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Case Study -   Descending uterus and sexual orgasm
Dear Dr. Lin

I am a 34 years old female with only one orgasm experience in my whole life many years ago. I would like to know how could I achieve orgasm the way many people had experienced. I felt that I have a descending uterus ever since I have given birth in 1997, and I am not sure if this is the root of my problem that I couldn't achieve orgasm although my boyfriend had tried several ways.

I sincerely would like to hear your expertise opinion and look forward to receive a reply from you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Dr Lin: 2/25/2001>
A descending uterus indicates the uterine-support ligaments have become weaker due to deficiency of DHEA and testosterone in the ligament tissues. You may have excessive estrogen (due to birth control pill? post-pregnancy - retention of estrogen and progesterone?) which stimulates the liver to produce too much SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) protein to bind testosterone in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, DHEA and free testosterone are also the fuels for sexual response and orgasm. 

Note: Excessive progesterone (birth control pill or post-pregnancy) indicates the liver does not produce sufficient enzyme Liver P450 17-alpha-hydroxylase to convert progesterone to 17-OH-Proegesterone, or/and Liver P450 17,20-lyase to convert 17-OH-Progesterone to Androstenedione, which should be done by adrenal (50%) and ovarian (50%) functions.  Then, androstenedione can be converted to testosterone with enzyme 17-beta-Hydroxysteriod Oxidoreductase, or to Estrone (a weak-form estrogen for bone strength!) with  enzyme Aromatase.  

ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) can help you strength your uterine supports, lift (tint) your uterus up, give you more free testosterone, and erect your G-spot and inner penis (the urethral spongy tissues for sexual orgasm. 

By the way, you need a simultaneous stimulation on your G-spot/Epicenter and clitoris - the entire urethral nerves, with a rhythmic pressure as described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm and he needs a hard erection and the sexual skill to make you come - http://www.actiontao.com/image/penclass.jpg . No hard erection for his penis and your G-spot, no vaginal orgasm.

Note: A forced sexual orgasm with a descending uterus will result in pains and cramps in the low abdomen, vaginal/anal  muscles, and tailbone!!  You can be forced  to Orgasm with my Finger Pliers Method which can reach your Epicenter ( the female prostate) much easier with a shorter vagina when you have a prolapsed uterus.

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