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News updated:

Case Study -  No sexual orgasm with a vibrator, why? On the vibrator-induced nervous damage and the maximum stimulation rate for the urethral spongy tissues. 
Reader: 6/25/2001>
Dear Doctor Lin,

I have recently purchased a vibrator and when I use it, I can never reach orgasm. I was wondering if there is any special technique that would help me to reach it. Also, after I try with the vibrator for too long my vagina starts to hurt. Is that normal? Thank you for your help!

Dr. Lin: 6/26/2001>
This indicates that your testosterone levels in your urethral spongy tissues and the brain hormone receptors are too low to power your pituitary which synthesize the orgasm hormone oxytocin, or your brain's acetylcholine and dopamine levels are too low to drive your brain's/nervous functions for the pituitary functions or/and the communication between your urethral nerves and the brain's dopamine systems.
It seems your testosterone-estrogen ratio is too low, or your estrogen is too high, resulting in extinguishing  your sexual and orgasmic responses. Testosterone is the love fuel of your sex engine, estrogen is the cooling water.  Testosterone and enzyme 5-alpha reductase in your urethral spongy tissues (the combustion chamber of your sex engine)  are burned into DHT - the super-potent hormone, with generation of bioelectric power in the nervous systems to elevate the resting (Direct-Current -DC) and acting (the Alternate-Current, AC,  + DC)  potentials (voltages) in both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous circuits. If your acetylcholine and serotonin levels in the brain and nervous systems are high, your parasympathetic nerves will supercharge the nervous endings your entire urethral spongy tissues from your clitoris/G-spot to your Epicenter by releasing the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide and the arterial dilator cGMP.  With the stimulation of the super-potent hormone DHT, you will engorge your entire urethral spongy tissues (of course, including your clitoris and G-spot, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/lovetool.jpg )  3-5 times to store and peak up your sexual energy to trigger the orgasmic circuit with the following nervous action: sensory nerves => L10-T2 Interneurons  => brain (pituitary) => sympathetic nerves =>  Epicenter's orgasmic pacemaker (the major autorhythmic fiber site)  and minor clitoral autorhythmic fibers., where the pituitary will broadcast the orgasmic hormone in the bloodstream to allow muscular contractions in the contractile muscles in any parts of the body (particularly, in vagina, uterus, tailbone muscles..).

If your acetylcholine and serotonin levels are low, but the dopamine (thus, too much adrenalin in the bloodstream) and testosterone levels are high, you should experience premature orgasm, similar to the male premature ejaculation phenomenon,   with the following nervous action sequence: Sensory Nerves => L10-T2 Interneurons => Sympathetic Nerves  => Autorhythmic Fibers in the vagina/clitoris, where the orgasmic pulses are too weak and few to reach the heart and brain's pleasure/cerebral centers and to feel because the nervous action potential has never been coupled into the spinal/central nervous system to the brain/pituitary for the release of oxytocin to initiate the large scale contraction of the contractile fibers.  If the dopamine and testosterone levels, (the dopamine system is the driver of the testosterone production, with the support of the acetylcholine nerves,  liver, and adrenal/ovarian functions ) are too low, you won't have orgasm no matter how hard you stimulate your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter, and you will abrade and damage your urethral spongy tissues and nerves. Particularly, high-speed vibrators are very destructive for sex organs. 
There is no special technique can raise the brain functions, unless you take ViaGrowth-IV to correct the problems.
The vibrator has damaged your urethral/vaginal spongy tissues and nervous endings. The damage becomes severe when your testosterone, DHEA and acetylcholine levels in the spongy tissues/nervous endings are low.
The detail explanation of the damage done by the high-frequency vibrating devices is given in
If you want to repair the damage nerves, you have to take ViaGrowth-IV.

The proper stimulation rate on the G-spot and clitoris should not higher than 2.5 strokes (cycles) per second, which is the maximum stimulating rate of the Finger Pliers method,
We have tested this critical stimulation frequency. If I use my Finger Pliers Method ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/fgplier.htm  ) to stimulate my wife with a pressure of 6 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), I can bring her to an eruptive Level-7 orgasm in less than 1 minute, provided that her G-spot/urethral spongy tissues are fully erected ( http://www.actiontao.com/image/ewngorge.jpg  ) . If I start with that stimulation rate and pressure before her G-spot/urethral spongy tissues are fully erected, she will experience pain, rather sexual pleasure and orgasm. That is, we have to prepare her urethral spongy tissues for the high-speed stimulation of 2.5 strokes per second, and the intensive high-speed (frequency) stimulation should not last longer than 3-5 minutes. If we don't do so, her urethral/vaginal spongy tissues and nerves will be abraded or irritated. This is also true when we use our 3-point excitation method in which my wife takes the full control of the stimulation speed, pressure and location. That is why we have developed a general lovemaking strategy for orgasm as described in
The main purpose for the lovemaking procedures to power up my my penis and fully erect her urethral spongy tissues at the same time, as shown in
When our love tools are fully ready, she can usually achieve a powerful Level-7 orgasm (more description on http://www.actionlove.com/extra/whatsorgasm.htm) in less than one minutes with our 3-point excitation method and the lovemaking thrusting rate at 2.5 strokes per seconds. 
Usually, she plays a little trick to accelerate her orgasmic responses, as described in
which has been termed as the 4-Point Excitation Method
That is, don't apply a high-speed (frequency) stimulation to the delicate urethral spongy tissues, running from the clitoris/vaginal orifice to the G-spot and down to the Epicenter as shown in
http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg  ,
for a long duration, say 3-5 minutes; Otherwise, the local nerves get numbed and irritated!

Remember, the vibrator run at an extreme high speed (frequency, I mean), above 10 cycles per second which is much higher than our suggestive upper-limit (critical) stimulation speed of 2.5 strokes per second.

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