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Case Study -  Teenagers' destructive Sex for vaginal abrasion, impotence and no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 6/23/2001>
Ok, first off, I was wondering about a couple things. let me inform you on my relationship status.

I am currently 17, which I just turned in May, and my girlfriend is 15 (April). We started having sex about 2 months ago, and after experiencing it, we started having sex multiple times everyday. Soon, my girlfriend was complaining regularly that she was sore. So, I told her lets tone down the frequency. Being sore is bad and may end up hurting her in the future. Is this true? Also, is she too young to be having sex? She seems anatomicaly REALLY mature. Everything is pretty much in my opinion, in 'working' fashion. :) Also, when we have sex, she says she orgasms, but I can honestly attest to seeing no signs of a true orgasm. All I know, is afterward, her legs have uncontrollable muscle spazms. Also, she doesnt really 'cum'. She gets a little bit more wet, but nothing that would make me truly realize that she orgazmed. Does every woman release tons of fluid from an orgasm? Is there anything I can do to try and make her have a mind blowing orgasm? I am about 6 and a half inches FULLY hard. Might there be a problem with penis size? Im very inexperienced, and we both lost our virginity to each other. Anything that you could tell me to help would be MOST appreciative. 

Thanx again,

Dr. Lin: 6/24/2001>
Yes! Her sore vagina is produced by the Vaginal/urethral abrasion that helps her develope scar tissues in her G-spot and clitoris Once the scar tissues are formed, her urethral/G-spot nerves won't respond to the stimulation from the vaginal stimulation, and she will start to experience sexual/orgasm dysfunction for the rest of her life.
She is well-built and very wet due to the flow her female hormone estrogen. At age 15, her testosterone-estrogen ratio is too low to fire up her orgasmic waves (uterine/vaginal contraction) which are supposed to run up to her heart, lungs and forehead. So, you should not work too hard on her clitoris and vagina. According to the the State Laws of Florida, you are sexually abused her, an underaged child, and you can be prosecuted to more than 10 years in jail. 
If she is orgasm, her breathing will become extremely heavy, at a breathing rate of 0.8 seconds which is the same as the uterine contraction rate. That is, her heart, lungs and brain's conscious control center are temporarily taken over by the uterine/vaginal contraction when the orgasmic waves arrive. Thus, each orgasm pulse strike the heart. lungs and brain will produce a periodically 0.8-second synchronized and heavy breathing, moaning and body shaking (shock) which are not controlled by the brain.  And, her pupils will be suddenly dilating - the sympathetic "Little Death" responses to orgasm. 
The uncontrollable muscular spasms in her legs is due to over-stimulation of her T10-L2 sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits which don't have an insufficient bioelectric resting/acting potential to relay the signals to the brain-pituitary axis for production of orgasm hormone oxytocin to initiate her uterine contraction. The T10-L2 circuit interneurons (multiple-way nervous switches) inside the spinal disks bypass the spine-brain accent/decent nervous circuits, due to the higher synaptic  potential threshold or lower postsynaptic resting potential (a lower testosterone-estrogen ratio in the spinal cord fluid, neurons and synapses),  and produce a direct reflexion of the sensory inputs into the branching sympathetic nerves in the legs, resulting in uncontrollable (sympathetic-controlled) leg shaking or muscular spasms. The influence areas mainly are the inside and back of the entire legs due to interlinkage of L1/l2 and L3/L4/L5 sympathetic nerves.

According to your current ejaculation frequency, you will become impotent in less than one year. So, you will destroy her and then yourself. This destructive sexual practice is not for love, but desire!
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