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News updated:

Case Study - He said ' It is now back to being bigger' even he's taking SSRI antidepressants..
Dr. Lin,

I am 26, and have sufferered from the same symptoms as many on your site. I have found now that I am having frequent sex with my fiance, the problem to be painful. I have been (low on energy, feeling dehydrated, shaking, nervousness, have suffered depression for 8 years+) So a few weeks ago i tried your website and moodmax and viagrowth III. Since then i am feeling much more enegetic. Now i see that all these years this has been most of my problem.

My doctors had prescribed me every type of anti depressant possible. Currently I am taking D?pakote, Welb?trin, and sythr?id. I still feel a alot of shaking. Therefore I reduced and stopped the Depak?te and W?lbutrin. I take Zypr?xa every once in a while, every couple of weeks for sleep as needed.

Some doctors would probably advise to stop the herbal products that have been helping me instead. But I have had a problem with nervouseness and anxiety long before (with the doctor's medicine and without it.)

I have been taking antidepressants for the last 6 years with no help at all. Moodmax and Viagrowth III however have made me feel alot better.
These are my questions:

1) what are the dangers to taking antidepressants with your supplements. Are there any interactions between Moodmax, ViagrowthIII and the medicine I am prescibed by the doctor?
2) I have not been achieving as hard an errection as I was when I was 19 or 18. Can I ever get that hard and have errections in the morning again? Currently i never have an errection unless aroused. One time during a seperation with my girlfriend i found I could not get an errection with another girl. That incident was terrible at the time.
3) Did i catcht the problem at the right time? I am 26 already almost 27, before taking Moodmax and Viagrowth III my penis had become alot smaller, because i have oversexed myself 3-4 times daily six 15. It is now back to being bigger, but did I catch the problem too late.. have i already burned out my sex organs? Is there any chance my ability to produce sperm and children has been reduced?
4)Your links for anal breathing and penis ballooning method were not working. Can you provide me the information/wisdom for these methods and the links?

Dr Lin: 4/22/2001> 
Since your problem is a result of over-masturbation or over-ejaculation, the sexually induced problem must be solved by sexual dietary supplements and practices which can uproot your problem.
The SSRI antidepressive drugs have been well-known to kill the erection and orgasm, and thus to shrink the penis, clitoris and G-spot. They will induce more serotonin neurons to let the patients become more drug dependent. The drugs block the reuptaking of serotonin so that the serotonin neuron's synapses are filled up with the existing serotonin.
The most important side effect is: They also kill the liver function and therefore deactivate the liver function that provides essential enzymes for the production of hormones (for examples, LH, DHEA and testosterone) and neurotransmitters (for expamles, acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and nitric oxide) production. As a result, men and women become sexually disabled. Dopamine is the driver of the brain/pituitary-testicuclar (ovarian) axis. No dopamine, no LH and testosterone and, of course, no libido (love fire) and orgasm. No acetylcholine or Nitric Oxide, no penile/clitoral/G-spot erection or engorgement. Women will suffer penetration or intercourse pain without Nitric Oxide.
Since you have taken the drugs for six years, you have to slowly withdraw antidrepressants to get rid of the addiction. 
Here is my answer for your questions:
1. No problem for taking MoodMax and ViaGrowth-III with the drugs. Why? MoodMax is formulated with the liver detoxification amino acids. MoodMax will detoxify the drugs - mitigate the impact  of the foreign chemicals on the body and expel the excessive  chemicals out of the body. The nature of our products are foods contains the natural nutrients, amino acids, hormonal and neurotransmitter precursors existing in the body metabolic processes. When the liver detoxification  function is activating, the liver  will automatically adjust its production of enzymes to optimally convert the ingredients into hormones and neurotransmitters,  and at the same time, it will expel the excessive drugs out of the body.  Even if your testosterone or neurotransmitter (acetylcholine, dopamine or/and serotonin)  levels become too high as a result of taking these products, all you need is to have sex and orgasm for burning them out. That is it, not a big deal.  In fact, this is what all we want - enjoying more sexual orgasms in any circumstances!  
We have tested our products with various drugs. Under the influences of drugs during sickness/illness, we can still enjoy a lot of powerful orgasms and promote healing and immune power at the same time.  Sure, we don't want sickness or illness should interrupt your love life. Why? Sexual Orgasm produces the happy hormone Beta-endorphins more that makes you happy during your sickness/ illness. Huh! what's a wonderful idea for healing!  
2. Yes, once you cut down your antidepressive drugs to reactivate your liver function, you will have a spontaneous erection again. MoodMax and Viagrowth-III will repair the damage. Once you cut down your drug intake to below 50%, you can take 2 tablets of MoodMax and ViaGrowth-III a day to promote spontaneous erection. 
3. You have caught  your problem at the right age, just before your DHEA production starts to slow down ( after age 25, the DHEA level starts to drop!).
Your penis will become bigger and bigger. Let your liver and neuro-endocrine functions to re-activate again.
Your brain-testicular axis will be powered up when you decrease the intake of the SSRI depressants. You can cut the intake of the antidepressant drugs to 50% in one week with help of MoodMax and ViaGrowth-III. You will feel better and more confidence and of course, your penis will become bigger. You will find you can ejaculate more and thicker semen/sperm. You can have children too, of course.
4. The links are working -
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