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Case Study -   What is the difference between ejaculation and sexual orgasm ?
One episode he ejaculated but said he did not feel the orgasm. Is this possible?

Dr Lin: 3/11/2001>

Yes! Ejaculation and orgasm are completely different for both men and women.  Male ejaculation without orgasm is called semen leakage. Similarly, women can have urethral ejaculation without orgasm through the urethral/Skene's glands (the female seminal vesicles).  Thus, both sexes can experience ejaculation without orgasm when the resting bioelectric potential in the parasympathetic nerves of S2-S4 is too low to control the emission ducts/valves.  The parasympathetic bioelectric level is a measure of the life force in the body. The pupil size becomes small when the acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous systems are very powerful, while it becomes larger when the sympathetic and epinephrine nervous systems are very active. When life is approaching to the end (death), the pupil dilates larger and larger.  Orgasm or panic (Fight and Flight of the sympathetic function) suddenly trigger dilation of the pupil, but the parasympathetic/acetylcholine nervous systems will restore it back in a short time. That is why orgasm is termed as "Little Death.".

Ejaculation can result from emission (leakage) of semen into the urethral tract from the seminal vesicles (the storage of seminal fluids). When the prostate's parasympathetic nerves become too weak to keep the ejaculation valve tightened during sexual excitement (visual/auditory/physical) or wet dream, the brain can dispatch weak bioelectric pulses to the prostate via the sympathetic nerves in the spinal cords L1/L2 to trigger emission.
When the bioelectric potential of parasympathetic nerves in S2-S4 is high, it requires a full trigger with powerful pulses from the sympathetic circuits of T10-L2. The sympathetic nerves send a powerful pulse to turn on the ejaculation valve while the common sensory circuits Pelvic Splanchnic Nerves and the Pudendal Nerves signal the S2-S4 parasympathetic nerves to turn it off (contract). Here, the on-off pulses results in the contraction of the contractile fibers in the pelvic cavity, from the prostate (the female Epicenter between the cervix and bladder), which is termed as Orgasm. The period of the on-off signals is about 0.8 seconds. The adjacent muscles of the prostate, which are under the influence of the sympathetic circuits of T10-L2 and the parasympathetic circuits of S2-S4, will experience the synchronous on-off contraction of 0.8 seconds. The contracting area is the entire pelvic cavity, but the affecting area due to the contracting wave radiation (orgasmic surges of shocks) is the entire body - a full body orgasm!
Thus, to have a orgasm ejaculation, the parasympathetic circuits of S2-S4 must provide a sufficient level of acting bioelectric potential (pulses) for contraction of the muscles adjacent to the prostate.

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