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Case Study -  Over-masturbation, brain's disorder, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous functions, and sexual orgasm - the Little Death
Reader: 6/11/2001>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I am just writing this mail to let you know what has just happened to me.
I have had brain disorders for the last three years, because of extreme
overmasturbation and too little testosterone. My brain is wrecked.
My ears are ringing all the time, my vision is fuzzy all the time.
When I masturbate, the next day my head starts to burn, especially late
at night (i guess my nerves get exhausted at that time)
I have migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, 
bad memory and concentration, bad digestion, imbalance, bad vision
and hearing. I am totally exhausted.

And I just had an unbelievably scary experience.
I returned home late at night and watched some porn movie. I had a very
good erection due to the visual stimulus, and because I had masturbated
in the morning without ejaculation and I still had some sexual tension.
I masturbated for a long time but again I did not ejaculate.
I am also taking antidepressant pills.
When I went to bed, all of my head AND body started burning. (it still does
as i am writing this, i just ate some sugar to give my poor neurons some
quick energy, it got somewhat better). I went to the mirror and I saw my
pupils wide open, they were trying to close, but stayed open. My face
was totally yellow. When I looked in the mirror, I could feel myself dying.

My guess is: Late night (not enough hormones and exhausted neurons)
+ prolonged masturbation (even without ejaculation) + SSRI
(serotonin flood, so not enough acetylcholine) = TOTAL EXHAUSTION
My parasympathetic nervous system is out. I cannot remember a thing from
yesterday. Seems that the prolonged erection drained my acetylcholine.
My head is burning, perhaps due to the totally exhausted nerves. The
pleasurable sensory signals from masturbation reaches the brain which is
totally exhausted, and the thalamus shuts down from the bombardment
of sensory signals and cannot modulate them. They reach the cortex
unmodulated, and cause all the burning, abnormal overthinking, unwanted
memory recalls (words, songs, dreams, images from the past).
It's an unbelievable situation.

I have to take exams tomorrow for the university and my head is burning.
I cannot think straight or remember a thing. I cannot even think about
approaching a girl with my kind of problems. I am totally wrecked.

Now, I wonder, should I go jump off a cliff?
I know that vast majority of the brain damage is irreversible.
I don't think I can carry on with this living hell.
Not with the burden that I have on my shoulders.
My only hope is that the body can heal itself in unexpected ways.

I am dying here.

Dr. Lin,
please forgive for writing this kind of e-mail.
I don't know why I did it. I guess I just wanted you to know.
I respect you for your knowledge and experience.
I know there are thousands of other cases in your site.
I think mine is one of the worst.

In pain and despair,

Dr. Lin: 6/12/2001>
You are wrong. The brain/nervous damage is correctable, although regenerating the brain's and nervous cells is much slower than regenerating tissues . 
When your brain's acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems go wild, your sympathetic nervous function become even wilder and your eye pupils dilate widely. When people are approaching to death, the pupils dilate to an extremes. Sexual Orgasm, due to the sympathetic nervous functions, produces instantaneous pupil dilation. That is, why Sexual Orgasm is called "Little Death." If the brain's acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions are too weak to restore the body functions after each orgasm, accumulation of "Little Death" will result in "Big Death" (Sexual Exhaustion) or "Real Death." You are in the "Big Death" status which is still restorable.
All you need is to take a balance formula with 1 tablet MoodMax and 1 tablet ViaGrowth-IV a day and drink Ginseng Max 4X Tea once a day. You will have a very peaceful mind, nice sleep and confidence to your life.
However, You have to slowly reduce the SSRIs dosage. Give yourself a chance to enjoy your life with self-confidence, by correcting your brain functions.
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