical I noticed my penis size at erection had decreased from ~10-12 inches to 6 inches. My sperm count after the accident was described as barely fertile and after the surgery, the count was reduced to zero. Also an erection lasted at most 3-5 minutes.
When I was 37 years old I began Testosterone Therapy since my testoserone level had dropped to 1/8th of what is considered normal. I now take 1 CC every 2 weeks (intra-muscularly) of 200mg of Depo-Testosterone. Since the therapy began, an erection lasted ~20-30 minutes max (or until an ejaculation occurs). I still don't produce sperm. I lost 20 lbs on a diet and my sex drive has returned, an erection now usually lasts 20-30 minutes and sometimes 45 minutes.
The problem is when I ejaculate, it still occurs within the first 15-20 minutes. If I suppress the response mentally, I can sometimes go the full 45 minutes, but before my wife is able to achieve orgasm. What can I do about the premature ejaculation? How can I extend the time of erection? Is there something that can be done about the sperm count (the remaining testicle is healthy)? I know I'm still 30 lbs overweight, but with Klinefelter's, it's very hard to lose weight through exercise and dieting. What can I do about my "shortened" penis? It has suppossedly healed since the accident.

Thank you in advance for all your help!
Dr. Lin: 7/24/2001>
 First, you don't have premature ejaculation problems, but your wife need some help from ViaGrowth-IV and DopaFibra to promote her orgasmic responses within 30 minutes. Generally, to make women come more quickly, you have to stimulate their 
first 1-2 inch urethral nerves by a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot, as well as both side of clitoral shaft and vagina between the 10 and 2 o'clock position to prevent peeing, with a rhythmical pressures at a rate of 0.8 second (1.25 
strokes per second); then when the urethral spongy tissues (the female penis) from the glans clitoris to the G-spot and Epicenter are erected to about 0.5 inches protruding to your vagina, where the prostaglandins are released to relax and prepare the vaginal/cervical/uterine contractile fibers for orgasmic contraction through the sensory-parasympathetic circuits of S2-S4, you should change the stimulation speed to 2.5 strokes per second to intensify the action potential in the orgasmic sympathetic 
nervous circuits of T10-L2 and the assisting circuit of the vagus nerves for relaying signals to the pituitary for a burst of oxytocin that initiate the orgasmic contraction of the contractile fibers. Notes that she should periodically contract her low-abdomen 
muscles to stimulate the branches of her vagus nerves in her stomach and intestines during intercourse, as instructed in my sexual Chikong intercourse -
The easy ways to stimulate her vagus nerves to promotes a burst of prostaglandins and oxytocin are to stimulate her mind, visual and, auditory responses, smelling (phehormone?), and sexual fantasy. Porn movies are very effective for the sexual 
stimulation via the vagus nerves without any physical contacts.
The purpose of ViaGrowth-IV and DopaFibra is to fuel her body with ingredients for prostaglandins and oxytocin productions and electrify her brain's and nervous circuits by elevating the bioelectric resting and action potentials for erectile and orgasmic responses. 
To effectively trigger her orgasm, simultaneously stimulate her clitoral shaft and G-spot and their both sides for 5-15 minutes with a low rhythmic pressure of 3 PSI at the stimulation rate of 1.25 strokes per second; when her G-spot amd urethral spongy 
tissues erect, increase the stimulation pressure to 6 PSI and the stimulation rate to 2.5 strokes per second and move the stimulation deeper to her Epicenter, the gap between her bladder and cervix, while synchronously stimulating her clitoris at the 
same time.
Generally, women will achieve orgasm within one minute if their brain's/sympathetic nerves kick in to stimulate the pituitary to produce a burst of oxytocin and the dopamine/norepinephrine-epinephrine (adrenalin) conversion for the sympathetic "Fight" response.

Your penile shrinkages is due to a lack of DHT production as a result of testicular removal. Testicles are not only the main factory of testosterone, but also the testosterone-DHT conversion factory. This is why massaging the testicles can help balloon the penis to an extreme. Feeding DHT to the penile tissues will increase the penile size. Generally, the testicular-generated DHT can feed the penile tissues with the capillary diffusion process. Now, you have to rely on the penile tissues to convert 
testosterone to DHT for ballooning your penis by elevating the "free" testosterone level in your bloodstream. Obviously, you also have some parasympathetic nervous damages associated with the testicular removal and auto accident. You can boost 
your erection power and stay by powering your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic, dopamine and serotonin nervous functions. In this regard, ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and DopaFibra (1-016) can also help you out. 
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