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Case Study -   Nervous and liver functions vs. hormone metabolic pathways for sexual orgasm 
Dear Dr. Lin,
You recommended MoodMax for my problems, is sounds right!
One of my biggest problems right now is my mood (depression)
because when I am depressed, I think badly and do wrong things
only to get worse. I also get easily addicted to bad habits, like
masturbation. So masturbation causes depression, then addiction
to more masturbation!

Now, I have to tell you some of my trouble and seek your advice:
I will please ask you to quote my writing and comment whenever
possible, because I might be very wrong in some topics. You see
I speculate a lot, because I don't have the knowledge of a doctor.
When I wish that you comment, I will put 3 question marks like this

In case9217.htm you say:

The main damage resulting from over-masturbation is in the brain's
acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin systems, associated with the
neuro-endocrine functions and regulation, and the liver functions for enzyme
productions and detoxification.
Phenomena associated with the weak acetylcholine system: Losing
brain/mind/memory concentration, nervous insensitivity, weak erection or
impotency, easy to sweat, easy to get fatigue and tiredness, irregular
cardiovascular functions - heart rate and blood pressure, bad urination or
bowel controls, and temporarily bad vision and hearing.
Phenomena associated with the weak dopamine system: Depression, blur vision
(light-sensitive eyes), buzzing ears, stress, fatigue, impatience, no
confidence, low testosterone level, bad digestion, and so on.
Phenomena associated with the weak serotonin system: Depression, insomnia,
attention deficit hyperactivity, anxiety, stress, irregular blood pressure,
premature ejaculation, Female PMS, migraine headaches, myoclonus,
narcolepsy,ophtalmoplegia, huntington's disease, ataxiz, addiction to
something, and so on

I have most of the problems you mention, I also have more severe
neurological trouble:
-neuralgia (a burning pain on my head), the doctors said ANS trouble.
this is a most debilitating problem, my doctor has prescribed an
antiepileptic drug (NEURONT?N) and a NARI antidepressant
(EFEX?R). The drugs are supposed to help with psychological
as well as neurological trouble. I hope there is not much permanent
damage to my ANS by intense repeated masturbation without
good breathing (hold breath to raise pressure for erection ???) and
hormone function support to support erection. I also used to
masturbate on antidepressant drugs, and used intense pressure on
my trigger zone to overcome the unlinked sexual organs by the
drugs. i think this must have caused much damage because of the
immense energy the nerve cells have to produce to overcome the
disrupted communication from the drugs.??? I know now that the
ANS regulates every function in the human body, and want to try
to heal any damage it has so it can heal my whole body.

I hope the neuralgia and the various other symptoms including
depression can be controlled by corrected body function
permanently, so i can get rid of pills harmful to liver

About hormones (I absolutely need to hear your opinion about this):
I have done some hormonal exams and they show that i have some
testosterone in bound form TESTO: 3,8 ng/ml (normal 2,8-9,0)
BUT I don't have enough FREE testosterone:
FREE TESTO: 12 ng/ml (normal 12,5-40)
Also I have a lazy pituitary (FSH LH in low normal ranges)
Once I had a result for estradiol that was: E2: 56 pg/ml (normal
for men: 0-60). (I think the lab scale should not start from
0 because men also need some estradiol, only too much can cause
problems.) One comment about this: E2 seems slightly
elevated so it can saturate receptors in hypothalamus to stop
FSH-LH production from pituitary, so it stops testosterone production
and (most important) also take place of testosterone throughout
body, in testosterone receptors, so not enough free testosterone
and elevated estradiol cause my not having enough facial hair, not
much libido and desire for sex, not good intellectual function, bad
cardiovascular function, and many other problems. I think a good
hormonal profile for a young man should be estradiol definately under
30 (10-20 pg/ml) and free testosterone definately above 26 (26-40)???
My numbers are like i told you 56 E2, (quite a lot) and 12 (battery empty)
for FT. so bad FT/E2 ratio could be causing my trouble.
I have this problem since i was very young in puberty, and my brother
has it too so i think it is a genetic defect, and it should be corrected.
i just can't understand the cause. (it is not the pills i take because i
had the deficiency before them and the deficiency+overmasturbation
probably caused my trouble, so i started taking pills.)
i just don't know if my liver aromatizes my testosterone to e2, or it
fails to detoxify excess e2 so it builds up in my body and stops
testosterone synthesis and function. Any other possible causes?
could it be something about the enzymes in my body that determine
hormone metabolic pathways? Am I right about young man's hormones?
Should I pursue a different hormone profile from my natural profile now?
If yes what profile should it be? How should i achieve it? What testing
should be done?

