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Case Study -  Peeing Orgasm- why and solution
Reader: 5/19/2001>
I have a gift or perhaps a curse.

Whenever I have to pee I begin to orgasm. They begin on their own without any other stimulation whatsoever. I have had these as long as I can remember but have told few because they've always made me feel like a freak. It's one of those things that people have trouble believing.

Privately I've learned to enhance them at will using erotic thoughts or fantasy as a tool but I never need to be touched. The more I have to go the stronger they get. It always happens without fail ever time I have a semi-full bladder.

The reason this has become a curse is because the orgasms are alot stronger in the last 2 years ad I find myself being sexually charged all day long. It's beginning to consume my life. I can't drive or go out in public unless there's going to be a rest-room nearby. When I relieve myself I get a break until I begin to get a full bladder again. There can be anywhere from an hour to only 10 minutes before the next set of orgasms begin depending on how much I've had to drink during the day.

I've never told my doctor (because it's weird) and because I don't know what to do about it. I certainly don't want a drug that stops me from acheiving orgasm when ingaged in sex with my partner but, on the other hand, I'm likely to cause a traffic accident or pee my pants in public when my body relaxes after the orgasm.

On the other hand, they are totally enjoyable and can actually be more intense than the genital stimulation type of orgasm that I experience with my partner.

My question to you is: Is there a name for this? I'd love to be able to call it by a name and perhaps do some more research. How many women have this talent? Is there anything that can be learned here to better help women in the future with achieving orgasm.

I live in the Netherlands but I am an American woman.

Thank you for your help with this matter. I look forward to hearing your response.

Dr Lin: 5/20/2001> 

Peeing produces a sequence of hydraulic surge and jumps against the orgasm energy center - the Epicenter, between the bladder and cervix.
The Epicenter is the female prostate, which have a lot of DHT, testosterone and dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine(andrenalin) receptors to store the sexual energy and to generate orgasm erection in the autorhythmical fibers via the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits of T10-L2.
Women can experience orgasm very easily by directly stimulating this point, even without tenting the vagina. Of course it can produce orgasm pain by directly stimulation of the Epicenter if the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues are not properly erecting.
Our experiences have shown that a hot seminal jet due to a powerful ejaculation striking the Epicenter can generate a sequence of Sexual Orgasms when women are sexually aroused, even with a short sexual stimulation or without a sexual stimulation. I have also advised women should retain at least a half bladder of urine to increase the sexual and orgasmic responses.

It seems your Epicenter contains a lot of DHT, testosterone, and dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine, and their receptors. And your body has excessive DHT, testosterone, and dopamine/norepinephrine. After you entered 30, your estrogen level drops a lot, your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio have become higher and, accordingly, your free testosterone and DHT have increased in your bloodstream. Thus, you are entering the sexual-tigeress age. A lowering estrogen level is also thinning the thickness of your vaginal lining. This will make the autorhythmic nervous fibers at the Epicenter becomes more accessible and excitable by the elastic waves (disturbances) along the urethral tract and the bladder-cervix/uterine boundary. Peeing will create the stress waves along the urethral tube and at the Epicenter. With a high level of dopamine in the brain and bloodstream, the brain can be easily excited by the disturbances at the Epicenter and signal a orgasm response with a conversion of dopamine/norepinephrine to adrenalin at the sympathetic nervous endings in the autorhythmic fibers. That is why you have experienced peeing orgasm.
You can stop the unwanted peeing orgasm by partially blocking the brain-Epicenter nervous pathways at the interneuron switches of the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits with SSRIs antidepressants or extra serotonin (5-HTP).
Caution: Excessive SSRIs antidepressant dosage can fully kill your sexual/orgasmic responses to intercourse.
Taking 5-HTP can help you solve the peeing orgasm problem and also help you store more sexual energy for a powerful orgasm during sex. 

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