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Case Study -  Penile Size and Penile enlargement, female sexual orgasm responses and dysfunction. 
Reader: 6/30/2001>
can you tell me how to enlarge my penis? It's only 5 and a half inches and I don't think I'm satisfying my wife. She has never had an origasam with me ar anyone else. what can I do?

Dr. Lin: 7/1/2001>
Female orgasm does nothing with penile size, but penile hardness,
where the right-hand side picture  shows a pointing-down-to-the-earth penis as a typical result of breaking down the penile spongy tissues (interchained balloons) due to penile enlargement exercises, stretching, weight lifting,  and pumping.  You can make you penis like that by destroying the unique structure of the spongy tissues which can not be found anywhere in your body. The spongy tissue structure in the penis, clitoris and G-spot (around the entire urethra) is the most creative job that God have done for men and women to enjoy sexual orgasm. If you destroy the elegant structure of the spongy tissues,  your penis can not function properly for women's orgasm, and your love life will be close to the end. 
The trick to trigger her orgasm is a simultaneous stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot (that is, her entire urethral spongy tissues and nerves) with a rhythmic pressure. Of course, including the stimulation of her Epicenter (her prostate) in the deep pocket of her vagina, between the bladder and cervix, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg will  produce volcano-eruption type orgasms.  Please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm 
I have seen no porn actress achieving orgasm at all, even the  porn actor(s) have a long, huge (maybe , every hard too) penis, or give her a double penetration. The problem is, her clitoral and G-spot have never erected and her urethral nerves has been stimulated by a rhythmic pressure at a rate of 0.8 second or 0.4 second with a magnitude about 3-6 PSI (pounds per square inch), where the higher stroke rate of 0.4 second requires less stimulation pressure.  It is very easily to check whether a woman achieve orgasm or not, by simply observing her breathing pattern or vocal responses. If she achieves orgasm,  the 0.8 second orgasmic waves generated by her vaginal/uterine contraction will strike her heart to generate a sequence of hydraulic shock waves in the blood flow, which,  in turn,  takes control of  her lung and brain functions in producing a special breathing pattern and vocal response - moaning or crying, and the movements of her body parts and muscles.  please refer to http://www.actiontao.com/image/wavepath.jpg Her breathing, crying or moaning will be on the beat of 0.8 seconds in response to the uterine contraction waves.  If you want to give a woman continuously multiple cycle orgasms after you break her orgasm barrier (this is the most difficult job!  Unfortunately, I have seen no porn actress reaching the orgasm barrier state! ), you must continuously thrust or stimulate her at the same rate of 0.8 seconds to synchronize her uterine contraction (please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/long-o.htm ).   After 10-30 cycles of orgasm, which depends how much testosterone and dopamine are available in her body to drive the pituitary function for a continuous burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin,  her body will become very soft - little death. Each orgasmic surge also burns  some testosterone and dopamine, resulting in an increasing of the orgasmic inhibitor prolactin produced by the pituitary gland.  After many cycles of orgasm,  production of Oxytocin drops but production of prolactin increases, as the testosterone and dopamine levels drop.  Eventually, the biological effects of prolactin and oxytocin on the uterine/vaginal contractile tissues starts to balance each other out.  Then, her uterine contraction becomes too weak to send orgasmic waves to her heart and brain, and thus, she will become conscious enough to ask you to stop sexual stimulation and to tell you: 'I am enough.'  At this moment, she can still 'feel' the uterine and vaginal contraction which is the aftermath of multiple-cycle orgasms.  On the other hand, if you are looking at her eyes at that moment when she suddenly change her breathing, crying or moaning patterns, you will observe a suddenly dilation of her pupils. The pupil dilation indicates that the nervous function switches from parasympathetic to sympathetic and the conversion of dopamine => norepinephrine => epinephrine is abruptly jumped up.   Noticeably,  during the G-spot and clitoris erection (arousal) stage, her parasympathetic nervous function shrinks her pupils which become abruptly dilated at that moment when she breaks her orgasm barrier, that is, when her breathing pattern suddenly changes.  During her orgasm, her entire body is fully controlled by the orgasmic waves radiated from her uterine/vaginal muscles.  Her brain's conscious control center is temporarily shut down, but her somatic reflexes take over the control of movements of her body parts and muscles and her autonomic reflexes (via Autonomic Nervous System) drive visceral effectors such as smooth or cardiac muscles and/or glands.  Her body becomes rigid and soft alternately in response to the peak and trough of the orgasm pulses, separately. She is not completely, but little,  dead. This is why orgasm is called little death.  If she has been in the driving love position, such as women-on-the-top or my 3-point Excitation,  her somatic spinal reflexes, mediated by T10-L2 nerves via the interneurons, will automatically make her thrust you at a rate of 0.8 seconds (1.25 strokes per second) to synchronize her uterine contraction, until the biological effects of oxytocin and prolactin on the uterine/vaginal contractile fibers balance each other out. This is one of the phenomena you can observe during her orgasm. I really enjoy watching my wife's face change when she is experiencing multiple-cycle orgasms. The testosterone and dopamine levels affects the duration of male and female orgasms.
Of course, if you have a hard, longer penis, you can stimulate her Epicenter easily. The problem is,  a long penis may strike the cervix, instead of the Epicenter, resulting intercourse pain for no orgasm.  If you have a long, but soft penis, your penis won't provide an essential stimulation pressure for her to orgasm and your long, soft penis becomes useless at all.   A woman feels nothing inside her vagina when the penis is soft, no matter how long or huge the penis is because the sexual nerves are hidden inside the ceiling (the urethral spongy tissues) of the vagina and cervix and protected by the multiple-layer vaginal lining. Image that the vaginal lining is strong enough to allow a 4-6 inch baby to pass through  without damaging the sexual nerves during labor. Do you think women can feel a long, huge, but soft,  penis during intercourse? That is why you need a hard penis and during intercourse, you must use an high-attack angle to stimulate her urethral nerves, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/attack.jpg . Don't just stuff your penis into her vagina and expect some sexual miracles to happen to her for her orgasm. 
If she is on birth control pill or medication, she can forget orgasm unless taking ViaGrowth-III or Heat Tea. Please read articles in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/chem.htm  
If she can not erect her urethral spongy tissues (including the clitoris and G-spot as shown in
http://www.actiontao.com/image/engorge.jpg  )
she cannot have vaginal orgasm, or she will get vagina-abraded or - irritated pains or sores, or urethral irritation or/and infection, if you over-stimulate her G-spot and urethral nerves.  
A pair of 4-inch long and 1/2 inch wide finger pliers can do a better job than a 6-9 inches penis,
Why? when the 6-9 inch penis fails to produce orgasm for women, the finger pliers method comes to rescue her orgasm!
She needs an intensive stimulation at 2.5 strokes per second to achieve orgasm,
and a discussion of the stimulation rate is given in
To increase your erection size and firmness/hardness, you, a young man, can take Lastlonger or ViaGrowth-III.
Yes, you can increase your penile size with my penile ballooning method,
The best and most effective way to increase your penile size is to use her vagina's bioelectric and magenitic power to help you out, as described in
You must be able to hold erection and last for at least 30 minutes for your penile stimulation in masturbation, whatever the so-called penile exercises, or lovemaking. If you can not spontaneously erect your penis, penile enlargement practices may shrink your penis. If you can not last longer than 30 minutes, you are not qualify for penile enlargement. In this regard, you should learn sexual kungfu for lasting longer,
For the principle and mechanism of the penile enlargement, please read

