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Case Study -   Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation has burned too much acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and testosterone for impotency, sexual exhaustion, hair loss,  and no orgasm.  
Hello Dr.Lin:
I am writing you this mail,becouse I have several problems that i want to discuss with you,and it seems that you are the only one that can help.
First of all I am 25,I've been masturbating since i was about 11.i used to
do it every day up until,until just recently.I didn't realize that i could be 
causing problems for my health.About two years ago i met the most wonderful 
girl ever.About a year later after going out steady, we decided to have sex.
It was her first time and my second.This first time was wonderful,but to my 
dismay,i don't seem to last long in bed.The first time i lasted for about
30 min.but there was no heavy thrusting,for i didn't want to hurt her.
But the second time i lasted for about 30 sec.then i recovered my erection in about 1 min.
After this there have been several times when i was impotent (couldn't get it up at all)and i have to contain myself every 5 min.or ask her to slow down becaose i would come to quickly.
She is very understanding and supportive.Before i found your website i went to a doctor and he told me that it was just stress thati was experiencing.At
the time i was going to a difficult personal situation with my family.
I also tried doing pc contractions becouse i read elsewere that this was
somehow a good healty practice for this problem.
After reading your website I find myself concerned for my health and that of my
girlfriend. I now realize that it has been several years since i feel very 
tired,i have frcuent mood swings, bad temper episodes (although i am usually
calm tempered).I am now seeing that when i am with my girlfriend i have frecuent spontaneous erections,and when we are intimate it takes me a little to
get hard (it takes me more time now)although i think it gets up to a 
2 o'clock position.When i am by myself it's more difficult to get it up
spontaneously,and when it gets up i have trouble to concente on it,and it 
gets down to a 3 o'clock position (this just recently).
The last time that we were toghter (my girlfriend and i) I had a very
strong headeche while i was stimulating her.This is the fist time it happens
and i don't want to become unable to function in bed.
Please, I want to be able to pleasure my girlfrind always,we are using
your finger plier method (we used a slight variation before)with very good
results,but i want us to experience mutual orgasms together.
The other problem,is with the ge differential. I am 8 years older than
she is.And lathough we plan to marry very soon,now that i read you site
with reference to having sex to young, i am concerned for her health more.
Can you help me please.
Thank you very much.
O I almost forgot.I am in good shape and do regular exersize.At 18 i started
to lose hair but it stopped.
spontaneous erections which are super ok to me,but when I'm wuth her in pr

Dr Lin: 2/22/2001>
Your over-ejaculation has burned out your brain's acetylcholine,
dopamine and serotonin nervous systems.
Stress, mood sweeping,  and anxiety result from a low serotonin level which allows a fast
conversion of dopamine to adrenaline (stress hormone). A high adrenaline level in the bloodstream triggers the sympathetic nervous function to trigger orgasm/ejaculation circuits in Spinal Cord T10-L2. A weak erection as a result of a low acetylcholine level in the erection circuits of S2-S4 will force you to contract the prostate (PC) muscle to assist erection. Once you contract the PC muscle, you trigger the prostate's sympathetic nervous circuits (T10-L2) for ejaculation. Thus, Premature ejaculation results from a low serotonin or/and acetylcholine level.
Absentmindedness is caused by a low acetylcholine level in the brain and
nervous systems.
Without sufficient acetylcholine in the brain and nerves, your nervous
endings won't release the 2nd neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide to trigger
your hard erection. A high level of dopamine in the brain can harden
erection, but you have to stop the dopamine-adrenaline conversion to reduce the sympathetic nervous function..
To solve your problem, you need MoodMax (1-014).
It will take a few months to repair your brain/nervous systems.

You have burned too much testosterone into DHT and allow DHT to bind into the hair rooting cells. MoodMax can help you disbind the excessive DHT in the hair rooting cells. You may need extra saw palmetto, pygeum bark, nettle, and grape seed extra to regrow the hair.

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