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Case Study -  Premature sexual orgasm - the misfiring of your sex engine
Reader: 6/26/2001>
I could go for ever without sex and it wouldnt bother me.After I get "get into it" so to speak, I enjoy it. But then I have an orgasm too Quick! So therefore it's really not worth it. Also,I've noticed that when I'm on my period or when I'm pregnant my mate would have a 99% more chance of getting some. Do you think the vitamin Estroven would help?

Dr. Lin: 6/29/2001>
Premature orgasm is caused by hyperactivative sympathetic nervous functions without the clitoral/G-spot/urethral erection by the parasympathetic nervous function. It is like male premature ejaculation without penile erection. This usually happens when the testosterone/DHT levels in the hormone receptors of the urethral spongy tissues and prostate (the Epicenter for women) become too high and the serotonin level in the sensory-sympathetic circuits is too low to mediate orgasm response. 
An extremely high testosterone-estrogen ratio in your body, particularly in the hormone receptors of the Epicenter (the female prostate) as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/engorge.jpg , causes the misfire of the autorhythmic fibers (orgasm pacemaker) driven by the Gamma motor neuron reflex arc of the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits T10-L1.
Testosterone is the sex fuel, estrogen is the cooling water of sex engine, DHT is the fire in the combustion chamber of the sex engine, and orgasm is the power out of the sex engine. We can not run a sex engine without the cooling water. When your testosterone-estrogen ratio is reduced in your menstrual cycle, the estrogen increase helps cool down the hyperactive sympathetic nervous circuits in favor of the parasympathetic nervous function. Note that when your testosterone-estrogen ratio becomes too low, your liver and brain's/nervous functions will be chilled off, so will your libido and sexual/orgasm responses. As of premature orgasm, the stimulation signals are not relayed the brain/pituitary for a release of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin, or the brain's testosterone and dopamine levels are too low to stimulate a release of Oxytocin although the testosterone and DHT levels in the Epicenter's hormone receptors are high enough to drive the T10-L1 orgasm circuits. 
Note that the premature clitoral orgasm is driven by the Gamma motor neuron reflex arc of the sensory-sympathetic circuits L1-L2. 
If your estrogen level in the brain and spinal fluids is too low, orgasm ignites body fire running through the tailbone, spine and Governing vessel of the acupuncture network up your brain, resulting in hot flushes or headache. This can be in peri-menopause women. Men will experience this problem too.
Although you have an extremely high testosterone-estrogen ratio in your Epicenter hormone receptors, your testosterone and dopamine levels in the brain and spinal fluid is not high enough to power your libido for sex.
It seems you start to experience the pre-menopause phenomena - your estrogen synthesis is ebbing much faster than your testosterone production due to the weakening ovarian function with normal adrenal functions. 
Plant estrogen (isoflavones) can take over your estrogen receptors and fool your body (particularly, the brain and nervous functions for peri-and post-menopause women) with about the 1/1000-th biological (gene) expression of the estrogen produced by your body. 
The solution for your problem is to power your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic, dopamine and serotonin nervous system, in conjunction with uplifting your DHEA and androstenedione (for both testosterone and estrogen) levels and adding isoflavones to your body to satisfy the demand of estrogen by your body.
ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) will power your libido and enhance your sexual and durable orgasm responses. 
ViaGrowth-IV will correct your problem and balance your nervous and endocrine functions.
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