Note: The vaginal length will gradually shrink due to the dropping (prolapsing ) of the uterus as women ages and the vaginal lining becomes thinner for exposing the G-spot nerves for stimulation  due to the ebb of estrogen. As a result of the testosterone-estrogen ratio changes in favor of testosterone due to natural aging, women can have more orgasms easily as long as they still have sufficient testosterone in the bloodstream and you have a hard erection plus my sexual tricks. These phenomena usually start to happen after their 30. Orgasm becomes more intensive and easier.  We have observed the evolution of orgasm responses since we started our love life. More new orgasm triggering zones have been developed and discovered after we entered our midlives. Thus, as we get older, we can enjoy more varieties of orgasm responses, from the shallow to the deep and/or from the left-sided to right-sided vagina. A long-marriage couple can discover the new world of sexual orgasm in different locations of the vagina by trying my sexual tricks. Sometimes, the orgasm energy can run up to the brain along the central front-body path ( http://www.actiontao.com/image/wavepath.jpg ); in other times, it takes the spinal pathway (and the Governing Vessel) too, or is also radiated into the inside legs and feet along the liver and kidney pathways to shake the legs and feet.  Penile size for old women? Not essential, but a hard erection and sexual tricks can do well.   

Additional information to be continuously updated:
He said 'my love life couldn't be any better.' but just can not make women achieve sexual orgasm with his 9-inch penis.
Why a long penis gives her only intercourse pain, but no sexual orgasm!
Her boy friend gives her a lot of sexual orgasm without ejaculation, with an average-size, hard penis.!
11-inch penis for no sexual orgasm
How to make an 9-inch penis work properly for sexual orgasm!
Why your vagina cannot feel stimulation by a huge penis, no sexual orgasm!
A big penis requires an expanded vagina for Sexual orgasm.
A 12-inch Long Penis causes intercourse pain! No sexual orgasm!

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