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Case Study -  She said 'I have been experiencing wonderful orgasms both in intensity and multitude, and am VERY satisfied with your products, they do as you advertise.'; On solutions for mouth Cold Sores induced by Labial Herpes.
Reader: 6/13/2001>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I have been experiencing wonderful orgasms both in intensity and multitude, and am VERY satisfied with your products, they do as you advertise.
My problem now, however, has to do with over stressing my body with working two jobs and not eating as optimally as I should.
I have noticed in the past few days I have developed a mouthful (literally) of cold sores, or fever blisters, or whatever the nasty things are called. I have had the propensity
to develop them all my life, but this time they are great in number, and I feel very lethargic and generally not well.
I was wondering what you recommend I use to help get rid of these sores, they are only on my lips, no where else (not on genital area), and hope one or maybe more of the products I currently use of yours may help. I have primarily taken Via-Pal HgH-D, along with Ginseng 4X Power Max, DopaFibra, and occasionally DeToxia. As well, I have the VIP cream which I've used for masturbation and healing after a sexual session.
Could you please let me know if I should order something else from your wonderful list of products, or whether I may use something I already have. I appreciate any help you could provide, you have steered me in the right direction, as always, so I feel comfortable consulting you before any other.

I sincerely thank you,

Dr. Lin: 6/14/2001>
Cold sores, or fever blisters on or around the mouth lips are known as oral labial herpes or herpes labialis; they are activated by the herpes simplex virus, where the most common one is called herpes simplex virus I (HSV-I). There are about 80 percent people carrying HSV-I, but only about 25% of them frequently experience cold sores with the virus. Unlike a lot of viruses that can be eventually eliminated by the body immunity, HSV-I can remain latent in the cells near or in the infection area. The cold sores outbreak when there is some immune system disruption such as sunburn, excessive dryness (insufficient intake of fluid), illness, insufficient nutrients for immunity, insufficient sleep, stress, ovrerloading of the liver or kidney functions, or deficiency of B1. The HSV-1 episode if untreated can last upwards of two weeks before the body immunity turns its guns around.
The following products can help you out:
1. 5-HTP (Item 2-001): Elevate the serotonin to block the stress hormone adronalin (Epinephrine) production from Dopamine/NorEpinephrine during your stressful works; slowly convert serotonin to melatonin which induces a long, deep sleep to 
trigger hGH production and uplift your immunity when your eyes are not exposed to the light.
2. Maximum Multiple (Item 4-002): Load your body with sufficient B-complex and other immune nutrients, particularly B1 , B6 and B12. Stress (termed as the Yang-type body fire, due to the excessive dopamine-adrenalin conversion ) overburns B1, B6 and B12
3. DeToxil (Item 1-018): Detoxify the liver and kidney; put off the liver and kidney fires (the Yin-type body fire), in conjunction with taking Maximum Multiple. DeToxiA (Item -017) is the blood sugar burner.If you don't have diabetes condition, you have to eat candy, sugar or ice creams when you take this product.
4. Mighty Green (Item 4-001): Uplift the immunity with green foods and eliminate/cleanse toxins in the colon and rectum. If you eat insufficient green foods, you need this products. Toxins in the colon and rectum weaken immunity.
5. Vitamin C 1000 mg or more a day or you can drink 500-1000 cc of orange, apple, and grape juices a day to put off the body fires.
6. Extra Zinc 25 mg - Two tablets of ViaGrowth-IV contains 25 mg Zinc and Three Tablets of Maximum Multiple contains 15 mg Zinc, but you need about 50 mg Zinc to combat the outbreak of HSV-1.
7. Extra L-Lysine 500 mg - Two tablet of ViaGrowth-IV contains 100 mg L-Lysine, but you need 500 mg-1000 mg to combat the outbreak of HSV-1. VIP Cream (Item 1-015) contains 15000 mg L-Lysine and 1000 mg Zinc per jar. Apply VIP Cream to the HSV-1 outbreak area. Note that VIP cream is eatable, which is formulated for oral sex too.
Please check the items in http://www.actionlove.com/mail/herbform.htm  
In addition, you have to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to improve your immunity and to cold down your liver, kidney, and colon fires.
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