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Case Study -  Tricks of sexual orgasm,  menopause syndromes, tilted uterus and love life.
Reader: 6/17/2001>
Here comes a long story.
1. The first time I orgasmed, I was about nine years old. I had climbed to the top of a rope in gym, and the bells went off when I reached the top. This first sexual response prejudiced me heavily in such a way that I cannot orgasm unless I am squeezing my thighs together. During intercourse with my husband from ages 33 to 43, I could come easily more than once if he penetrated me from behind and stimulated my clitoris. I have never been able to orgasm in missionary position with my legs open and relaxed, nor on top with my legs straddled to each side. I would like to be able to accomplish this if I can establish a healthy relationship in the future.
2. Because of the failure of my marriage, I have masturbated a lot. I have not used a vibrator. I have masturbated by squeezing the thighs, stimulating the clitoris by sliding the labia around it, and sometimes inserting a tampon. I succeed in gaining orgasm on my stomach or on my back this way, but I must maintain the pressure between my thighs. Could I have damaged my organs from this practice?
3. My health is good. I practice gymnastics, yoga, and running. I eat a healthy diet. Currently I am taking herbs to eliminate yeast and fungus from my body; the surface symptom is onchomychosis and after about ten years of battle, my toenails are finally beginning to heal. I have had to eliminate sugars and fermented foods and milk. I am now practicing food combining as well, but not very strictly.
4. Emotional issues stem from emotional abandonment as a child during my parents' divorce and my own failed marriage which, despite best effort, repeated a lot of the same issues. I tend not to feel safe, secure, loved, able to trust, so I take rather than receive, grab rather than release. I am working on many of these issues actively and consciously.
5. I believe my uterus is tilted. I think that's what the doctor said when he tried to explain why my babies presented posterior. I had difficult births.
 Please advise.
Dr. Lin: 6/19/2001>
 1. The most common area to trigger orgasm is the first 1-2 inches of your left-sided urethral nerves, around the 12-1 o'clock positions. The stimulation must be simultaneously exerted from both inside (the vagina left-anterior wall) and outside (upper-left section of the clitoral shaft). When you squeezed your legs together or your thighs/butts toward your anus/tailbone in conjunction with the external pressure stimulation of your left clitoral shaft by the rope, you triggerred a shallow orgasm. When you have sex with the back-entry position in conjunction with the clitoral shaft stimulation and the butts/thighs squeezing, you can get a powerful, deep orgasm simultaneously triggered at the clitoral and G-spot/Epicenter. This is what the principles of the 3-point and 4-point excitation methods are. 
Squeezing the legs, thighs or butts toward the anus and vagina will tighten up the vaginal muscles to grip the penis. If you contract your low abdomen at the same time, your vagina will suck up and tightly grip the penis. This will make a man come more quickly, if he don't know how to practice sexual chikong or anal breathing to control his ejaculation. This is what the Sexual ChiKong Intercourse is all about.   
2. Your masturbation practice without a vibrator won't damage your clitoral or vaginal nerves. Only a high-speed vibrator causes the nervous or tissue abrasion that forms scar tissues.
3. You should detoxify your body and power your immunity to solve the problem. ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and DeToxiA (1-017) can help you out,
DeToxiA is a sugar burner.
4. Emotional issues usually repeats themselves. It requires redefinition of life and philosophy to change your loving and being-loved patterns. Religious or philosophic teachings can help you out. Life and love are very uncertain. It is not easy to find a person to cultivate sex and love together into Oneness. You has to find some one who has the same commitment for live and love as you do. However, I suspect that you have experienced the menopause mood change and swinging in your daily life. Your brain change your emotion and mood very abruptly in response to your hourly estrogen/testosterone variation around your midlife when your daily hormone production is far below the average amounts.  Testosterone (like Fire - the fuel in the brain)) makes you feel confident, aggressive and hot; estrogen (like Water - the cooling ingredient in the brain) stabilize your brain function and eliminate overheating of your sympathetic nervous function - hot flushes and sweating.   Although your hormone production is dropping,  the thinning clitoral and urethral/vaginal tissues  (the protective fat layers for the sexual nerves) allow more penetration of the sexual stimulation into the clitoral/urethral nerves to induce more orgasm.  However, the thinner vaginal lining may give you more vaginal irritation if your vagina is too dry during penetration stimulation. 
5. The uterus is tilted by uneven strength of the uterine-suspension ligaments due to DHEA or/and androstenedione/testosterone deficiency in the ligament tissues. Aging is the main cause. The uterus is usually titled backward.
As a result, it will produce intercourse pain in certain love positions. I have found ViaGrowth-IV can solve this problem.
You have to adjust the love position to prevent the penis from striking your cervix and Posterior Fronix
I think You are in menopause. You has experienced menopause symptoms which include mood swing that may destroy your love relationship. If you have this problem, taking MoodMax 1 tablet and ViaGrowth-IV 1 tablet a day can stable your brain functions and release menopause syndromes. Menopause syndromes will make your feel misery and your emotion changes abruptly in your daily life. Don't allow yourself to suffer.
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