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Case Study -  How and why high-speed vibrating devices / vibrators damage sex organs - penis, clitoris, G-spot and urethral nerves and tissues for no sexual orgasm ?
Reader: 6/15/2001>
I feel embarrased but I need answers. I was hangind a virating device around my head of the penis. God it felt great. I was doing for an just an hour for a couple of days. Everytime I stopped doing it I still felt a tingling sensation in my head of the penis (felt good). Well I stopped doing it and about a week later I masterbated and my penis felt weird afterwards and for 3 days after I felt a tingling sensation on the right side of my head. It feels like I have a uranary trac infection after I cum. I went to the doctor and told him alittle bit about it and he said to not jerk off for a month I may have irrated my uretha. Well its been a month and I masterbated last monday and my penis still feels weird and tingaly, and my penis and testicles feels hot sometimes. Did I do major nerve damage, Will I have this the rest of my life?? Help!

Dr. Lin: 6/25/2001>
Obviously, the high-speed "vibrator" has damaged the nervous endings in your glans, penile shaft and urethra due abrasion of the local tissues and nerves, and possible blown up the nervous synapses (interneuron junctions like the semi-conductor junctions in the electronic solid-state devices) with excessive-voltage pikes due to the temporal summation of EPSP (Excitatory PostSynaptic Potential) due to a sequence of the high-rate of excitatory pulses in a neuron.
Temporal Summation occurs when one or more presynaptic neurons transmit bioelectric pulses in a rapidly firing order so that waves of neurotransmitter jump through the synapse in a quick succession. Due to the rapidly firing rate, the first impulse is superimposed by the successive impulse before it dissipates. As a result of the temporal superimposition of successive impulses, the resulted EPSP voltage of a neuron becomes extreme high. A high EPSP voltage generally generate a high-voltage pulse across the synapse to the brain/spinal nerves. This can excite the brain to relay a powerful pulse back the local autorhythmic and autocontractile fibers for triggering orgasm contraction via the T10-L2 Sympathetic nerves, in conjunction with the release of the orgasm hormone oxytocin from the pituitary. The orgasm intensity is proportional to the impulse and relay signal voltage and the concentration of the oxytocin in the local autorhythmic and autocontractile fibers.
The problem is, when the resulted EPSP voltage is too high, it will damage the synapses unless there is sufficient serotonin released from the serotonin nerves to the snapse to regulate the waves of the neurotransmitter release to the postsynapse neurons. This is what I suggest the maximum stimulation rate of sex organs (including the clitoris, G-spot and urethral nerves) should limited up to 0.4 second per cycle, or 2.5 cycles per second. 
All the vibrator and massagers run at very high frequencies. That is why Vibrators or massagers damage male and female sex organs, causing sexual dysfunction.
It seems your vibrating damage is very extensive, including the adjacent muscular-nervous junctions in the groins and pelvic floor. You have to take ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005) heal the damaged nerves and tissues, and massage the entire area with VIP Cream (item 1-015) twice a day to improve the blood circulation and feed the damaged nerves and tissues with DHEA and androstenedione (for testosteroen and estrogen. Yes, the nerves need estrogen to heal, too!). 
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