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Case Study -  Ejaculation power, Penile enlargement, Hair Loss, DHT, over-ejaculation, and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 6/17/2001>
Dr. Lin: 

I have a couple questions which I am hoping you can answer with your expertise. 

1) First I'd like to know why some men can ejaculate very far distance-wise while some cannot. I have a rather large penis according to my girlfriend (8 to 9 inches.) But my erections are rather on the weak side, and have problems staying erect for longer then 10 minute periods. I would like to become erect and stay erect for atleast 30 mins or more, is this possible? I would like to gain control of my sex life then have my penis determine how my sex life is going to be. I would like to ejaculate really far like a water gun, and how can I do this?

2) I am starting to try your ballooning effect and so far I am happy with the results. After a 20 mins massage I went from 5 oclock to almost 3 oclock position. However, I noticed my penis is on the flat side, and not completely round like most men. This really bothers me, and would like to know how I can fix this. What caused it to be flat? Was I born this way? It is curved too I noticed which bothers me, is this because it is so big? The bottom of it is thin (not as thick as towards the end) and think this is the reason why it is not at 3 oclock position when erect all the time. Basically, I have a long, wide, flat penis with a narrow base. I would like to make it round somehow (not flat), increase the base size, and eliminate the "curve/hook" downwards. Please help!!

3) The last question has to do with MPB (Male Pattern Baldness/Hairloss.) Is it true that after having sex or masterbating it is good to take zinc pills? I heard some people say that guys with hairloss masterbate more (or earlier age) and thus in the ejaculation process they lose alot of zinc in their semen. And thus, restoring zinc levels will help. I know Zinc has something to do with balancing DHT levels but thats all I know. Please answer that, and if you have any insight into why some men that have a ton of sex dont lose their hair. Does ejaculating have any effect on MPB? Is it true that the more testosterone you produce then you have more DHT in your system? You say the penis needs DHT to pump up. When you ejaculate does your body release DHT or when you urinate? Please express your insights with this subject as I'm interested in your expertise on how to prevent and restore hairloss.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Lin: 6/24/2001>
1. It seems you are experiencing Middle-age men's problem.
You can shoot out longer if you erect harder and stay longer and your body produce a lot of semen .
ViaPal-HgH-D (3-012) can help you out, if your sexual age is over 35.  ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) will help you produce a lot of semen and sperm,  erect much harder an dlast much longer! Please note a 20-year old young man can have 50-year-old (sexual age) brain and parasymapthetic nervous functions. For a young man of a calendar age between 20-30, I suggest him to take LastLonger (3-005) or Endura (3-006), rather than ViaPal-hGH-D. For youth impotency, taking 1 tablet of MoodMax (1-014) and 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) can help rejuvenate the exhausted body in a short time. 
Viagrowth-IV will help you produce more semen.
2. Well, The penile ballooning method help you maximize your erection capacity under your existing brain's and parasympathetic nervous functions. If you want to go beyond the limitation set up by your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems, you have to enlarge your brain's and parasympathetic nervous functions. Your penile parasympathetic nervous endings produce less Nitric Oxide to dilate the penile arteries for ballooning your penis.
The penile cylinger embedding your urethra ( see the graphs in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm  ) is under inflatable. It seems the tissues in this cylinder is less elastic, so that it becomes shorter than the other two above it. This produces a downward curvature. To reduce the penile curvature, you have to increase the elasticity of the urethral spongy tissues. If my penile ballooning method can help you raise your penis from the 5 o'clock to the 3 o'clock position, your urethral spongy tissues are not completely dead, but just sleeping. You can do penile massage on the lower portion of your entire penile shaft to revive the urethral spongy tissues. 
3. Well, excessive ejaculation discharges too much zinc from the prostate tissues, resulting in prostate dysfunction and abrasion of the prostate ejaculation sensory nerves. Hair loss is a result of excessive binding of DHT in the hair rooting cells. Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation will produce too much DHT from testosterone. If you have such a situation, you need a lot of plant hormones (sterols) from Saw Palmetto, Grape Seed, Nettle, Pygeum bark, black cohosh, Red Clover, Wild Yam, and Soy Bean to help you protect your hair rooting cells. Let the plant hormones take over the hormonal receptors of your hair rooting cells from DHT. The Plant Hormones can fool your brain and nervous functions, particularly if you are in menopause (men too!) . When DHT is freed into the bloodstream from your prostate, muscles (including the heart and lungs) and hair rooting cells, your liver function are responsible for removing excessive DHT and estradiol from your blood by the liver P450 detoxification system. Then, everything will flush to your toilet through your kidneys and bladder.

Note: He said 'I have been using Moodmax and Viagrowth IV and have noticed my hair stays in my head rather than going down the drain.'

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