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Case Study -  Hair loss, 5-alpha reductase, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, Prostaglandin, Vaginismus, Oxytocin and powerful sexual orgasm  
Reader: 7/11/2001>
 Hair loss, no spontaneous erections since 25

I forgot to mention in my last email (sent just a few minutes ago) that have been taking finasteride/Pr?pecia for one month, as prescribed by a doctor, for my hair loss. You are probably more aware of the chemistry than me, but the action of finasteride is to reduce the levels of Alpha-5 reductase so that there is less conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is responsible for hair loss.
What I would like to know is whether your medications will require a life-long usage to prevent me from further hair loss, or whether I will regain "normal" body chemistry.
Basically, is my hair loss because of too much masturbation (5 times a week, each session lasting 3/4 hour) and body building, or simply because of growing older? (I'm now 34)

Cheers and thanks
Dr. Lin: 7/12/2001>
Yes! The chemical finasteride blocks 5-alpha reductase type-1 isoenzyme (5aR-1) which gene is found in highest concentrations in skin and liver. There is the another type of 5-alpha reductase type 2 isoenzyme (5aR-2) which gene is fond in highest concentrations in liver and genital tissue including the prostate. 5-aR burns (converts) testosterone into DHT that stimulate tissues to expand or enlarge in the genital tissues and that destroys the hair rooting cells where the blood circulation is so poor that excessive DHT is trapped in the top thin layer of skin. 
Since the genes for both 5aR-1 and 5aR-2 are found in highest concentration in liver, any drugs in an attempt to stop the gene expression of 5aR-1 and 5aR-2 will reduce the liver functions that produce the enzymes essential to hormone and neurotransmitter syntheses. As a result, the drugs will cause deficiency of testosterone/DHEA or/and Nitric Oxide. Thus, you got the erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage.
Natural ageing of the liver, adrenal and testicular functions affects sexual functions gradually, but it won't affect hair loss that much since the pubic hair of naturally dying people remains in good condition. Hair loss is due to the destruction of the hair rooting cells by chemicals, drugs, radiation or the exertion of DHT or estradiol (the most powerful estrogen). Excessive masturbation or starting masturbation too young will result in excessive DHT accumulated in the poor blood-circulation hair rooting cells. Birth control pill can overload the body with excessive estradiol. The most affected area is the head scalp. 
To prevent hair loss or prostate enlargement, you have to employ plant hormones to fool the hormone receptors of your hair rooting cells or the prostate. When the plant hormones occupy the hormone receptors, they produce mimic biological effects of DHT or Estradiol, but their strength is about 0.1% of DHT of estradiol. If you want to prevent DHT from burning your hair rooting cells in the thin head skin or from overstimulating your prostate tissues, you must maintain a high level of plant hormones in your bloodstream.  You can get plant hormones from your diets,
The same principle is used to fool the hypothalamus' hormone receptors for the Negative feedback controller of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. The application of this principle for young men is to reduce the action of the pituitary LH on the testicles in mitigating  excessive testosterone production and then the testosterone-DHT conversion which causes hair loss, prostate enlargement, and premature ejaculation (excessive biological action of testosterone on the sympathetic nervous circuits in the prostate). For peri-menopause women, plant estrogen and progesterone will fool the brain's hypothalamus and pituitary to reduce the LH action on the exhausted ovaries for control of hot flushes generated by a high testosterone-estrogen ratio and the overburning of testosterone in the pelvic hormone receptors.
Our customers have found MoodMax are very useful for the these problems.
You also have to power your erection and produce more semen; therefore, you need ViaGrowth-IV too.
The best combination is to take 1 tablet of Moodmax and 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV a day.
ViaGrowth-IV contains a lot of nutrients for producing brain-spinal fluids, semen and prostaglandin.
Prostaglandin is the hormone that soften the cervical and prostate's contractile fibers for powerful orgasm. It help men soften the penile tissues for ballooning without erection pain. It is also help women deliver the baby by softening the cervical and vaginal muscles. Therefore, women may experience labor orgasm if both prostaglandin and oxytocin levels are high when the baby movement produces sufficient pressure stimulation on the Epicenter between the bladder and cervix. ViaGrowth-IV will increase the concentration of prostaglandin in the semen. When a man shoots out his prostaglandin-concentrated semen into his partner's Epicenter/cervix (advice: Birth Control Precaution), she will experience an eruptive orgasm in few seconds provided his penis remains hard.  The most important feature of prostaglandin is to soften the vaginal, cervical and uterine tissues to eliminate intercourse and orgasmic pains or cramp or Vaginismus. ViaGrowth-IV will narrow down the vaginal size by erecting the urethral spongy tissues with about 1/2 inch protrusion to the vagina and help women produce a lot of prostaglandin for a nice penetration pleasure leading to a powerful orgasm. ViaGrowth-IV will also help the pituitary to produce more Oxytocin for initiation of uterine contraction for a powerful orgasm, particularly when the stimulation exerts on her Epicenter/Cervix -
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