I have more information, but I must send it in another e-mail because this
one is already too big. I have a million questions. (i erased much of the
letter to keep it as short as possible) If you manage to read it and reply,
I would be grateful.
Thank you in advance for your time, help and concern.

Dr Lin: 3/14/2001> 

Elevating your serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine level will help you overcome the endless problem.
Burning pain in the head: a deficiency of Dopamine - your burn too much dopamine into adrenaline (stress hormone. 5-HTP can help preserve dopamine.
Your testosterone is too low. If you want to perform, your testosterone level must be between 500-1000 ng/ml.
Your free testosterone is too low, as well, due to the binding of testosterone by excessive SHBG (Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin) protein produced by the liver. You should have at 20-30 ng/ml free testosterone at least. Your estradiol level is extremely high. An excessive estradiol level will trigger the liver to produce more SHBG to freeze testosterone. This is one of the mechanisms that birth control pills kill women libido and orgasm capacity.
Generally, to correct the liver function, you have to power the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems.
The liver activities are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous functions and the release of acetylcholine for the liver detoxification and enzymes productions. The liver enzymes are essential for the Cholesterol-testosterone/estrogen metabolic pathways, in conjunction with the action of Luteinizing Hormone, LH, (to testicular/ovarian functions) and AndrenoCorticoTropin Hormone, ACTH, (to adrenal functions) by the Anterior Pituitary. In the Cholesterol-testosterone metabolic pathways, the liver must provides the following enzymes: 1). Pathway 1 -  P450-SCC (Cholesterol Side Chain Cleavage enzyme) for Cholesterol, 3B-HSD (3Beta-Hydroxysteriod Dehydrogenase/Isomerase) for Pregnenolone, P450-17A (17Alpa-dydroxylase) for progesterone and 17-OH-Progesterone, and 17B-HSOR (17Beta-Hydrosyteriod Oxidoreductase) for androstenedione; 2). Pathway 2 - 17 Alpha-Hydroxylase for Pregnenolone, Desmolase for 17-OH-Pregnenolone, 3 Beta-ol-dehydrogenase for DHEA to be converted to androstenedione.   If your liver fails to produce one of the enzymes, you will have a low testosterone level. If you have a P450-SCC deficiency, you will have a high bad cholesterol level. If a body is overloaded by testosterone, estrogen or progesterone, the liver's P450 detoxification system will be too busy to provide sufficient P450-SCC and P450-17A. On the other, when the liver's parasympathetic nervous function is too weak, the liver will produce excessive P450 Arom (Aromatase) to convert testosterone to estradiol. If the brain's dopamine level is too high and the liver's sympathetic nervous function is too active, the liver will produce excessive 5-alpha reductase to DHT (Dyhdrostesterone). Although DHT is essential for penile/clitoral/G-spot enlargement, it causes prostate enlargement and hair loss for men when excessive DHT is bounded into the prostate tissues and hair rooting cells. You need DHT to increase the size of sex organs and to enhance sexual orgasm, but you don't it to bind into the hormonal receptors in the prostate and hair rooting cells.
Over-masturbation will burn too much testosterone into DHT. 
A low dopamine level in the brain makes your pituitary become very lazy and force your liver to produce too much aromatase when your acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous systems are underactive.

Well, MoodMax gives you a full spectrum nutrition for your problems.

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