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Case Study -  Vaginal bioelectric and magnetic fields, over-masturbation, testosterone overburning, and premature ejaculation - no sexual orgasm for her.
Reader: 6/27/2001>
You are my only hope! My boyfriend is desperate for HELP...he is ashmed that he ejacualtes quick, (but why not during oral sex?!)
It is frustruating! What can he do!
Dr. Lin: 6/29/2001>
well, this proves my theory on the existence of the bioelectromagenetic field in the vagina. 
If your vagina is hot, tight or electrifying, he will come more quickly.
If his testosterone is overburned in his urethral or prostate tissues to elevate his sympathetic bioelectric level, your vaginal bioelectric/magnetic fields will disturb his urethral/prostate's sympathetic nerves for his mind-driven orgasm.
If he can not hold an erection for vaginal penetration, he will exercise his PC/prostate muscles to burn testosterone into DHT for stimulating the prostate in assisting his erection. Thus, his sympathetic nerves get a supercharge for orgasm and ejaculation. In oral sex, he don't have to contract the PC muscle to burn testosterone, while he gets stimulation from his scrotum/testicles to burn testosterone. So, he relaxes in oral sex, but becomes panic in the vaginal sex when he has to contract his PC muscle and prostate for assisting his erection. Then, he will ejaculate short after vaginal penetration.. 
If his serotonin level in the brain is too low to brake his brain/sympathetic nervous functions, a beautiful female body or sex organ or porn movie can stimulate his visual (or/and auditory) nerves to trigger his brain/sympathetic nerves for orgasm or ejaculation, even without touching his penis. He will also have a lot of wet dream when his testosterone level in the brain or/and prostate hormone receptors.
If his serotonin level in the interneurons of the L10-T2 orgasmic sympathetic nervous circuits is too low to regulate the coupling of the nervous action potential across the synapses, he will experience premature ejaculation with some penile stimulation.
If his serotonin level in the sensory nervous endings is too low to mediate the nervous input response to stimulation, his penis and urethral/prostate nerves become too sensitive to stand the penile stimulation. He comes instantly after few minute penetration.
Overmasturbation or overejaculation causes erectile dysfunction, abrasion of the prostate nerves and ejaculation duct (particularly if he has become a chronic masturbator before his puberty! click http://www.actionlove.com/extra/over.htm for more information),  and brain disorder, resulting in premature ejaculation. He needs LastLonger (3-005) to help him out.
What is the other solution, in conjunction with the application of our products?
Perhaps, he should learn my sexual kungfu -
and more on
Both of you would be better off if you understand why/how our sexual chikong intercourse works.
Since I was young, I has used my wife's vaginal bioelectric energy to supercharge my penile parasympathetic nerves in powering up my erection during lovemaking.  When I power up my penis,  my penis is enlarged up to 120-140%  in size ( http://www.actiontao.com/image/lovetool.jpg  ), such that the penile ballooning produces a blood pressure to block the urethral-prostate nervous communication and my penis becomes semi-numbed to fully numbed.  In this way, I can last longer than 60 minutes.  To supper charge my penile parasympathetic nervous circuits, my wife will contract her deep, internal vaginal muscles in the G-spot and Epicenter to burn her testosterone into DHT locally and generate a lot of bioelectric power to bioelectrically and magnetically couple with the nerves of my glans penis and urethra, but I have to practice my sexual chikong breathing to turn on my parasympathetic nervous circuits and to shut off my sympathetic nervous circuits in the urethra and prostate.  Then, her sexual energy flows into my penis, tailbone/spine and then my brain. I can feel the bioelectric waves produced by her conscious muscular contraction in her deep vagina near her cervix. The bioelectric pulses become pronounced when she achieves orgasm.
The muscular contraction, either in the conscious or orgasm state, burns a lot of testosterone into DHT and generates high-level bioelectric pulses in the nervous systems.
The male and female urethral spongy tissues contains very high-density hormone receptors for DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and DHT. This is why the Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the dog penis as an ingredient to increase libido because of its content of hormones. The another hotter spots, containing the most  hormone receptors in the body, besides the brain and urethral spongy tissues, are the prostate and Epicenter (between the bladder and the cervix, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg  or http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-24.jpg ). My wife likes this spot to be locked and my glans penis as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/3-point.jpg . Stimulating Her Epicenter with my glans penis, both of us feel a electric shock in the nervous system for each stroke. Then, within a minutes, she experiences an volcano-eruption type orgasm. If I can not overcome her electric surges in my penis and prostate, I will come in seconds too. On the other hand, if I ejaculate when my glans penis is locked by her Epicenter gap, she will reach orgasm in response to my electric pulses due to my ejaculating orgasm.
So, the nerves along the urethra ( for women, from clitoral tip) to the prostate or the Epicenter/cervix are mainly wired to the orgasmic sympathetic nervous circuits.
The nerves in the urethral spongy tissues and the upper side of the urethra - two penile cylinders (as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-17b.jpg  ) and the clitoral shaft and root http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-24.jpg  ) are mainly wired to the erectile parasympathetic nervous circuits. 
The urethral/vaginal muscles and spongy tissues required frequent exercises are located  around the bladder neck - the sphincter urethral and urethrovaginalis muscles,  and around the Epicenter/cervix  where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves are almost equally dominant. 
From our experiences with the bioelectric interaction between the penis and vagina and the nervous circuitry, we have developed the techniques to make women come quickly by powering the orgasmic sympathetic circuits with testosterone burning in the urethral and Epicenter tissues and nerves, and men last longer by coupling women's bioelectric energy to the erectile parasympathetic nerves and by avoiding testosterone burning in the urethral and prostate tissues. Women should contract the deep vaginal muscles between the cervix/uterus and g-spot to burn more testosterone to supercharge the Epicenter's orgasmic pacemaker nerves, and men should burn testosterone in the pubis to power the erectile parasympathetic nervous circuits,  and in the tailbone muscles to return the sexual energy back to the brain via tailbone and spine and to avoid excessive testosterone burning in the prostate and urethral nerves ( http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7715.htm  ). Well, that is the principle of our sexual chikong intercourse for women to achieve orgasm faster and for men to last longer. Sexual ChiKong Intercourse gives us 60-120 minute funs, pleasures and orgasms. We usually spend less than 5 minutes for oral sex, since we love the bioelectromagnetic coupling and the sexual energy flowing between my penis and her vagina for longer than an hour.
Any way, he should not underestimate the bioelectric power and the strength of the bioelectromagnetic field inside your vagina, and should use them for his penile enlargement. Condom can block the bioelectric current from your vaginal/urethral nerves to his urethral nerves if you are wet and he has a lot of pre-cum fluid,  but can not stop the biomagnetic electrical coupling from your vagina like the electric transformer.  But, condom will also block the bioelectric coupling from your vaginal nerves to his erectile parasympathetic nerves in the glans penis, so that condom will weaken his erection and make his penis goes limp during sex. As a result, he has to exercise his PC/prostate muscle to burn his own testosterone to stimulate his prostate for a instant erection; and at the same time, his testosterone burning there supercharges and activates the orgasm sympathetic nervous circuits  in/around the prostate and its adjacent muscles to make him come!  

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