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Case Study -  Mechanism of sexual orgasm, damage of sexual nerves, and lesson from labor orgasm
Reader: 7/18/2001>
 Dr. Lin,
I'm 21 and have been sexually active for four years now, and during this time I've never had achieved an orgasm. Over two years ago with one partner I came close to reaching climax via the G spot, but since that partner I have yet been able to achieve similar results even when I mimic the sexual encounter. My current partner informs me that I'm incredibly insensitive in my clitoris. Normal clitoral stimulation as in licking or rubbing rarely provides me with any sensation, or when sensations do occur I usuallly end up violently squirming and feeling the need to punch something. It's too an extreme that we may bind me to the bed so I can't do any damage. I have had some non violent positive clitorial sensations when using a strap on high powered remote vibrator, but still I am unable to orgasm. In this type of situation I usually end up urinating, but I have occassionally achieved a pleasurable rhythmic, warm throbbing of the clitoris and have experience minor convulsions of the labia minora. I believe the cause may be from my extensive horseback riding. I was actively riding for 14 years. So Dr. Lin could my being a rider do that much of damage, and do you have any sudgestions in how I may achieve an orgasm? I've attempted masterbation, PC exercises, vaginal and clitorial vibrators, and a cream that claims to increase blood flow to the genitals, but we are unsure of it's legitimacy. 
Thank you,

Dr. Lin: 7/19/2001>
 Well, horse riding or biking can damage the surface nerves in the labia and clitoris, but won't create the problem for the G-spot nerves which sensitivity and bioelectric charging are associated with the testosterone-estrogen ratio and the density of the testosterone. Testosterone electrically charges and heat up the nerves when it burns into DHT, which estrogen discharge the nerves and cool them down like a water-cooling system. Estrogen also makes the tissues become watery and thus increases the tissue thickness which prevent the G-spot from sexual stimulation. Women with a high estrogen level should be stimulated at the Epicenter - the orgasm pacemaker between the bladder and cervix for orgasm.
The autorhythmic fibers of the Epicenter is the same as those in the male prostate. In fact, the Epicenter is the female prostate.
Stimulating the Epicenter with a rhythmic high pressure at about 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) can trigger orgasm even when women's estrogen level is extremely high. That is why labor can give a lot of women sexual orgasm if there is no significant pain, 
Here, if the women's testosterone and dopamine levels are also high, the pituitary will release a sufficient amount of orgasm hormone Oxytocin to initiate uterine contraction and the cervical/Epicenter (prostate) tissues will synthesize enough prostaglandins to relax the local contractile fibers for contraction.
The mechanism of increasing the blood flow to carry more hormones to the urethral spongy tissues in order to recharge the nerves is the synthesis of Nitric Oxide (ON) in the parasympathetic nerve endings, driven by the brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems. When the acetylcholine level in the brain and nerves is too low, your 
parasympathetic nervous system won't release the 2nd messenger NO to signal the dilation of the arteries in your sex organ to erect your clitoris, G-spot and urethral spongy tissues, all of which form the "female penis", and you will experience the 
impotency (frigidity) like the male erectile dysfunction. The erection of the female penis will bring more testosterone to supercharge the nervous circuits, both sensory-parasympathetic and sensory sympathetic. When the resting and acting potentials in the sensory-sympathetic circuits are elevated high enough to relay signals to the brain/pituitary for release of Oxytocin for vaginal/uterine contraction, and to the brain's autonomous nervous controller for a nervous function change from the erectile 
parasympathetic function to the orgasm sympathetic function which dispatches a sequence of sympathetic action pulses to the autorhythmic fibers in the orgasm pacemaker to pace the orgasmic contraction. All of these actions are related to the 
brain/nervous functions directly associated with the brain's/nervous acetylcholine, dopamine and testosterone levels. 
If your practices or dietary supplements can increase the brain and nervous functions, they will help you achieve orgasm.
Any practices that destroy the nerve endings in the clitoris, G-spot or urethral spongy tissues, and any medication drugs or supplements that block the sensory-parasympathetic or/and sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits, will cause sexual and  orgasmic dysfunction. You can justify the effectiveness of your practices or applications of cream or supplements by simply observing the degree of your clitoris and G-spot erection.
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