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Case Study -  He said 'She reached orgasm 3 out of the last 4 times' with help of ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax, even under the influence of SSRIs antidepressant; how to overcome SSRIs withdrawal syndromes and alcohol's side effects.
Reader: 6/21/2001>
Hello again Dr. Lin.,
Thank you very much for your recent advice. Just to give you a quick
recap; My lover is taking SSRI for anti-depression. I was already taking
Via-Growth IV. She started taking Via-Growth with me as well as MoodMax,
which has tremendously helped in reducing the amount of SSRI she has been
taking. She had gone several days without any SSRI but had to take a little
because she experiences numbness and tingling sensations. Other than that
she had been feeling very well. No headaches !!!! And plenty of sex drive.
She reached orgasm 3 out of the last 4 times we had sex. Before this she
had only reached orgasm 2 times in 3 months !!

My question of course is what she could do to relieve the numbness and other
withdrawal symptoms during this transition ? I hate to think she has to stay
on these drugs for physical reasons rather than psychological reasons. She
is currently taking Via-Growth IV in the morning with a MoodMax. And another
Mood Max early evening.

I also have a question about my sex drive. Can you explain why alcohol has
such a huge negative impact on my sexual performance ? Sometimes even still
affecting me the next day ! Do you have any products or practices you could
tell me about if I know I am going out for a romantic evening with
cocktails. I am currently taking Via-Growth IV once a day, with an
occasional extra tablet in the evening.

Thank You so much for your time and products,

Dr. Lin: 6/22/2001>
Numbness and tingling sensations are parts of the SSRIs withdrawal syndromes which includes headache, nausea, paraesthesia (tingling or numbness in the extremities like electric shocks in the brain), dizziness and anxiety.
Please read
She should gradually withdraw the SSRIs although MoodMax and ViaGrowth-IV take care of most of the syndromes. Don't under-estimate the side (addictive) effects of the SSRIs antidrepressants on the brain and nervous functions. 
Let the serotonin nervous system to adjust itself for its reuptaking function. It will take about 4 weeks or so to eliminate the side effects of the SSRIs. Her responses to the first SSRIs withdrawal are very encouraging.  Glad ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax have already give her lot of orgasms.  The most important results are: ViaGrowth-IV and MoodMax can harmonically work with SSRIs antidepressants, and allow her to gradually get rid of the drugs,  and re-enjoy her sexual and orgasm functions. Reduction of SSRIs' dosage and taking MoodMax and ViaGrowth-IV will unlock her libido and orgasm ability. 

Alcohol exerts two critical actions that affect sexual performance.
Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. It can diffuse through the blood brain barrier in a short. It's effects on the central nervous system function is directly proportional to the concentration of
alcohol in the blood and the brain and nervous systems. The affecting areas includes the reticular formation, spinal cord, cerebellum and cerebral cortex, and brain's neurotransmitter systems. The major neurochemical effects of alcohol on the brain/nervous systems are: 
1.Increasing turnover of norepinephrine and dopamine 
2.Decreasing transmission in acetylcholine systems 
3.Increasing transmission in GABA systems 
4.Increasing production of beta-endorphin in the hypothalamus 
A low dose of alcohol can increase the GABA nervous transmission that helps ejaculation control, but when the dosage increases, the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems responsible for erection become impaired.
Chronic alcohol abuse can cause brain's disorders, such as seizure, headache and dizziness. 
Alcohol will keep the liver P450 detoxification system very busy. The busy liver's alcohol detoxification will reduce the liver functions to produce enzymes for hormone and neurotransmitter syntheses. Less hormones and brain's neurotransmitters, less libido, erection and orgasm.
Chronic, excessive abuse of alcohol can damage the liver in various ways including the development of a fatty liver, resulting in cirrhosis of the liver. 
Alcohol may stimulate the development of cancer cells of the esophagus, throat, larynx, and the mouth. 
Alcohol can damage the lining of the small intestine and the stomach where most nutrients are digested, and therefore, impairs the absorption of essential nutrients. Alcohol also requires some vitamins in its metabolism, particularly, B1, B6, B12, C and E. Pregnant women should not drink alcohol which has been identified as the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome.  
Chronic drinkers need DeToxil or DeToxiA to cleanse the liver.
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