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Case Study -  Over-masturbation, sexual exhaustion, penile enlargement and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 6/21/2001>
Hi Dr. Lin.
Here's a breif history of my problem. Right now I'm a 19 year-old male. I think it was around grade 11 where I started to lose my erection. I think I used to masterbate about once a day, but I'm not religously. This is hard for me to explain because i'm not sure the reason for it. I started to work out at the gym heavy near the begging of grade 11, I think I felt a loss of sexual drive, but I never had a hard time getting erect or hard. I used to go everyday, which I think was draining to much blood into my muslces, and not leaving enuff for my penis muscle.
I did try putting wait on my penis a couple times and lifting weight with just out of random curiousity, but stopped, I don't think this would have been the problem completely, but it comes to mind, I don't recall having problems right after that but I'm not to clear. Anyways a year into grade 11 I think it got worse to the point I'd go a week to two with out getting hard and was never horny. Now that I've read this site, I think I was on the direction towards impotency. 
These have been the hardest years of my life, and I'm still troubled to this day somewhat, I feel worhtless alot and empty for obvious reasons, but I'm often really happy still so I'm sure it's not do to depression.
To make a long story shorter, I stopped going to the gym as much, stoped the odd drinking of alcohol, stopped the little smoking I did ocasionally and everything else I thought could be a cause of it. I didn't stop going to the gym but I cut back and even stopped for a month or so and didn't go as regualarly. This didn't help, but it go better some how.
I started to slowly on my own try new methods of getting aroused like nude pictures of girls etc, it helped, but I used to not need that, infact, I used to be able to get erect just by thinking about it like most young men do. Soemtimes i can't even with porn. 
Right now, it's still the same, It has been getting better, but not near to the point of satisfaction. I still usually need pictures(porn) and have to slowly rub my penis to get hard, it only takes about half a minute now to get hard enuff to start masterbating, and eventually I can bring it to a strong erection and ejaculate, so I no I'm not impotent. I came about a method on my own, that I just realised is close to a methods here. (I just found out about these sites, I saw them, but I didn't wanna pay, and thought it was a scam)
I would wait till I was about to cum and then stop, and repeat. I started to do this aslong as half an hour a night, it noticed it helped and my penis I think got a little bigger, but I think it actually shrunk abit do to those years or didn't grow like it should of.
My problem now is it's still not where i wanna be, i can't get an erection just walking down the street or without intense consentration and even then it usually needs to be rubbed up to any sort of hard state. I've been trying to start this PE because I know I'm not at the size I'd like to be, but today I tryed the wet towel warming, stetching etc, and tryed jel'qing. It didn't really work like I planned. I was trying everything I could, and did what they said, but I found it hard to get a good erection doing the teqnique, but when I jerked normally I could get a full erection that's strong.
It just wasn't that easy. I know I'm not impotent, I eat fairly good, not to much mean, salad, still rarely drink ever, but I still find it hard to get erections. 
I'm gonna put all the effort i can into this PE, which I wish I new about earlier, it might have solved those days of absolute melancholy.
I'm worried, I'm starting to think that I might fit into the category of those that can't do the balooning method... This was my first day trying it, I hadn't been hard or jerked off three days before this. do to being busy and just not bothering, I have no drive to have sex.
Please! I really need help!
how do you think i could make it better? I've just starting trying to work my pc muscle and do these natural methods. I'm scared, This has been almost always on my mind ever since a few years back, i just wanna have a normal life, this has kept me back from women and made me less confident.
Do you think these methods will eventually make me more the man I wanna be?
also lately I've been holding back my semen when I'm about to burst, and going for about half an hour, to an hour and eventually letting it out, although alot of times I don't even cum, I just let it get soft again and mayby release the next day. I often find myself doing this until I can't even get an erection anymore, is this good or bad? 
It does seem to help more than letting myself cum as soon as it wants to, and leaves me with a thicker penis when i finally do, but nothings changing.
HElp me! as soon as possible. I'm trying to get on with my life, and it's never going to happen if this problem isn't fixed, I want to have a girlfriend...I'm really sad. If I need some of thoes prescriptions I'l do it, but I'm afraid of the embarassment if found in the mail because I don't live on my own...
Even now before this letter I was masterbating and I never came, by choice, but now I have no drive to, I'd arther be always horny than never ever horny.
Thanks, i'm glad I found this site...

P.S. If you choose to display this letter on your site. This is still a secret to me, and I'd like to keep it that way, but if you want, don't show any indication of my email or anything and it's okay. thanks again.

Dr. Lin: 6/23/2001>
It seems your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous systems have been melt down by masturbation and over-ejaculation. The semen contains the brain's and spinal fluids that are used to support the nervous functions and the syntheses of the neurotransmitters. Ejaculation forces the brain's and spinal fluids down to the pelvic cavity to support the reproduction of semen and testosterone. Over-ejaculation empty the vital fluids from your brain and spine/tailbone, resulting in brain/nervous dysfunctions (including the so-called psychological problems, absentmindedness, visual and auditory disorders) and low back pain, all of which are termed as Sexual Exhaustion . The brain and nervous disorders have made your life immeasible.

There is no way you can enlarge your penis without the support from the brain's and parasympathetic nervous functions. That is, to enlarge your penis, you must enlarge your brain's and parasympathetic nervous function first. The detail of this issue is give in
You have to restore your brain and nervous functions with MoodMax first.
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