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Case Study -  Training of Sexual Orgasm and developing of Oxytocin receptors  
Reader: 7/6/2001>

This site above, Q & A #2.

Dear Dr. Lin,
I have one more question in reference to the above case. When I use to 
masterbate I could only orgasm if I laid on my tummy and tightened my 
whole body (rigid) then indirectly stimulated my clitoris indirectly
with two fingers from my right hand with my left hand just above my 
pubic bone. My question is - Did I create Oxytocin receptors in my abdomen by
doing this? I have the same contractions in my lower tummy when my 
husband stimulates my clitoris and feel this was the reason for no orgasm
for so long (now that I have read this). Everytime my tummy would contract
I had to make him stop (I wasn't able to tighted my muscles in the tummy
enough and it interfered with me receiving to pleasures of the stimulation).

Dr. Lin: 7/8/2001>
Yes! You can train a muscle to involuntarily contract in the pelvic cavity where the hormone receptors are everywhere. "Train" means "Grow Oxytocin receptors". Milking in breastfeeding can be trained too, so does orgasms as long as the brain has enough testosterone and dopamine. I have trained my tailbone muscle to contract for burning testosterone in order to prevent my prostate from contraction during sex. You have done the training of your low abdomen for contraction. But you can train your vaginal/uterine muscles to contract too.
Initially, it is the somatic nerves to do the voluntary contraction. Once DHT increases and the blood flow carries more oxytocin into the local receptors, the contraction becomes involuntarily at a rate of 0.8 second. My wife has trained her pelvic muscles around the uterus to contract after you started our love life, but she has never masturbated in her life. She has developed her orgasmic triggering points from the first 2 inch external vaginal muscles (from the vaginal office to the G-spot) to the deep Epicenter between her bladder and cervix, and from her left-handed side vagina (about the 1-o'clock position) to the the right-handed side (about the 11-o'clock position). We have found that, after training a vaginal muscle for a special spot 2-5 times, she can develop a new triggering point to allow orgasmic energy waves to run into different channels of acupuncture networks, to the head or feet/toes.
In fact, you have trained your low abdomen muscles and the Epicenter's contractile muscles to contract as you said 
if I laid on my tummy and tightened my whole body (rigid) then indirectly stimulated my clitoris indirectly with two fingers from my right hand with my left hand just above my pubic bone.'
What you has done is to squeeze all the surrounding organs and muscles to stimulate your Epicenter and cervix. But, you have to stimulate your Epicenter to initiate your orgasmic contraction during lovemaking. Your lovemaking has not get your Epicenter and clitoris stimulated ('squeezed', as you stated)  at the same time. 
In my sexual chikong intercourse, I instruct women to periodically contract the low-abdomen and anal/tail muscles in help the penis to stimulate the Epicenter and cervix.
Contracting the low abdomen also relays a signal to the brain via the branches of the Vagus nerves (C-10 in the neck) where the nervous input can be intensified by the other branches of the vagus nerves, such as the taste (kissing), touching (breasting massage), visual and auditory nerves. The vagus nerves can also stimulates the hypothalamus/pituitary to release more oxytocin and to increase the endocrine function for testosterone output.
To make you come, you must get your Epicenter stimulated without bumping your cervix. 
There are other two factors affecting female orgasm- Stimulation pressures and speeds.
The input signal magnitude of sensory nerves depends on the stimulation pressures, but the signal magnitude is intensified in the postsynaptic (output) neuron by both temporal and spatially constructive superimposition of the input pulses from the same and different input neurons to a synapse. That is why I advise you to have a stimulation pressure of 6 PSI (pounds per square inch) and a stimulation rate of 0.4 second per stroke (or 2.5 strokes per second) exerting on the Clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter simultaneously.
In the testosterone/DHT-enriched contractile fibers which contains T10-L2 and Vagus nervous circuits, you can use somatic nerves to pulse contraction for developing the oxytocin receptors, leading to involuntary contraction. If this happens in the uterine/vaginal/clitoral contractile fibers, it is sexual orgasm.
Clitoral orgasm is a shallow orgasm, while uterine/vaginal orgasm is a deep orgasm.
The duration of orgasm depends on if the stimulation force is synchronous to the 0.8-second pulse.
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